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the patanjali plan

One of the most important elements of corporate strategy is managing integration following a takeover. Whenever a company acquires another corporate entity, the things to keep in mind are how the overall vision of the acquirer will be dovetailed with the target company, how the portfolio of products can add muscle to the combine and, equally important, how the culture of the two entities can be integrated for best results. When Baba Ramdev’s unlisted fast-moving consumer goods company Patanjali Ayurved acquired the ailing Ruchi Soya as part of the National Company Law Tribunal process in 2019, there was enough curiosity around how Patanjali would eventually make Ruchi Soya work for it, and what the combine’s vision would be going forward. The curiosity was justified. Here was the almost-mysterious Patanjali, led by…

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sales of nifty 50 firms rise 43 %

Nifty 50 companies reported aggregate sales of ₹8,87,000 crore in the June 2021 quarter, 43 per cent more than the ₹₹6,19,000 crore in the year-ago quarter, when corporate India was hit by lockdowns NET SALES - NIFTY COMPANIES (₹'000 crore) Numbers rounded off; Source: Ace Equity 5.95 MILLION BARRELS PER DAY Expected rise in oil demand in 2021. The total demand would be 6 per cent higher than the 2020 number, according to OPEC’s latest monthly report. In 2022, demand is expected to expand by 3.28 million bpd 13.6 % Rise in IIP in June. However, on a two year CAGR basis, the index was down 2.6% in June (vs-8% in May).…

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steady rise in number of active companies

→ The number of active companies grew 12.1 per cent to 1.34 million in FY21. This was the fastest growth in a decade → This was partly due to fewer exits, but new registrations also saw decent growth of 11.6 per cent → Around two-third active firms are in services, led by business services (32 per cent) and trading (13 per cent), followed by social (8 per cent) and finance (4 per cent) ACTIVE COMPANIES REGISTERED WITH MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS Source: MCA 5.6% Consumer price inflation in July, down from 6.3 per cent in June, a tad below the consensus estimate of 5.8 per cent. Food inflation eased to 4 per cent (vs 5.2 per cent in June ₹165 NHAI’s earning per FASTag in the first half of 2021…

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‘we are only looking at an ipo in the next 15-18 months’

UM: You started Byju’s barely a decade ago, and it is already valued more than some of India’s oldest and biggest companies such as IndianOil or Bajaj Auto. Did you ever imagine that Byju’s would become so big in such a short span of time? BR: To be honest, I didn’t start Byju’s as a business. I was only following my passion. Slowly, it moved from a class of 30 students to auditoriums, then stadiums and, finally, to millions of smartphones. I am still in pursuit of how to make it better and bigger. UM: From a tutorial teacher to grappling with deals running into hundreds of millions of dollars…do these valuations strike you as a bit of a bubble? BR: I think it is very early days for our sector and what…

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hitting an air pocket

THE DOMESTIC aviation sector is in the doldrums. If last year wasn’t bad enough, the second wave of the pandemic has left the carriers in utter ruin. Take a look at the numbers. In seven months to July 2021, the domestic traffic more than halved — to 39.34 million — compared to the same period in 2019. Aviation consultancy CAPA India says the two waves of Covid-19 have created a high level of solvency risk for most airlines, which could impact the entire industry, including airports. “After taking into account the impact of the second wave, our model projects domestic traffic of 80-95 million passengers in FY22, up from 52.5 million in FY21, but well below the 140 million in FY20. This projection does not take into account a third wave…

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every time with the p eople, for the people

Like any other day, on 26 July people in large numbers have reached the Janta Darshan, organised at the official residence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Lucknow. Among them was Vimla Devi, a resident of village khokhiya under wazirganj police station of Gonda district. In an application given to Chief Minister Yogi she said that her house is in an old area of the city and some people have forcefully constructed a wall blocking the road leading to her house. No she cannot go and come from that road. Although SDM has given the order to vacate the path, it was not vacated. Chief Minister Yogi took the application from her and assured Vimla Devi for the proper action. In the evening when vimaladevi reached her house she was…