Cigar Aficionado September/October 2020

Cigar Aficionado is a magazine for the man who enjoys life’s great pleasures: fine dining and entertaining, the finest wines and spirits, world travel and the arts. At the heart of every issue is the cigar: what to smoke, where to smoke, and how to enjoy a great smoke.

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TOP CHURCHILL OLIVA SERIE V MELANIO CHURCHILL The issue’s highest score comes from a tried-and-true blend, the premiere smoke from Oliva Cigar Co. NICARAGUA 94 TOP ROBUSTO PUNCH SHORT DE PUNCH It’s the first new Punch size in decades, a shorter smoke that has only been on sale for about a year, and it delivered one of the best scores in this issue. CUBA 93 TOP FIGURADO COHIBA PIRÁMIDES EXTRA The lone figurado in the venerable Cuban Cohiba portfolio is a superb smoke—and one that doesn’t come cheap. CUBA 92 TOP TORO ROMEO Y JULIETA RESERVA REAL NICARAGUA TORO This new blend from Altadis has only been in stores for a few months. It tied with a Padrón Family Reserve, La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial and Partagás for top toro. NICARAGUA 92 TOP LONSDALE PADRÓN 1964 ANNIVERSARY SERIES SUPERIOR Far from new, this considerably flavorful, skinnier smoke from the Padrón family…

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the day the cigar industry won

The text messages and phone calls came in a flurry, from a host of cigarmakers. “We won the case,” read one message. “We won!” came a call. It was August 19, and it turned out to be a landmark day for the handmade cigar industry. The reason for the jubilation was the decision by Judge Amit P. Mehta, of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, ruling in favor of cigarmakers in their long, expensive fight in the court case known as Cigar Association of America, et al. v. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, et al. Judge Mehta said that the FDA, the agency that oversees all tobacco products sold in the U.S., violated the American Procedure Act in its handling of Substantial Equivalence, one of the ways…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, I am a new reader of your publication. It is a pleasant surprise to find such a fine magazine these days. Your articles, writing and graphic style compete with some of the best in their heyday: Playboy, GQ, Esquire and the many fine writers of Vanity Fair. Alas, all gone, or no longer recognizable. So thank you for creating this publication. You must have struck a chord because I have never written to a magazine before. I wanted to also thank your contributing writer Marshall Fine for his excellent “License to Thrill” article [July/August 2020]. It reads like a fine essay. I doubt that the 007 phenomenon has ever been explored in a more entertaining way. I agree that by chance it was Sean Connery who defined the role. And,…

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cuban flag cigar cases

The red-white-and-blue, striped-and-starred flag of Cuba has been its official standard for 118 years. For a half century before that, it was a rallying point for the ideals of liberty. It even evoked a never realized desire to join the United States. Now, it serves another purpose as a popular motif for leather cases that celebrate the island nation’s most exulted export: cigars. Not that you have to be Cuban to show your appreciation for the motherland of premium cigars. Patrick Fallon certainly isn’t. The French Hermés alum used his skills as a luxury leather smith to create the three-finger, Fallon Nixes Cuba case (shown at top, 1,590 euros or $1,868). The nearly seamless leather-on-leather composition is handmade in France of buffalo hide and depicts the Cuban flag on one side,…

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high-proof pours

Barrel-proof whisky (also known as cask-strength whisky) is literally the proof of a whisky as it comes from the barrel. That usually means in the 110- to 130-proof range, though some cask-strength whiskies soar above 140 proof. While that might sound like too much heat to handle, lately these high-proof pours have become a sensation among whisky connoisseurs. They offer an incredibly rich, almost oily mouthfeel and, of course, an explosion of complex flavors. Best of all, and what many drinkers particularly love about barrel-proof whisky, is that they can add water to both decrease the proof to a level they find most pleasing, and experiment with a drop or two or three to open the nose and palate profile. Adding small amounts of water adds dimension to the flavor journey. The…

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acura nsx

Think of the Acura NSX as an everyday supercar. It’s got eye-popping good looks, neck-snapping power and curve-hugging handling, yet is surprisingly comfortable on potholed pavement and puts up solid fuel economy numbers. The original NSX, introduced back in 1990, was Japan’s first true supercar. It ended its run in 2005 and wasn’t revived until 2016. The replacement has a dramatic new formula that pairs three electric motors with a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6. The mid-mounted gas engine and a single motor power the rear axle. In addition, the front wheels each have a motor. All told, the powertrain produces 573 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque. As electric motors produce maximum torque the moment they’re turned on, you suffer none of the dreaded torque lag of the turbo engine. That means…