Cigar Aficionado January/February 2021

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94 TOP FIGURADO FUENTE FUENTE OPUSX PETIT LANCERO This thin and pointy cigar looks like an arrow and performs like one too, as focused notes of leather, cocoa powder and spice hit the palate’s bull’s-eye with intensity and precision. DOM. REP. 93 TOP CORONA HERRERA ESTELI HABANO LONSDALE DELUXE Tobacco from three countries struck a harmonious chord of sweet, savory and spicy intonations. The Lonsdale Deluxe is made by Drew Estate in Estelí, Nicaragua. NICARAGUA 93 TOP ROBUSTO HOYO DE MONTERREY EPICURE NO. 2 Mild enough for beginners and complex enough for seasoned pros, this perennial favorite continues to charm smokers of Cuban cigars. CUBA 93 TOP TORO COHIBA SIGLO VI This was the first Cohiba to break the 52 ring gauge barrier when it came out in 20o3, and it’s been popular ever since. It’s part of Cuba’s Línea 1492 or Siglo Series. CUBA 92 TOP GRANDE NAT CICCO CASINO REAL…

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a big start for the new year

The issue you hold in your hands right now will bring you many hours of reading pleasure. The cover story highlights one of the biggest celebrities in America today. In addition, we have our annual review of the Top 25 Cigars of the Year—one of our most popular features—with many exciting choices. On the cover, we have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was known as a wrestling superstar before becoming an acting star. He’s also a businessman. One measure of his immense stardom is his more than 200 million followers on Instagram, far more than just about anyone on the planet. The interview for the cover story took place over the Internet, a concession to the Coronavirus pandemic. What we learned from the discussion was that The Rock is an incredibly down-to-earth…

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out of the humidor

Dear Marvin, Absolutely love the magazine. It wasn’t until my father-in-law passed away in 2010 that I even got into cigars. He had suggested on many occasions that we enjoy a cigar out on his deck after a great meal or after watching a college basketball game together. I was a cigarette smoker, so that never seemed appealing to me. His mail was forwarded to our address after his death and he was a member of the Thompson cigar club. Once I started getting the catalog, I thought, what did he find so enjoyable about these cigars? I made a few orders and remember ordering my first box of cigars. Shortly after, I began a subscription to your magazine, just to learn more about them. Your magazine has guided me through…

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zippo butane inserts

Having sold more than half a billion units in its 88-year history, the Zippo lighter is an American icon. Myriad styles make them collectible and they’re popular among the military. But for cigar connoisseurs Zippos have always posed a problem: most run on naphtha lighter fluid, which creates a distinct chemical taste. Now, Zippo offers inserts fueled by cleanburning butane that won’t taint your smoke. The inserts come in two models—single-torch ($14.95) and a double-torch ($16.95)—with each designed to replace the naphtha-burning guts in most models. The inserts produce either one or two powerful blue jets and feature an adjustment knob on the bottom to raise or lower the height of the single or double flame. The idea to update the traditional Zippo design with butane inserts isn’t a new one. Third-party…

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genesis gv80

Launching a new brand is never easy, especially if you’re doing so with three sedans in a market fixated with SUVs. Even with rave reviews, Genesis has flown under the radar with luxury buyers. But the new GV80, the first utility vehicle from the high-line Hyundai spin-off, should garner the attention it deserves. The boast from brand boss Mark Del Rosso that it will “start a new journey for Genesis” is anything but idle. The GV80 features bold styling, lavish appointments and a pair of solid powertrain options, all aimed at established competition like the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE, but with aggressive pricing that key opponents can’t ignore. The “crest grille” is a bit over the top, but GV80’s narrow quad headlamps, coupe-like roof and flared wheel arches give the SUV…

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cast-iron chefs

Cast-iron skillets are flying off the shelves—no small feat for a piece of cookware that weighs up to eight pounds. With more of us Covid-cooking at home, new chefs are embracing the back-to-basics pans that Grandma used for fried chicken, reports Isaac Morton, whose Smithey Ironware Co. of South Carolina more than doubled its workforce last year. The attractions of one-piece forged cookware are durability and simplicity. The skillets can go from stovetop to grill to oven and sear a steak, simmer chili or bake a pie. Their heft means they easily conduct and retain heat for even cooking. And with just a bit of care, a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is nonstick, chemical free and nearly indestructible. Without sacrificing quality you can pick up a 10-inch skillet from the renowned Lodge Co.…