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Bowhunter June 2018 - Gear Special

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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deciders, algorithms, and censorship

These days, it seems there is a belief that social media is the solution to all that we seek in the world. Who among us, young or old, can avert our eyes as electronic devices inundate us with information, some useful but much of it weighted with political discourse, moral judgement, corporate influence, and incessant whining? There is no doubt that social media also is used as a tool to alter your thinking. Have you noticed the flood of videos on your feed that display all sorts of anthropomorphic animal behavior? These videos attempt to assign human qualities to animals as if they think, feel, and communicate like humans. Make no mistake, this is a concerted effort by animal-rights activists to change the way we think about animals. Think Disney. And now,…

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keys to concealment

THE BEAR FACTS BOWHUNTING BLACK BEARS, spring or fall, is an absolute blast! Those of you who have done it will agree. Those of you who have never tried it, need to. There are four proven methods for hunting bears baiting, spot and stalk, hounds, and calling. While I’ve hunted bears many times and managed to tag a few good ones, my experience hunting them has been limited to the first two aforementioned methods. As a result, I will only offer tips that apply to those two tactics. First, bears have great ears and noses. Their eyesight is not nearly as keen, but that doesn’t mean they won’t spot you in a heartbeat while you’re sitting in a treestand or natural ground blind, or when you are putting the sneak on them, because…

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send it!

AN AWFUL LOT of the arrow rests on the market look — and function — the same. That may seem like a derogatory statement, but it’s not. It’s kind of like saying that an awful lot of the best waterfowl hunting dogs out there look the same, because most of them are Labs. That’s just reality. Just like with retrievers, the reason we’ve come to some level of standardized look and action with our arrow rests is because we’ve got something that works well. Now, I realize that there are some rests on the market that differ greatly from the typical full-capture drop-aways that are popular these days. Trophy Ridge’s Whisker Biscuit comes to mind. For most whitetail hunters and their expectation of accuracy, the Biscuit is all they need —…

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make the choice

TODAY, I DON’T SEE quite as much brand loyalty in the bow market as I did 10 years ago. There was a time when the fanboy mentality with manufacturers hit a fever pitch, and there are still plenty of bowhunters out there ready to die on the hill when it comes to their bow choice. I’m not one of them. Every year I set up, shoot, and hunt with quite a few different bow models. And if you believe a clear winner should creep out of the pack, I’ve got bad news — seldom is there ever a clear, year-over-year preference. This doesn’t mean there aren’t a few bows that I lean heavily on during any given year, because there most definitely are. But what was my favorite brand one year rarely…

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don’t skimp

WHEN IT COMES to choosing the right broad-head and arrow combination, skimping is not an option. Although virtually every tool we use works in conjunction with another to provide a successful outcome, without question the broadhead and arrow are where the dirty work begins. I’m convinced that some hunters never shoot their arrow and broadhead combination before they step into the woods, and that’s shameful. As bowhunters we owe it to the animal, as well as to the reputation of the bowhunting community at large, to use the best possible equipment we can afford, and to make sure it is tuned to perfection. There are tons of broadhead and arrow options, and most will get the job done. But the key is picking the right combination that will give you absolute…

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a place to kill

WHERE I LIVE in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, you’re lucky to find land to hunt. And if you do, the parcel will likely be under 40 acres, and you’ll probably share it. This has caused me to focus on a new type of whitetail strategy that is the opposite of what I employ when I travel to some state with big chunks of public land. On smaller tracts, most of the old-school scouting tactics don’t count for much, because you can walk the whole thing in an hour or two. Long-distance glassing isn’t going to happen on most of these parcels either. This means, if you’re going to find the best spots, you’ve got to cater your recon to the reality of severely limited acreage. Usually, this calls for…