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Bowhunter November - December / Whitetail 2017

Bowhunter brings you expert advice from legendary Bowhunters! Each issue is filled with updates from major bowhunting organizations, coverage of bowhunting locations across North America, complete coverage of the sport and much more.

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think you’re a tough guy? you’re not.

MANY OF YOU WILL spend a lot of time in trees over the next month. Your number-one goal should not be to kill a big buck. Your first goal should always be to get in and out of that treestand safely. I’ve heard every single lame, whiny excuse ever conceived by a treestand hunter for not wearing a safety harness. I would laugh at each of them, if they weren’t so tragically foolish. It’s inconceivable to me, considering the evidence to support their use, that there is a single bowhunter who climbs into a tree without a harness on. I suppose it’s analogous to someone taking up the habit of smoking cigarettes, despite the overwhelming evidence it causes cancer. It’s baffling. The most asinine excuse for not wearing a safety harness is…

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keys to concealment

Treestand Concealment CONCEALMENT is defined as protection from observation. This includes your person and any of your associated equipment, such as your treestand. Knowing how to conceal yourself in camouflage can make the difference between being successful, and going home empty-handed. By minimizing your movements and disguising your shape with Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Country pattern, your chances of blending in with your environment can increase dramatically. I always split my treestand sites into morning and evening locations. I have stands on both sides of some of my primary trails. This is done so that no matter what the wind is doing, I can still hunt that spot. Very few of my stand locations are good for both times of the day. I also take note of where the sun rises and sets,…

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product spotlight

Quiet, forgiving, and smooth-shooting from start to finish are just a couple of ways to define Elite Archery’s new Enlist bow ($749). Measuring 33 7/16" axle to axle and weighing 3.9 lbs., the Enlist is perfect for hunting whitetails from a stand or blind, or toting into the Colorado backcountry for bugling bull elk. Brace height is 6.875", so even those individuals with less than perfect form will consistently shoot tight groups with this bow. The Enlist is available in draw lengths of 27"–30", and in peak draw weights of 60 lbs. and 70 lbs. It’s offered in riser options of Ninja Black and Mossy OakBreak-Up Country. Contact: Elite Archery, 1-877-503-5483, elitearchery.com.…

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get rich quick

IF YOU WERE TO TAKE A PEEK into my whitetail daypack in October, you’d notice that it’s Spartan. Missing would be most of the calls, scents, and other deer gadgets that we all wish would work then. At that time of year they mostly don’t, and so I’m not going to carry them. Instead, I’ll spend my time figuring out where deer like to walk and trying to set up there. Fast-forward a month, however, and you’ll notice a bit of extra heft in my pack. This is because while I’m notoriously anti-gimmick when it comes to my deer hunting, there’s a time and a place for trickery. That time is November, and the place is a treestand hung on the right ridge, or in a timbered bottleneck. The name of the…

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deer summit 2017

IN 2014, the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) hosted a meeting of industry, state and federal wildlife agencies, organizations, and hunters who were interested in the future of deer. We all know that deer drive the financial backing of our state wildlife agencies. Losing deer, or losing deer numbers, would mean a financial disaster with the loss of funds used to manage all wildlife. It’s that simple. The hunters who attended that first Summit were serious about the future of deer and deer hunting. The discussions were critical, and those attending were dedicated to leaving with the knowledge that there would now be a loud voice advocating or opposing policies that impacted our wild deer. Thus, one major outcome of the first Summit was to include the hunting industry, the QDMA,…

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goal: deer slam!

A LIFE WELL-LIVED IS OFTEN THE RESULT OF THE PRO-CESS OF GOAL-SETTING. THIS IS ALSO TRUE FOR A BOWHUNT-ING LIFE WELL-LIVED. There’s little question that the 30-something bowhunters who have completed the Super Slam, the taking of all 29 species of North American big game, are all pinnacle goal-setters. I have many friends who are “Super Slammers,” but the truth is I will never be one of them. If the Super Slam was a realistic goal for me, I would chase it relentlessly. But, for several reasons, it’s not in the cards for this bowhunter. But that doesn’t mean I can’t set goals. My first bowhunting goal was simply to take a whitetail. I killed a doe in my first year, then a small buck the second year. My next goal was…