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July 2021

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miraculous minster

AWESOME IS an overused word these days, but not if describing the vision that was needed to start building a cathedral and then the drive and ability to finish it using rudimentary medieval technology. York Minster is without exaggeration 100 times awesome. The biggest church built in medieval times in Britain and rivalling Cologne Cathedral, York Minster dominates the city and surrounding countryside. It has been described as the Heart of Yorkshire for the design of its great West Window, but perhaps the name is deserved for wider reasons. The story of the Minster, dedicated to St Peter, is that of a small Christian community surviving from Roman times and overcoming many odds over 1000 years. One of the earliest recorded indications of Christianity is that a bishop of York was summoned…

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computer says i’m a victim of ‘the system’

We all encounter situations which show that although we’ve harnessed computer power in so many brilliantly brainy ways, sometimes ‘the system’ appears to have taken charge while humans look on helplessly. Having banked with the same market-leading building society for most of my adult life, and enjoyed trouble-free checks on my account since the days when you carried your passbook to your local branch, ‘the system’ has started eyeing me with suspicion. For no reason the society has been able to explain, my computer (world famous for its built-in security features) has been judged to be a ‘trusted device’ no longer. No reason is given. Evidently, I’m the victim of a design feature of the security system and, says the society helplessly, “we’re afraid we can’t do anything to bypass this”. The result is…

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on the bookshelf

Alexandria: The Quest for the Lost City by Edmund Richardson Published by Bloomsbury Price £25 Pages 352 ISBN 9781526603784 The lost city of Alexandria Beneath the Mountains, once a meeting point of east and west, was discovered in Afghanistan in 1832 by Charles Masson and his story is as fascinating and intriguing as his discovery. A working-class boy from East London, Masson deserted from the army while in Agra, India and his obsession with Alexander the Great led him to travel widely, begging by the roadside, taking tea with kings, becoming a master of disguises, a spy, an archaeologist and scholar. Having discovered a lost civilisation, he found himself in the midst of war with a price on his head. HARDBACK BOOK OF THE MONTH Hardbacks CRIME FICTION Truth or Dare by M J Arlidge A wave of murders,…

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time off

DVDs The Innocent: Series 2 (Acorn Media International) In this stand-alone four part series Katherine Kelly plays Sally, a former teacher freed from prison after apparently being wrongly convicted for the murder of one of her pupils. But after five years in jail, Sally finds life problematic back in her beloved home town of Keswick, in the Lake District. There’s the ex-husband who doesn’t want to see her, the school that refuses to re-employ her and the family of the murdered boy who still hold her responsible for their son’s death. Shaun Dooley is Detective Braithwaite, himself nursing a private grief, who is tasked with re-investigating the killing, which proves to be no easy task as family jealousies and secrets emerge, leading to a conclusion that few would have seen coming. Kelly, whose previous…

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gardening with grandchildren

A bug’s life I USED to love drawing and painting, and when visiting my maternal grandparents we would do a bug hunt, catch and draw insects - and release them back into the garden afterwards. This is a simple gardening activity for both adult and child. All you need is a dry, clean margarine tub and some soil or leaves to go into it, before adding the insect. Earthworms, beetles and ladybirds are normally quite easy to catch. After drawing the insects, you can look through books or the internet and learn more about them. Counting butterflies, taking photographs and drawing them afterwards is another simple but enjoyable pastime. You can teach them about caterpillars, the pupa (chrysalis) and the adult butterfly or moth and why they are attracted to particular flowers. Gardening…

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wimbledon now and them

ON THE genteel lawns of Victorian Britain, and many of its imperial outposts, a new sound was competing with the click of croquet balls - the altogether more satisfying thwack of the newfangled tennis racquet. Croquet, though capable of engendering ruthless competitiveness, was too pedestrian for younger members of the garden party set and tennis provided the outlet for physical competition. “That first championship in 1877 would resonate with modern fans. It was planned to last five days but rain caused a four-day delay with no Cliff Richard to entertain the spectators” But not tennis as we now know it. The racquets looked more like snow shoes and the balls were made of rubber. The court in some versions was wider at the service lines and narrower at the net, described as hourglass…