Car and Driver February 2019

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blaze new trails

We no longer travel great distances in the name of exploration. Today, our frontier is all around us. For those seeking this new frontier, the first-ever Lexus UX is a new frontier for crossovers. Crafted purposefully for the city. To nimbly handle corners with a best-in-class 17.1-ft turning radius.1 To easily navigate cluttered roads with Apple CarPlay®2 while connected to your iPhone.®3 And to inspire a sense of freedom with a class-leading estimated 33 MPG.1,4 Introducing the Lexus UX and UX Hybrid AWD,5 both available as F SPORT models. Crafted for those who believe there is always something new to explore. | #LexusUX Options shown. 1. 2019 UX vs. 2018/2019 competitors. Information from manufacturers’ websites as of 9/17/2018. 2. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Always…

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FINE WHINES I just read the “Appalachian Outlaws” comparison test in the November issue. Here comes the flood of Porsche-bias letters. —John Grant Campbell Chatsworth, GA Well, actually…—Ed. I finished reading “Appalachian Outlaws,” and while I didn’t need to read it to know that the Porsche would be the winner, I still thought it was an enjoyable article. It seemed to me, though, that a 911 Turbo might have been a better fit than the GT3, due to forced induction and a less hard-core demeanor more similar to the Aston’s and AMG’s. I think a lot of people accuse you of having biases toward certain automakers, mostly those from Stuttgart and Bavaria, and though I myself am somewhat partial to AMG, there’s one thing I think a lot of people forget: You guys actually…

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upfront supracar!

TOYOTA’S FOURTH-GENERATION (chassis code A80) Supra Turbo, sold here from 1993 to 1998, has fronted movie franchises, shredded drag strips in as little as six seconds, and—if we recall correctly—conducted the London Philharmonic at the request of Queen Elizabeth II. The iron-strong 2JZ straight-six under its hood has worn turbochargers big enough to sleep in and swims like a shark in a nitrous-oxide ocean. And yet, Toyota has left us Supraless for 20 years, sitting idly by as the car accumulated a mountain of pop-culture street cred. Now the Big T is finally leveraging that mighty reputation in the form of the new (A90) Supra, which will blast out of a Magna Steyr assembly plant in Graz, Austria, alongside its brother, the BMW Z4. Yes, under a skin based on the…

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formula s209

WHEN WE STARTED LIGHTNING Lap at Virginia International Raceway (VIR) back in 2006, the idea of a manufacturer using our lap data as a development objective was as preposterous as the pony-car war boiling over the 750-hp mark or Magna Steyr building the next Toyota Supra. Of course, both of those once-improbable things (plus a great many more) have come to pass, and on a recent trip to VIR, Subaru confirmed another: Our 2:59.8 lap of a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V was one of the development targets for the WRX STI–based S209. The 2019 S209 comes from Subaru Tecnica International (STI), the in-house motorsports arm and hot-rod shop responsible for manufacturing legends such as the 22B, the Spec C, and the S204 (ask someone fluent in Forza if those models don’t ring…

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dragster tires

THINK OF AN NHRA TOP FUEL DRAGSTER as one big mechanical computer. Every element is engineered to act in a predictable way and predictable order to turn 15 to 20 gallons of nitromethane fuel into 11,000 horsepower and a 3.7-second, 335-mph 1000-foot run. And all that power and logic are delivered through a pair of bias-ply drag slicks manufactured in Akron, Ohio. Thirty-six inches tall, 17.5 inches wide, and weighing 48 pounds apiece, they’re part number 2747 in the Goodyear Racing catalog, $917 per tire. Each one is expected to last eight runs, or a bit more than 1.5 miles. The insights here are largely drawn from racing engineer Chuck Hallum’s SAE paper, “The Magic of the Drag Tire.” The story starts after a burnout to heat the tires’ rubber and…

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maybach music

IF CAR AND DRIVER EXISTS at the intersection of the automobile and the clever manipulation of the English language, then we’re sharing that corner with a huge cadre of rap and hip-hop artists for whom writing about vehicles they admire, own, or have owned (and dissing the cars their rivals drive) is an art. We’ve combed through more than four decades of data from, an online database of song lyrics, to get a look at how our musical comrades see the car world. Spoiler alert: Things aren’t looking good for Smart. THE PLASTICS These are the most popular brands in our data set and the models most paired with each brand. Plus a few cases (Lexus Land Cruiser?) where the MCs needed a fact-checker. DESPER ATE WANNABES Some of these stragglers, like Lincoln,…