Cigar Aficionado May/June 2020

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TOP ROBUSTO LA MISSION L’ATELIER 1959 Inspired by a winery in France, this cigar from Pete Johnson and the Garcia family wears an alluringly dark Mexican San Andrés wrapper. It was the top-scoring smoke of the entire issue. NICARAGUA 95 TOP FIGURADO MONTECRISTO NO. 2 One of the most popular torpedoes ever made, this former Cigar of the Year is consistently one of Cuba’s best sellers. CUBA 94 TOP TORO/CORONA GORDA COHIBA MAJESTUOSO 1966 Rare, expensive, and quite thick for a Cuban Cohiba, this smoke was specially rolled for a line of limited humidors released by Habanos S.A. to commemorate the 50th birthday of Cuba’s most treasured cigar brand. CUBA 94 TOP CHURCHILL OLIVA SERIE G MADURO CHURCHILL This inexpensive and high-scoring cigar is covered in a dark, broadleaf wrapper grown in Connecticut. It tied with the Villiger Cuellar Black Forest for the number one spot in…

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stay safe

Things are different here at Cigar Aficionado, and we’re sure things are different for you as well. The pandemic has radically changed the way we work, the way we gather and the way we live. It’s been challenging, and it reminds us all of how lucky we were. Hopefully by the time you’re reading these words, things may have begun to change back for the better. The Cigar Aficionado offices in New York closed in mid-March, and the magazine staff began working from home. We have been pleasantly surprised by how easily we’ve been able to do (most of) what we normally do while working from remote locations. We’re writing, editing and designing stories for the magazine, test-smoking cigars, meeting as a team (with video conferencing replacing face-to-face gatherings), finding out…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, Kudos to you for the great article on Charles Barkley [“Sir Charles Holds Court,” March/April 2020]. I may be biased since I was born in Philadelphia and watch all of Philly sports, and remember when he got drafted and started his career with the Sixers. I didn’t know how big of a cigar smoker he was until I read the article. He was one of my favorite players on the Sixers because of his determination and hard play, which we love in Philly. I’ve been smoking cigars since 1999. I want Charles Barkley to know that if he is in the city and wants a good aged Cuban cigar, my humidor is open. Jose Rubero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dear Marvin, After reading “Sir Charles Holds Court,” all I can think about is that Charles Barkley…

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kaat marble ashtray

The spectacular beauty of marble is obvious if you’ve ever gazed upon the Taj Mahal, looked up at the Washington Monument or even simply shopped for home countertops. For centuries, humans have coveted the metamorphic rock for its variety of colors, hallmark swirls, moody veining patterns and its one-of-a-kind character. After all, like a fingerprint, no two pieces of marble are exactly alike. Given the tantalizing rock’s natural resistance to heat, it’s hard to believe a high-quality marble cigar ashtray hasn’t been available to enthusiasts until now. A trip to India to research natural building materials inspired Sicilian architect Michele Cucchiara to change that, forming KAAT, an Italy-based company specializing in handmade marble cigar ashtrays. It begins with a slab from either Iran or one of the famous marble quarries of…

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sea island, georgia

Every golfer—from the tour pro to the 20-handicap duffer—wants to play better. And few places are better suited to combining world-class improvement with a luxury vacation than Sea Island, Georgia. It’s the only golf resort with two five-star hotels—the Lodge and the Cloisters—along with a five-star spa and restaurant, the Georgian Room. But the venerable 90-year-old resort, host to a G-8 Summit, countless U.S. presidents as well as royalty, is not resting on its plush laurels. The current owner Philip Anschutz has been pouring money into enhancements, especially the resort’s prodigious golf offerings. Home to the RSM Classic, a PGA Tour event, Sea Island has three marquee courses. Of them, Seaside is perennially ranked in the nation’s Top 100; Plantation was just completely redone by golfer/designer/resident Davis Love III with his…

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morgan plusfour

The engine delivers a glorious throaty roar as I accelerate hard out of a bend and weave through the back roads of the magnificent Scottish Highlands of Perthshire. Nestled low in my two-seater Morgan, roof down, foot punchy on both the accelerator and brake, this is driving at its most thrilling. It seems to be an anachronism—a throwback to when jaunty, British roadsters were the standard for sporty driving—but this British marque, now in its 110th year, is still making cars for a bygone era—at least at first glance. To the casual observer, the all-new Morgan PlusFour appears largely the same as the model Morgan has made since 1950. Same wheel arches, same sloping running boards, wire wheels (alloy is an option), low-slung doors, and ash-wood-and-leather-filled cabin. A slight nameplate change…