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Bowhunter October 2018

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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lots of deer stuff!

MOST AVID DEER HUNTERS are constantly learning about deer and deer hunting. There is always something to learn, and having the ability to adapt to conditions and execute what we learn from our own experience and that of other deer hunters is what separates the deer hunters from the deer killers . The source of what we learn, at least from publications like this one, can be as obvious as bullet points, or as subtle as the telling of a hunting story with a hidden lesson. One of our goals here at Bowhunter Magazine is to showcase the knowledge and experience of your fellow bowhunters. It’s up to you to mine the nuggets of information from these articles and columns that can help you become a better bowhunter. For example, on…

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between bowhunters

CURIOUS ABOUT THE HAT Dear Bowhunter, Thank you for taking time to read my e-mail. You guys do a fine job on your TV show, which is the premier bowhunting show on the air now. I also appreciate your work and support of the Pope and Young Club, of which I’m a member, too. My question for you is this. I’m planning an archery mule deer hunt in Wyoming during the first week of September, and I want to create a “deer hat” like the one Curt Wells wore on his Sitka blacktail hunt on Kodiak Island, where he killed a nice buck with a very good downhill shot. Curt, how did you make your deer hat, and can you share lessons on what does and does not work? I should note that I’ll…

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backpack for better bowhunting

I FINISHED READING THE LAST PAGE of my paperback novel and peeked outside the tent. It was still too foggy to see 20 yards. I groaned. This was the third straight day of pea soup in the high country, with no letup in sight. So much for the joys of backpacking for Sitka blacktail deer. Like most modern big game habitats, Kodiak Island, Alaska, is hunted hard near easy access points. If you land on a high-mountain lake, or hike from a sheltered ocean bay, nearby bucks tend to be young and small. The same is usually true for elk, mule deer, antelope, and other species commonly found on public land. Humans — including me — tend to be a bit lazy, and seekers of comfort if they can get away…

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chuck adams

Calculating Boneless Meat If you surf the Internet, you are likely to find confusing and sometimes contradictory formulas for calculating live weight versus field-dressed weight, skinned weight, and boneless meat weight of big game. The math is made more complicated by the fact that individual animals, different geographical areas, and separate species seldom conform to pat statistics. Over the years, I have studied many reputable and not-so-accurate ways to calculate the weight of meat from a big game animal. For the backpacking bowhunter, the only meaningful field calculation is how many pounds of meat you will need to carry out after you score. Here’s a general shortcut no matter which species, or where you decide to hunt. Lean, de-boned meat from an elk, deer, caribou, wild sheep, or any other common big game…

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mistakes at crunch time

EVERY BOW SEASON ends with me reflecting on what I should or shouldn’t have done. Bowhunting is far from an exact science, but when you spend all year preparing for something that’s significant to you, you can’t help but strive for perfection. This is especially true when that trophy animal pops into view. Interestingly, I’ve found that years of experience is no sure cure for eliminating bad judgement calls in the face of solid shooting opportunities. So, exactly how do you overcome certain high-pressure mistakes when the chips are down? I’ve found that mental do-overs and lots of situational bow-hunting practice on the range can train you to react more effectively. I believe this strategy helps me go on master autopilot when it counts the most. Here are five common mistakes made during…

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IT’S AUGUST AS I WRITE THIS, and I am getting ready for the adventures this upcoming hunting season will bring. I know you won’t be reading this for a few weeks now. In fact, when this issue arrives in your mailbox, or you pick it up off a magazine rack, many hunting seasons will be kicking off around the country. I know you can hunt with a bow for other species in the spring and summer, and I enjoy my spring turkey, frog hunting, hog hunting, and bowfishing as much as anyone. But to me, February through July is just not really hunting season. For me, hunting season starts in mid-August or September. The weather and leaves are starting to change, and my thoughts and dreams are filled with antelope on a…