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from the editor

BT500 is Business Today’s longest running annual project. Its uninterrupted run since 1993 has been witness to every twist and turn of the Indian economy and every rise and fall in India Inc. But it hasn’t ever seen a year like the one that is unfolding in front of our eyes now. A near three-month shutdown of the economy due to the Coronavirus-induced lockdown, widespread disruption in manufacturing, services, supply chains and logistics — the march of the migrants — and innumerable job losses, the effects of which will be visible in corporate India’s performance in the coming quarters. But what is already visible in India Inc.’s health are the effects of 18 quarters of persistent slowdown. After all, while Coronavirus was unanticipated, the slowdown preceding it was not. That is why,…

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championing crisis management

Listening To An Innovation: A lot of things can happen to companies, professionals, and entrepreneurs, but there is one essential fact that cannot be ignored. Unexpected things will always happen that will bring massive unhappiness to human beings. And this unhappiness may bring severe crises and loss of goodwill if not managed properly. It was the basic idea of preparing to deal with the crisis through meticulous preparation of executable plans that laid the foundation of the Risk Management business of "Apex", in India. The choice to work for the medical fraternity came with the fact that in India, this is probably the single profession where there is a huge communication gap between the doctors and the patients. In our modern India, there were and there are, ever-increasing numbers of…

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redefining success

Please tell us about Saba Group. 'Saba Group' is a privately-held company that employs over 5,000 employees, operates in more than 20 countries and comprises 15 companies across 10 verticals. The group has an affinity towards agriculture and trades in the business of rice, and has a strong foothold in pharmaceuticals and Fin-tech business. It also operates in gold mining, entertainment, realestate, hospitality sectors and does impact technology investments all over the world. 50 per cent' of the profit raised by Saba Group go into philanthropy, which supports education, health, art and culture, livelihood generation and human rights. The group partners include Cargill, BAOSTEEL Group, COFCO International, Glencore, Jindal Steel & Power, LG, Mitsui & CO to name a few. Leadership with Trust-can you define this in detail? I believe trust is the essential…

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visible green shoots

₹3.86 LAKH CRORE Value of UPI transactions in October, a record high54.1 Services PMI in October, compared to 49.8 in September. This is the first expansion of the services sector since February GST Collections Exceed ₹1 Lakh Crore Dip in Number of Unemployed Record E-way Bills Generated in October Manufacturing Output Expands at Multi-Year High Pace Car Sales Get Festive Boost, Rise 17 per cent Decent Rise in FDI Despite Lockdown Source: PIB, CMIE, RBI, GSTN CENTRE TIGHTENS PURSE STRINGS The central government's gross fiscal deficit was ₹43,646 crore in September, the lowest since the beginning of the current fiscal The deficit was lower by a sharp 55.3 per cent compared to the year-ago period. It fell due to a 26 per cent cut in government expenditure to ₹2.3 lakh crore in September 2020 Capital expenditure declined by 20.9 per cent in…

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stl: empowering digital india for transforming millions of lives

As a leading digital technology company with a longstanding credibility of nearly three decades now, what is the key impetus for STL's sustained growth and success? The spirit of enterprise at STL is woven around its core philosophy that goes beyond temporal gains and where smarter networks are leveraged for transforming billions of lives around the world. We are now elated to see that vision manifesting so brilliantly. Ever since STL started off as the most technology competent company in India which is into manufacturing optical fibres and cables, we have viewed India as a good market anchor, but our outlook is futuristic where the entire world is a marketplace for us. Also, our viewing of the overall sector with a very customer centricity perspective instead of being merely transactional is…

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rush to quality

As lockdown opens across the country, India’s micro economy is finally beginning to show signs of life even as the macro economy remains in deep freeze. But that’s just one of the contradictions the nation’s beleaguered economy is dealing with. Stock markets, for instance, are completely divorced from the real economy. Even when the GDP is set to shrink by a record 10-12 per cent this year, the Sensex — already past the 40k mark — hit a new all-time high of 42,645.33 on November 9, 2020. Among other contradictions, economic growth in rural India has been far better than in urban India for the past few quarters; and right through the slowdown of the last 18-odd quarters, larger firms have performed substantially better vis-a-vis medium and smaller firms. This year’s…