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CHOOSING A CAMERA can be difficult! There are so many different types on the market, all claiming to be ‘the best’, that it’s easy to get confused. But that’s where Camera Shopper comes in. We’ve drawn all the best reviews, group tests and buying advice from the best-selling Digital Camera Magazine in this easy-to-use guide to the best cameras on the market right now. Are you looking for a light but powerful camera to take on your travels? Then take a look at our Travel Cameras guide on page 10. Maybe you’re ready to step to a more powerful digital SLR? Make sure you read our reviews of the Canon 7D Mark II (page 32) and brand-new Nikon D500 (page 70). Or you may be stuck on the horns of a dilemma…

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trusted tests

RIGOROUS / ACCURATE / INDEPENDENT / FAIR AMERA Shopper is brought to you by the UK’s most experienced team of photography journalists, which means you can trust everything you read on these pages and can buy your next piece of photography equipment with total confidence. In case you need any further convincing, here’s why our tests are the best: Depth At Camera Shopper, we take great pride in the rigorous nature of our testing process. Every product and service is tested in appropriate circumstances, and a combination of real world and objective tests are performed to ensure all products and services are credibly graded. Take a look at the opposite page for more details. Passion We believe the best way to test a product is to use it as it was intended, so our real…

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csc or slr? whats the difference?

SINGLE-LENS-REFLEX or SLR cameras have a mirror that bounces light from the lens up into an optical viewfinder. It’s a tried-and-tested design that’s much loved by enthusiast and professional photographers alike. Like SLRs, compact system or mirrorless cameras can accept interchangeable lenses, but they don’t have a mirror inside; and if there is a viewfinder, it’s an electronic device that shows the image that’s formed on the sensor. The advantage of this approach is that you can see the impact of camera settings before you take a shot, so you know if you’ve set the correct exposure or if you’re in black-and-white mode. However, autofocusing tends to be a little slower, especially in low light – although the situation is improving all the time. Another advantage of omitting the mirror is…

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travel cameras

WHEN you’re off on your holiday, you want a camera that’s small, lightweight and easy to carry, but you don’t want something that downsizes image quality. We’ve rounded up eight cameras that aim for a compact, easily manageable form factor, yet retain ‘serious’ sensor sizes of at least a Four Thirds or APS-C format. The Sony Alpha 7 goes really large with a full-frame image sensor. There are three different body styles, ranging from compact cameras with fixed prime or zoom lenses, through Compact System Cameras (CSC) with interchangeable lenses, to fairly small SLRs. The latter is worth considering if you want a ‘travel body’ that’s compatible with your existing lenses. THE CONTENDERS Canon EOS 100D with 18-55mm IS STM lens £340/$500 Canon’s smallest, lightest SLR CANON’S smallest digital SLR body undercuts the Nikon D3300 by…

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canon eos 6d vs nikon d750

WANT the very best enthusiastlevel digital SLR without blowing your budget on a fully professional body? There are two main contenders– the Canon EOS 6D and the Nikon D750. Canon and Nikon’s range of ‘professional’ digital SLRs kick off with the 5D Mk III and D810, both of which cost roughly £1,000/$1,000 more than their rangetopping consumer-class cameras. The Canon 6D feels like it’s been around for yonks, having been announced back in September 2012. The Nikon D750 is two years newer and fresher, and outguns the Canon for features and specifications. It has a newly designed image sensor and the same Expeed 4 image processor as the very latest D810A and D7200. By contrast, the 6D looks a bit of a poor relation, especially compared with Canon’s latest APS-C format…

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64gb sd car ds Delkin SD 633x UHS-1 £46/$40 DELKIN’S card delivers decent read and write times in the mid-range of this test. Delkin is renowned for its rigorous testing methods: as well as shock tests, this card has been tested against sea spray and ultraviolet light. It also has built-in error correction. Read: 45.15 Write: 43.58 Samsung Pro+ SDHC UHS-1 £46/$60 THE Pro+ card comes in at a close second, just beating the Gobe Magic on write speeds. The card provides solid performance, although it’s one of the pricier cards here. The card is protected against water, temperature (-25 to 85 degrees C), X-rays and magnets. Read: 83.96 Write: 71.09 Gobe Magic 64GB £30/$46 GOBE is relatively new to the memory card market. The performance from the Magic rivalled the SanDisk and Samsung cards, with fast read speeds. Write speeds…