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Classic Driver No 81 Nov/Dec 18

NZ CLASSIC DRIVER looks at ways to bring you stories of classic cars that are rare, different and often very special. Our team of passionate classic car journalists, headed by Allan Walton as editor, includes writers such as Tony Haycock, Allan Dick and Mark Holman as well as well-respected motorsport photographers like Terry Marshall and Alex Mitchell. As well, Kiwi racing legend, Howden Ganley, pens a regular column telling tales of his past and present motor racing experiences. All that adds up to a magazine with huge appeal to enthusiasts all around the world as well as New Zealand. For further information go to

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is this trip necessary?

All the current debate about the rapidly escalating cost of petrol and diesel in New Zealand, with some predicting that we’ll be forking out three bucks a litre by Christmas, made me pause for thought as I fuelled up my everyday car in preparation for the journey out to Tauranga to meet with Owen and Judy, the owners of the Land Rover featured on our cover. With the dollar read-out on the fuel bowser out-spinning the litre display, I was rather glad that I’d recently replaced my hungry Holden with a more frugal everyday hack. As I watched my hard-earned dollars pumping into my car’s fuel tank, I was reminded of the old WWII posters asking, “Is this trip necessary?” Some older readers may remember that slogan, intended to stop mindless…

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three score and ten for iconic off-roader

As a young boy back in the UK during the 1960s, summer always saw the Walton family packing up their swimming togs for a fortnight’s summer holiday in North Wales. During the early half of the decade, a B&B in Harlech was the most usual destination but, as the 1960s swung further, we moved further afield to Anglesey and, more specifically, Amlwch, the island’s most northerly town. During the many long hot summer spent in Amlwch, our family became part owners of a fishing boat – the Vivienne. I can still recall fishing off the coast and returning to Amlwch’s picturesque port with the stern of the Vivienne full of mackerel. Fans of heavy metal music will be familiar with Amlwch as the late Lemmy of Motorhead fame spent time…

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buon cinquantesimo compleannd dino! happy 50th birthday dino

The Dino’s history has been well covered elsewhere, but a brief recap may be useful. It was named after Enzo Ferrari’s beloved son Alfredo (Dino), who sadly died of kidney failure in 1956, when he and famed engine designer Vittorio Jano were working on a new V6 racing engine. Ferrari continued the engine’s development as a memorial to his son, and gave it Alfredo’s nickname, a name that found its way onto racing cars and, later, road cars. By any measure the Dino engine was a resounding success. It took Phil Hill and John Surtees to one Formula One World Championship each, in 1961 and 1964 respectively, and later powered the radical Lancia Stratos to World Rally Championships in 1974, 1975 and 1976. For the Formula Two class, engines had to be…

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Mail: Email: Facebook: ‘Ron’s Ford’ – this photo was taken on August 4, 1958, in the Weka Pass under what is called Frog Rock. Trevor and his new wife were on the way home from their honeymoon at Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools MEMORIES OF RON RUTHERFORD I read with sadness the passing of an old friend, Ron Rutherford, in NZ Classic Driver #79 (July–August). My memories of Ron go way back to 1957 when he was working as a mechanic at the Christchurch Ford Agents, Hutchinson Motors. I met him through my sister Rosalie and her then boy friend and fellow workmate (later to become husband) Neil Stuart. In 1957, I was 17 and at that stage driving a 1936 Ford V8 roadster. I was courting my now wife of 60 years, Lorraine McKenzie. The V8 roadster…

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upcoming events organisers!

BREAKFAST WITH CARS NOVEMBER 4 WHERE: VILLAGE GREEN, PAIHIA, BAY OF ISLANDS Meet up with fellow motoring enthusiasts for an informal gathering of all types of cars, from classics and hot rods, to vintage and modern. Held on the first Sunday of each month. The Village Green is located at 60 Marsden Road and entry is free. 9:00–10.30am For more information, visit: JAGUAR ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND WHEN: NOVEMBER 10–11 WHERE: TRINITY WHARF HOTEL, TAURANGA This special event, organised by the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club (BOP) Inc, marks the 30th anniversary of the club as well as the 70th anniversary of Jaguar’s launch of the legendary XK 120. There will be a public display on Saturday at Masonic Park, The Strand, Tauranga, with a stunning lineup that will include XK120, XK140, XK150, C and D-Type XKSS and many other classic…

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the running of the bulls

There’s no Lamborghini club in New Zealand, but the small number of people fortunate enough to own one of these Italian supercars keep in touch by various means, including participating in an annual tour, in the North and South Islands in alternate years. The 2018 South Island tour over three days was ably organised by Phil and Lynne Robinson. With 13 Lamborghinis in attendance on the last day, it was probably New Zealand’s biggest gathering of the spectacular marque, and nothing stops traffic and draws a crowd like a dozen Lamborghinis and several other exotics! One Adventador, two Countachs, one Muira, one Espada, three Diablos and five Gallardos made up the number, while ring-ins swelled the total to 20 cars – four Ferraris, a Porsche Spyder, a Fiat 124 Spyder and…