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navigating the cryptomaze

Regulations are often two steps behind new businesses. They lagged in e-commerce, the app economy; they are still lagging in social media, fintech, foodtech, edtech — even data privacy. The list is endless. But in case of crypto-currencies, they are hopelessly nine years behind the curve. Over these years, regulators have stayed mute witness to the unbridled growth of an industry without regulations. Then, conflicting actions and statements by the Centre, the Reserve Bank of India and the judiciary have together created a ‘Cryptomaze’ that investors, traders and crypto platforms are forever struggling to decipher. Even as crypto trading in the country has peaked to $500 million (around ₹3,650 crore) daily, there are no answers to whether India will allow crypto-currencies! If yes, in what form, when and how? In…

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india’s cryptomaze

340 NUMBER OF CRYPTO START-UPS IN INDIA $400-500 million DAILY CRYPTO TRADING VOLUME IN INDIA ₹25.47 lakh PRICE OF 1 BITCOIN AS ON JUNE 21, 2021 On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a Florida-based programmer, made the world’s first commercial transaction using bitcoins. He bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. At today’s prices, that’s $357 million, making it the world’s most expensive food order ever. A month ago, when bitcoin was at its peak, the two pizzas would have been valued at $600 million. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts celebrate May 22 as the Bitcoin Pizza Day. Despite their enormous appeal and growing demand, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are fighting for legitimacy globally. But nations detest them. Government of India is, in fact, looking at criminalising possession, mining, trading, transfer and issue of crypto assets. Even though this threatens the…

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to be or not to be

Feb 2021 A high-level committee formed to study issues related to virtual currencies (VCs) has recommended that all private cryptocurrencies, except those issued by the state, should be prohibited. March 2021 A lot of negotiations and discussions are happening around cryptocurrency with RBI. We want to make sure there is a window available for all kinds of experiments which will have to take place in the crypto world Feb 2021 Central bank has reservations about cryptocurrencies and is working on its own digital currency March 2020 When the consistent stand of RBI is that they have not banned VCs and when the Government is unable to take a call despite several committees coming up with several proposals, including two draft bills, both of which advocated exactly opposite positions, it is not possible for us to hold that…

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bitcoin: the trailblazer

Oct 2008: Satoshi Nakamoto releases white paper 'Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’ Dec 2010: Nakamoto leaves Bitcoin community; 1 bitcoin at $0.06 Jun 2011: Bitcoin at $32, gains traction on Dark Web 2012: Cryptocurrency makes subtle India entry Jun 2013: RBI releases first Financial Stability Report, defines virtual currencies as type of ‘unregulated digital money’ Dec 2013: India’s first cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin launched; Bangalore hosts India’s first global Bitcoin conference Nov 2016: Demonetisation fuels investment in cryptocurrencies Dec 2017: Bitcoin crosses $20,000 Feb 2018: Government of India announces Bitcoin will not be legal tender Apr 2018: RBI issues circular prohibiting dealing in virtual currencies Feb 2019: Finance ministry committee recommends banning cryptocurrencies, suggests creation of digital Rupee. Recommends fine of up to ₹25 crore, or imprisonment of 1-10 years, or both. Mar 2020: SC strikes down RBI’s crypto ban, terming…

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adani’s valuation binge

In June 2020, the board of Adani Power decided to delist the company whose share price was languishing at ₹38 against its August 2009 listing price of ₹100. The low price was affecting fundraising and growth plans. The board set the floor price for delisting at ₹33.82 and has been waiting for approval from stock exchanges. However, over the last seven months — December 2020 to June 2021 — the company’s share price surged around 300 per cent, pushing the scrip to ₹166. Shares of five other Adani group companies grew three to 10 times in the last one year until June 11, 2021. Market value of Adani Green Energy (AGEL) increased to ₹1.9 lakh crore (as on May 31, 2021). Barring Adani Power (₹57,000 crore), each of the other group…

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adani enterprises

Solar photovoltaic manufacturing at Mundra; road and rail construction; defence and aerospace; edible oil and foods production (850 plants); airports (holds 23.5 per cent stake in Mumbai airport, awarded the rights to modernise and operate six others — Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram) Adani Green Energy Solar power: 3,023 MW in operation; 8,150 MW under construction Wind power: 497 MW in operation; 1,430 MW under construction Hybrid power: 2,290 MW under construction Adani Ports & SEZ Operates six major ports (Mundra, Dahej, Kattupalli, Krishnapatnam, Hazira and Dhamra) and four terminals Adani Power 12,400 MW Of coal-fired capacity in operation; plans to add another 7,000 MW Adani Total Gas Operates city gas distribution networks in Ahmedabad and Vadodara (Gujarat), Faridabad (Haryana) and Khurja (UP); A consortium of Adani Total Gas and IOC has received distribution rights for Allahabad, Chandigarh, Ernakulam,…