Cigar Aficionado November/December 2020

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November/December has turned out to be a tremendous issue of high scores from all over the cigar world, but the eye-popper was the Eye of the Shark, which comes from the Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. At 95 points, it achieves our “classic” designation—quite unusual for a cigar with no after-market aging. TOP FIGURADO ARTURO FUENTE DON CARLOS EYE OF THE SHARK This former Cigar of the Year shows it still has as much star power today as it did when it won the cigar industry’s highest award. A true classic. DOM. REP. 95 TOP MISCELLANEOUS PADRÓN 1964 ANNIVERSARY SERIES HERMOSO All the signature richness and strength of the 1964 Series seems to have been magnified in this short robusto, which is bold and resonant. NICARAGUA 94 TOP ROBUSTO JUAN LOPEZ PUNTO 55 EXCLUSIVO FRANCIA As far as Cuban Regional…

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the story of the mob

In the spirit of this special issue and our cover package on the Mob, we wanted to share a fun photo from our archives. This shot of the two of us from 2014 (along with former executive editor Gordon Mott on the left) demonstrates the Cigar Aficionado version of Mob justice. Take the cigar, leave the cannoli. If you’re like us, you love a good Mob movie, especially in winter. Give us a cold night, a cigar and a gangster film and we’ll be happy. But while movies like The Godfather, Once Upon A Time in America and A Bronx Tale make for fascinating viewing, there’s an even better story out there—the tales of real-life mobsters. These are men who built criminal empires by the power of the gun and knife, men who…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, Your article on sports records [“Unbroken,” September/October 2020] made for some very fine reading, especially the part on Pete Rose. Many an afternoon was spent when I was in Little League watching “Charlie Hustle” back in the ’60s. He would lean into and over fans to catch foul balls, covering first base, never missing a tag at home plate. It was said he could see the seams of the ball when at bat. Every kid in America wanted to be Pete Rose. True, he did bet on teams, but so did a lot of other players. He was used as a scapegoat. There will never be another Pete Rose. Long live “Charlie Hustle.” Jeff Herman Moline, Illinois Dear Marvin, I enjoyed reading “Unbroken” in the September/October issue. The records that were called out are truly…

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the $150,000 dragon cutter

If you’re trying to truly make a statement with your cigar cutter, imagine pulling one from your pocket that’s as expensive as a new Aston Martin Vantage. Quality Importers Trading Co., the makers of Xikar, have allied with New York City jeweler Jacob & Co. to produce a series of high-end, customized cigar accessories, starting with a one-off called Dragons Chasing Flaming Pearl Xi. The cutter is eye-popping and heavy, made entirely of 18K gold and gems—save for the steel blades. It weighs nearly half a pound, with 1,940 red rubies on the front and back and a pearl at the head, resting on a crown of golden fire and flanked by a pair of 18K-gold dragons. The design is inspired by the Chinese legend of dragons chasing a flaming pearl.…

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toyota gr supra

It’s like seeing double. Only a year after the reintroduction of the Toyota Supra, the spice in the Japanese car maker’s otherwise plain vanilla lineup, two new GRs are bowing in for the 2021 model year. One is a dialed up twin-turbo inline-six with zip to spare, and the other, for those who don’t need something quite so spritely, is a single-turbo, four-cylinder. Both are a return to the Supra that went missing a couple decades ago. The thrill had returned last year when the reborn Supra emerged from an unusual joint venture pairing Toyota and BMW. But that Supra was powered by a slightly detuned version of BMW’s impressive 3.0-liter inline-six. The good news for the 2021 model-year is that the twin-turbo package gets an extra 47 horsepower, bumping it…

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mustique, west indies

Hard to believe it’s been 60 years since Mustique began a transformation that turned it from a barren spot in the Grenadines to a private island frequented by the jet-set. Its laid back chic has very much remained intact since Scotsman Colin Tenant purchased it in 1958 and enticed the likes of Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger. Even the pandemic hasn’t changed it much. Mustique has worked hard to remain Covid-free, with a stringent pre- and post-arrival testing policy, as well as social distancing for the first 48 hours. After you test negative on the island, you can go maskless, while respecting social distance. Cigars can be puffed on the veranda outside the impressive Great Room Bar. The space is filled with the photographs and mementos of a mythical past, when…