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Bowhunter September 2018

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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at the top

OVER THE YEARS, I’ve worked for a number of different corporations, employers, and individual bosses. Most had good intentions, but many somehow found a way to lose sight of who was really important in the “food chain” of business. Some came to believe they were at the top of the food chain. Oh, how wrong they were. It’s analogous to a shark cruising the ocean, giving no thought to the zoo-plankton at the bottom of the food chain. However, without those microscopic organisms the tiny baitfish don’t survive, and without the baitfish the larger fish disappear and the shark has nothing to eat. The shark doesn’t know it, but it’s beholden to the lowly zooplankton. Most people consider the shark to be at the top of the food chain, but that is…

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between bowhunters

PROTECT THE FUTURE OF HUNTING Dear Bowhunter , Curt Wells’ Editorial in your July 2018 issue brought up some great points about the future of hunting. I am a teacher who proudly displays pictures of myself, my kids, and my friends hunting and with animals they’ve killed. Very few students, or their families, share this passion anymore. Curt’s point regarding lowering costs is a good one. We vacationed in Maine two years ago, and my 14-year-old needed to purchase a license to fish. Not a very good way to encourage kids to fish there. In my opinion, one of the biggest issues is land access. Much of the land I hunted as a youth here in Ohio has been leased. We have good deer here, but it’s harder to find farms to hunt on.…

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accuracy factors

I CAN’T TELL YOU how many times I’ve surprised myself when shooting a bow, particularly when producing a rough release yet still managing to hit the 10-ring. For the most part, I attribute such an outcome to shooting a forgiving bow design. However, there are certain elements beyond this that play a critical part in shooting consistency, especially when sending arrows well downrange. With that in mind, here are four factors that seem to make the most amount of difference beyond the 50-yard line. THE GRIP This is your only contact with the bow, so in many ways this is where accuracy begins or ends. As written in my October 2017 column, you must “set” your bow hand prior to drawing your bow in precisely the same location on every attempt. But setting…

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tricky wind tricks chuck adams

“I’M NOT SURE you want to shoot a sheep,” my guide whined as we hunkered in the tiny two-man backpack tent. “That big ram is right over the hill, and you could be on him in less than 20 minutes. ” I just rolled my eyes. Sure, we had been stuck in bad weather for a couple of days, so I could understand the guy’s frustration. But the prevailing good-weather wind direction in this part of Canada’s Northwest Territories had reversed with the storm, and was now blowing straight into a big, high-walled canyon where 10 Dall rams were hanging out. One of those was a dandy. My young guide had never bow-hunted, or guided an archer, and I finally stopped trying to explain. Wild sheep have frighteningly sensitive noses. Critters might…

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big game hunting tip

Testing The Wind Experienced bowhunters automatically monitor moderate to strong breezes by the feel of air on their skin. It is only when air currents are slight that detecting wind direction gets tricky. Hunters use a variety of wind indicators as they move or sit on stand. Some tie a sewing thread or feather to their upper bow limb, or a handy branch near their stand. Others sift dust or dry grass through their fingers, or keep a sharp eye out for wind-blown debris like leaf fragments, weed seeds, spiderwebs, or pollen. Perhaps the most common method of testing the wind is powder. One squirt from a squeeze bottle of talcum powder or corn starch will instantly show you wind drift. Some bowhunters take this to an extreme. One friend of mine resembles an…

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stalking mule deer

HUNTING MULE DEER SHOULD BE near the top of any bowhunter’s to-do list. Tags are available across the plains and Western states, with ample amounts of public land throughout their range. While there are many tactics that can be used to kill mule deer, the primary method of hunting is spot and stalk. I have been blessed to hunt mule deer in multiple states and different terrains, and as such I’ve identified commonalities in my approach when locating and stalking my target buck. Locating a buck to pursue is priority number one. Use the best optics you can afford in conjunction with a quality tripod, or a window mount if glassing from a vehicle. Whether you are overlooking an alpine basin in the mountains, or a sea of cropland, it is…