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Bowhunter August 2018 - Big Game

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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define adventure and get it done

THIS ISSUE OF Bowhunter , our Big Game Special, is probably one of our most popular. I suppose that’s based on the idea that our readers, the vast majority of whom cannot manage the cost of a sheep hunt or a moose hunt in the Yukon, can live vicariously through the words of the well-traveled bowhunters whose stories appear within these pages. They can get a sense of these adventures — the sights, the sounds, and the smells. And every now and then, a single hunting story can ignite a dream. Sometimes, that tiny flame of yearning can grow into a raging fire of “get it done.” But how do you define adventure? Obviously, it’s personal. I can’t tell you what an adventure hunt is. You have your own definition. Many…

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backcountry essentials

THE SOUND of thunder during early season elk hunts is almost a given, and so it was no surprise when I heard the first rumblings in Colorado last year. It was opening day, and while I’d planned to sit on a wallow that evening, the gathering rain prompted me to pack up my stuff and start working my way back to camp. I slipped on a lightweight rainsuit and consulted my maps before leaving. A series of meadows leading in succession toward our base camp would allow me to slip through the timber edge and maybe spot a feeding bull. When I reached the first meadow, I looked it over through the steady rain and lowered my binoculars. I’d just about written the spot off when movement caught my eye. Not 75…

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keys to concealment

OPEN COUNTRY : BLENDING IN THIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR when we’re gearing up for fall hunts, and camouflage clothing is a large part of that effort. Our goal is to match our camouflage pattern to the terrain we’ll be hunting, which typically means woods, brush, and the all-important shade. But what if you’ll be hunting in the high country or open prairie, where vegetative cover is sparse and there is no shade? What do you match your camo to? Well, the first thing you must realize is if you’re in open country with the sun at your back, the shady side of your body becomes a shadow regardless of the camouflage pattern you’re wearing, and there’s nothing you can do about that. Of course, you can’t avoid the sunlight either,…

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the one!

AN ELK BUGLE rolling through the trees. The damp, cool morning air of an otherwise scorching pronghorn hunt. These are the things that I live for each year as a Western bowhunter. However, my otherwise successful bowhunting career seemed somehow incomplete, because I’d never taken a truly large mule deer. Living in Arizona, with statewide archery deer success averaging only about seven percent, I knew I’d need a good plan if I was ever going to get it done. So, I chose an area that had a solid reputation for producing some of the best public-land mule deer in North America — the Arizona Strip (the mostly uninhabited area between the famed Kaibab Plateau and Utah’s southern border). Then I patiently waited 13 years for my name to be drawn... When…

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the journey for a longbow super slam

THE GRIZZLY WAS OCCUPIED CHASING SALMON WHEN I LOOSED AN ARROW FROM MY LONGBOW. ON IMPACT THE BEAR SPUN LIKE A TORNADO, FIGHTING THE ARROW. AS I’VE DONE DOZENS OF TIMES, I SUBCONSCIOUSLY GRABBED ANOTHER ARROW FROM MY BACK QUIVER AND NOCKED IT BY FEEL. The shaft, fletched with turkey feathers, drew smoothly. My eyes locked on the flash of the chest, behind the moving shoulder, and the 56 pounds of draw weight of my ACS longbow jumped from my fingers. At under 10 yards, the arrow struck home, taking out both lungs. And my quest for the 29 species of North American big game animals with a longbow ended in a whirlwind of excitement. At 14 years of age, I went to my first archery banquet in Sturgis, Michigan, at the…

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hunting herd bulls

IT WAS 34 YEARS AGO when my neighbor took me bowhunting for elk for the first time. Two “small” bulls came in to his calls, the first a spike that walked within a few yards of me! I didn’t draw my bow, because out of the corner of my eye I could see a much larger five-point bull that was being more cautious. He hung up at 40-plus yards and never committed to the call That was my first taste of elk hunting, and my desire to “get the big one” was already in place It would define my life of elk hunting. Over the years, I have enjoyed my share of success hunting oversized bull elk. But those successes have come on the back of a substantial learning curve, and…