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corporate stress test

Stagnant or shrinking economy, high inflation and rising unemployment characterised by ‘Stagflation’ pose one of the biggest economic challenges for recovery. A situation where both monetary and fiscal measures — the tools in the hands of governments to steer the economy — don’t just fail to work but also negate each other when exercised. Just as India’s plunge into recession is not official yet (since the data for contraction in the July-September quarter will only be formally announced at the end of November), the country’s dive into stagflation is also not officially acknowledged. But India is indeed in stagflation — for at least the past 6-8 months. Dipak Mondal takes you through India’s road to stagflation and why getting out will be a herculean task. A shaky economy puts every component through…

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beauty technology meets precision at alma

The medical aesthetics industry in India has garnered considerable attention and acceptance over the past few decades. A fast-paced and modern lifestyle, and an exponential increase in the earning potential of the people have fueled the need to improve one's personality holistically. In today's India, people's perception of beauty is coupled with overall well-being. The desire to look young, attractive, fit, and contemporary, and to combat the ill-effects of lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity has increased the demand of several aesthetic procedures such as skin rejuvenation, noninvasive laser therapies for hair removal, body contouring, cellulite reduction, etc. Hence, scores of Indians have moved away from conventional methods for enhancing one's beauty and embraced a wide variety of technology-based aesthetic solutions offered by the medical aesthetics industry. The Indian aesthetics industry is…

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flight to safety

40.1% Share of equity-oriented schemes in August, down from 40.8 per cent in August 2019 68% Share of individual investor assets in equity-oriented schemes It’s Back to 2014 for Indian Economy India’s real GDP declined 23.9 per cent Y-o-Y in quarter ended June, taking the size of the economy to its 2014 level of around ₹27 lakh crore Investment demand took the most severe beating. Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) slumped 47.5 per cent while consumption demand, reflected in private final consumption expenditure (PFCE), fell 26.7 per cent MERCHANDISE TRADE BACK INTO DEFICIT After a surplus of $0.8 billion in June, India’s merchandise trade recorded a deficit of $4.9 billion in July From April 2019 to February 2020, the monthly deficit used to range between $9.8 billion and $16.8 billion Recovery in Railway Freight Traffic Railway freight traffic rose 3.9 per…

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stagflation, it is

In November 2019, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had, probably for the first time, raised the possibility of India facing stagflation. In a column, the former prime minister, also a renowned economist, wrote: “Continued increase in inflation combined with stagnant demand and high unemployment will lead to what economists term as ‘stagflation’, a dangerous territory from which it becomes very hard for large economies to recover.” Not many had taken his warning seriously. Retail inflation in the previous month was below 5 per cent and despite less than 5 per cent GDP growth in the September 2019 quarter, no one was ready to believe that the economy was facing anything resembling stagflation – in fact, many felt India was facing disinflation as retail inflation was in the 3-4 per cent range…

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farm truths

Even as the Central government was busy getting legislative clearances for three Bills meant to liberalise India's agricultural trade during the curtailed monsoon session of Parliament, a couple of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) in Tamil Nadu were sitting pretty on the contracts bagged from bulk buyers. While Pasumai Groundnut Producer Company Ltd, Trichy, has an agreement for groundnut cultivation on 500 acres of land for export to Malaysia, Greeners Agro Products gets farmers to cultivate red bananas on 150 acres. The direct linkage between the farmer and the buyer, and the role of FPOs that stitch together such contracts, along with the freedom to trade any quantity of agricultural produce within the country and abroad — the key objective of the three farm Bills passed in Parliament — was already…

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extreme stress

The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor,” 62-year-old Harsh Goenka, Chairman of RPG Enterprises, quotes a famous line to describe the current predicament of corporate India whose debt in stressed sectors amounts to ₹37.72 lakh crore, nearly 38 per cent of all loans given by the banking sector. The magnitude of stress is akin to Black Swan events such as the global financial crisis of 2008 or the Great Depression of 1929 when thousands of companies had to file for bankruptcy. India Inc., already under pressure due to several quarters of falling GDP growth, and dealt a severe blow by recent lockdowns, is staring at massive ratings downgrade and loan defaults. The reason: Its capacity to service debt is weakening due to low capacity…