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picture perfect

I had a great long weekend in North Wales and soaked up the sights and beautiful views. Manisa Kuinkel, Harrow Here I am with my daughter Dora, 16 months, during a lovely holiday in Scotland. We had so much fun! Saphron Gafney, Yeovil Meet the canine version of Grumpy Cat. Here's Toney, my 6-year-old Many Tears Rescue dog, with his favourite toy - spot the likeness! He's a happy boy really! Fiona Lindley, Castleford My husband Les and I took the perfect holiday read with us to Crete! Debbie Parker, Seaham It's a dog's life! My Chihuahua Maci, 6, loves her comfort. Jody Thompson, Mossley Here's my husband Alan (the tall one) and his brother Andrew in Skegness 63 years ago. Don't they look cool in their straw boaters? Christine Bartram, Heanor On holiday in Cyprus in August, me, my husband Dan…

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hubby killed me off

Lisa Tubbs, 52, Middlesex Handing my teenage boys their coats and bags, I bundled them out of the door. ‘Time for school,’ I said, grabbing my keys. It was early 2005 and, after splitting with my husband – the boys’ dad – over 12 months earlier, life had been non-stop. Graham genuinely seemed to care... After 18 years together, it felt strange being alone, and I really missed having someone to talk to. So when I bumped into an old friend Graham Tubbs, in town that February, it felt like fate. We’d been mates as teenagers, shared the odd kiss. But we’d drifted apart, married other people. Now, we got chatting and I felt a flutter of excitement when Graham said he was single, too. Maybe my luck’s changing, I thought. Graham fast became a friend who I could rely…

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‘i made a mistake’

Graham says, ‘I regret that, of course I do. I was in a bad place with the relationship – it was fine in the beginning and then it just started dying. It was a way out. ‘I take full responsibility for it, she had nothing to do with it. It was all me. She didn’t do anything wrong. I should’ve been more of a husband to her and I wasn’t. ‘The one good thing that’s come out of this is that me and Lisa are still friends. I’ve got nothing to hide any more – I made a mistake by having the affair.’…

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just genius

Potty train A great way to recycle unused plant pots is to use them as garden edging. You can even paint them a different colour if you want. Christine Jenkins, Swansea Quick off the mark Rub white vinegar over leather boots to help prevent white water marks caused by snow and slush. Dawn Gray, Chester-le-Street Mind the mould After a shower, stick your mat on the bathroom tiles or shower board to drain excess water. It keeps the shower mat clean and free of mould. Julie Arnull, Daventry The cherry on the cake I re-use birthday cake boxes, cutting out colourful, patterned parts into whatever shape I like, and turn them into tags for gift bags and birthday presents. Looks great and costs absolutely nothing! Michele McGuire, Cleethorpes A right pair! Fed up of rummaging through my jewellery box to find a pair…

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the heartbreak behind our big day

Julia Hagreen, 40, Huddersfield Setting piping-hot plates on the table, I shouted upstairs. ‘Dinner’s ready!’ I called, as footsteps thundered. But as me, my partner Darren, 49, and our son George, then 3, wolfed down our tea, I realised Sofia, then 5, was chewing each mouthful slowly. ‘That’s it, chew it 30 times,’ encouraged her sister Mollie, then 7. It was August 2018, and ever since Sofia had nearly choked on some cheese a few weeks earlier, they’d both been extra cautious. It had been terrifying, but Sofia had been OK. However, as she splashed in the sea on a holiday in Devon soon after, I noticed she looked very thin. Then there were times on our trip when her speech slurred or she’d throw up. ‘I’m worried,’ I told Darren. So I took Sofia to a doctor, who…

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‘never forget my face’

As former police sergeant Drew Peterson was sentenced to 38 years in prison, he stared fiercely at lead prosecutor James Glasgow. ‘Never forget my face. Never forget what you’ve done here,’ Peterson yelled at him across the court, before he was taken away. Mr Glasgow had proved to the jury that Peterson had murdered his wife Kathleen Savio, delivered the evidence to make sure he’d be locked up for life. Kathy was Peterson’s third wife and the couple had two children together. A rocky marriage from the start, Peterson’s colleagues at Bolingbrook police station in Illinois, USA, often heard Kathy scream at him on the phone. But their tumultuous relationship ended when Kathy found out her husband was having an affair with Stacy Cales, 17. It triggered a lengthy divorce battle. Then, on 1 March 2004, Peterson…