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Classic Driver No 80 Sept/Oct 18

NZ CLASSIC DRIVER looks at ways to bring you stories of classic cars that are rare, different and often very special. Our team of passionate classic car journalists, headed by Allan Walton as editor, includes writers such as Tony Haycock, Allan Dick and Mark Holman as well as well-respected motorsport photographers like Terry Marshall and Alex Mitchell. As well, Kiwi racing legend, Howden Ganley, pens a regular column telling tales of his past and present motor racing experiences. All that adds up to a magazine with huge appeal to enthusiasts all around the world as well as New Zealand. For further information go to

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italian encounter

I expect that most NZ Classic Driver readers have at one time or another dreamt of owning the ‘perfect’ car – their own dream car. Some are lucky enough to turn their day-dreams into reality, but I suspect many more never achieve their ultimate automotive goals. I’m no different – although I have been lucky enough to drive a lot of the cars that once existed only as colourful posters on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager. These included a large Pirelli poster of a silver Lamborghini Espada and a Gold Leaf advertising poster that featured Graham Hill’s Lotus 49 painted up to resemble a cigarette packet. However, the largest poster was from the 1967 Montreal World Fair and featured two Alfa Romeo Montreals, one red and one white. Going…

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a genuine one-off kiwi In 1959 when Dan was serving with the RNZAF in Singapore, by sheer coincidence as he was strolling past a garage he heard a car start up, reverse out onto the road and drive away. That car was a Ferrari 250, the first example of the marque Dan had ever seen. Having been immediately captivated by the Italian sports car, when he returned to his hometown in 1960 but not having the money to buy the genuine item, he decided to build his very own ‘Ferrari’. Although he had no prior training in either motor-body building or automotive engineering, Dan was obviously a man who embraced a typical Kiwi ‘can-do’ attitude. As you’d expect, Dan’s budget didn’t run to the use of a Ferrari V12 engine. Instead he opted for a…

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porsche and the 356 celebrate their 70th anniversary

In June 1947 Ferdinand Porsche allotted project number 356 to a new car design he was working on at his factory in Gmünd. This new car was to be built with Volkswagen parts – all that was available to Porsche in those immediate post-war years. During March 1948 the first Type 356 car (356–001) was tested in chassis form by Ferry Porsche and Robert Eberan von Eberhorst, the car powered by a mid-mounted air-cooled flat-four engine. In April of that same year, roadster bodywork was built for this first prototype. Today, this historic car is on display in the Porsche Museum. Porsche also built a parallel model to 356–001, the Type 356/2, which had a platform chassis but still used Volkswagen mechanicals. With a rear-mounted flat-four this car would be…

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rare beast

In the Porsche Club New Zealand magazine Spiel (June–July 2014) it was reported that New Zealand-based motoring writer Wilfried Mueller heard of the Giltrap’s Carrera and researched a story for Germany’s Porsche Klassik magazine. Mueller spoke to Carrera guru Stephen Heinrichs in San Francisco who told him that Sir Colin’s car was the only one of its kind in the world with RHD, 1.6 Carrera engine and detachable hardtop. This was reason enough to request official information from Porsche. On January 10, 2014 Mueller received an email from Porsche’s Historical Archives at Stuttgart, Zuffenhausen stating that – from July 21, 1958 to September 7, 1959 exactly 30 units of the 356A Cabriolet with a 1600 Carrera engine were delivered. Amongst these #151146 is the only RHD car.…

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the 20 – porsche 356s in new zealand

While researching early Porsche 356s, Graham Lister (the owner of our feature coupé) spent a week in the National Library Archives in Wellington along with his brother-in-law, Peter Shayle-George. The two men went through all the Motor Registration returns in order to list all the Porsches registered in New Zealand from the first to arrive in November 1955 until those records stopped in 1974. From these Graham discovered that 20 new RHD Porsche 356s had been registered and these records were compared and cross-referenced to a Porsche distributors’ list supplied by the late Peter Hanna (of Bay Park Raceway fame) who worked for local Porsche distributor Joe Gardner, back in the day. In 2009 Graham began to search for these 20 Porsche 356 models and located all of them or discovered their…

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porsche 356 timeline

1948–1955 Early cars were built in Austria with aluminium bodies and powered by a 1086cc air-cooled flat-four engine. Production moved to Stuttgart in 1950, with bodies now steel. Cabriolet introduced in 1951, with early split windscreen replaced with one-piece item in 1952. 1290cc engine introduced in 1954. Rarest version, Super 1500, featured high compression 1488cc engine with Hirth crank and bigger carburettors. 1954–1958 The iconic Speedster makes its appearance. Designed with US buyers in mind, this lightweight version of the 356A was initially available with the 1500 and 1500 Super engine, uprated to 1600 in 1956. 1955–1959 More streamlined 356A introduced. Revised, softer, suspension. While 1290cc engine would continue to be available in Germany until 1958, new 1582cc engine was introduced – available in standard tune (45kW) or Super (56kW). 1955–1959 The Carrera, named after the Carrera…