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the pain and the gain

From among the sectors most impacted by the coronavirus, B-Schools is the least talked about. Yet, the degree of impact is probably no less devastating than on sectors such as hotels, restaurants or tourism. After all, campuses have been shut; management development programmes — significant revenue earners — have ground to a halt. Classes continue online but the trauma in the industry is all over. CAT registrations fell 5.7 per cent this year after peaking at 2.44 lakh last year; 197 B-Schools applied to regulator AICTE for closure this year as opposed to just 59 last year. And batch strength of Top 100 B-Schools dropped 3 per cent. The bottom rung B-Schools were the worst hit. Average batch strength of schools ranked 76-100 shrank 22.6 per cent. Among the bottom 15…

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b-school trends

56:44 Ratio of government B-Schools to private B-Schools in top 25; in top 76-100, it drops to 12:88 71:29 Ratio of engineering to non-engineering students in top 25 B-schools, compared to 84:16 in 2015 AVERAGE SALARY HAS BEEN RISING CONTINOUSLY Mean average annual domestic salary (₹lakh) LESS STUDENTS OPTING FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP Average number of students who opted for entrepreneurship 7.3 Average number of students who opted for family business in top 100 private B-Schools compared to 2.3 in government ones in 2020 ₹10.94 LAKH Average course fee of government B-Schools compared to ₹10.59 lakh at private ones (among top 100) this WOMEN ENROLMENT RISES B-SCHOOLS IN EASTERN REGION MORE REWARDING Average annual domestic salary (₹lakh) MUMBAI TRAILS DELHI & BANGALORE IN ROI ROI: average annual domestic salary/course fees. Data for 2020 For top 100 B-Schools Wheat Sees Lowest MSP Hike in 8 Years The Cabinet…

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Business Confidence Rises For Two Quarters BCI, though, has been below 50 for seven quarters now BCI by Sector No Uptick in Sentiment in Services BCI by Size Big Businesses Are Most Upbeat Size by turnover Big businesses: >₹500 cr; Medium businesses: ₹100-500 cr; Small businesses: ₹5-100 cr; Micro businesses: <₹5 cr Macro Pain Points Industrial growth and inflation at worrying levels More than five months after the launch of the ambitious Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there’s a slow realisation in policy and corporate circles that the odds are pretty much against its success. The key purpose of the mission is to not only reduce dependence on China but also provide massscale jobs to the large unemployed population in the country. But for India to follow the Chinese model of becoming a global manufacturing hub – and self-reliant at the…

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is the b-school campus dead?

A GROUP OF SECOND-YEAR MBA students from XLRI-Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur, persuaded Prof L. Gurunathan, Associate Professor in Human Resource Management, to postpone his course on compensation to the next semester. They did not want to attend the course from their star professor online. But since B-Schools are not opening anytime soon, the elective will now be offered ed online much to the students’ dismay. “We can’t postpone it anymore,” says Gurunathan. B-Schools across India have been shut due to the pandemic since March. What is certain is that whenever they open, the campus as we knew it will no longer be the same. Says Ranjan Banerjee, Dean, SP Jain Institute of Management nt and Research (SPJIMR): “The fundamentals of the B-School will continue to be relevant but certain things…

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how will the campus change

MORE INFRASTRUCTURE NEEDED TO ENSURE SOCIAL DISTANCING. IT COULD BECOME A NORM, WITH THE CAMPUS WORKING IN SHIFTS 12 PER CENT FALL IN THE NUMBER OF ACTIVE B-SCHOOLS IN THE COUNTRY TO 3,037 IN FY20, FROM 3,450 IN FY16. COVID-LED DISRUPTION HAS MADE MATTERS WORSE Classrooms will be like studios to help transmit classroom experience digitally to students studying remotely Trans-disciplinary courses will be introduced in collaboration with engineering or liberal arts institutes Online will form 30-35 per cent of MBA programmes and interactive part will happen in classrooms…

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job market: down, but not out

RAJESH ANAM COMPLETED his MBA from a Mumbai-based business school earlier this year. But even before he could get his degree, he had an offer letter from a leading digital marketing company. Just when Anam believed he had secured his future, Covid-19 brought the economy to a halt. Several businesses shut down as a consequence of the prolonged lockdown and many were stranded without jobs. A multitude of businesses were also unable to honour their hiring commitments on campuses across the country, since they were grappling with survival issues. Anam’s employer also sent him a polite regret letter saying the company won’t be able to honour its commitment of hiring him. “I don’t have a grouse against them since most of their clients are in travel, hospitality and retail sectors,…