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Classic Driver No 83 Mar/April 19

NZ CLASSIC DRIVER looks at ways to bring you stories of classic cars that are rare, different and often very special. Our team of passionate classic car journalists, headed by Allan Walton as editor, includes writers such as Tony Haycock, Allan Dick and Mark Holman as well as well-respected motorsport photographers like Terry Marshall and Alex Mitchell. As well, Kiwi racing legend, Howden Ganley, pens a regular column telling tales of his past and present motor racing experiences. All that adds up to a magazine with huge appeal to enthusiasts all around the world as well as New Zealand. For further information go to

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legends and friends

I’m not sure why I was picked to be a founding member of the newly formed NZIGP Legends Club, but I certainly enjoyed rubbing shoulders with motorsport royalty at the club’s inaugural meeting at Hampton Downs on January 27. This new initiative is fully supported and funded by the New Zealand Grand Prix (NZIGP) organisation, under the patronage of Ken Smith and Morrie Chandler, and is a welcome addition to the local motor-racing community. One of the main aims of this new club is to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to local motorsport as well as those within the media who have brought the message home to enthusiasts and the general public. Additionally, the club hopes to provide an opportunity to provide a focal point for all those…

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day of the dart

The Daimler SP250 was born when Edward Turner, head of the Automotive Division of BSA – at that time Daimler’s parent company – was given the brief to develop an all-new volume production car. Eschewing the use of Daimler’s more traditional six-cylinder engine, Turner developed a new 2.5-litre V8. Already known for his hemi-head Triumph Speed Twin engine, Turner used the then current Cadillac V8 as a base for his new engine, also applying his knowledge of motorcycle power plants. Fitted with aluminium alloy pistons, and steel connecting rods in a cast chrome-iron block with aluminium alloy heads, Turner’s new 90 degree V8 featured a bore/stroke ratio similar to the Speed Twin while further parallels between the two engines included the con-rods, pistons and valve gear. With the combination of a…

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daimler sp250 car club of new zealand 60th celebration

The Daimler SP250 Club of New Zealand was formed in late 1971 by Peter Altmann. Peter is still a member of the Club and still owns a Daimler Dart, although it has been off the road for some years. Having earlier in the year taken a small group of SP250s on a figure-of-eight tour of the South Island and over a few drinks, as often happens, Diana Humphreys started to hatch a plan for holding a 60th celebration for the team in 2019. There was much enthusiasm, and before Diane knew it she was busily organising a full-blown 60 years of Daimler Dart Celebration from March 29 through to April 1, 2019. The idea of holding the celebration in the beautiful Wairarapa region was twofold. Firstly not only is it a lovely part…

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simon crispe’s 1961 sp250

Simon’s SP250 was manufactured in April 1961 and is a standard right-hand-drive model for British Commonwealth countries. It was bought new in Auckland by its first owner, Joseph Sydney Billings, and originally registered DE5454. The car was delivered in October 1961 by Oxton Motors of Auckland and was originally finished in Signal Red with tan leather upholstery. Simon’s history with the car goes way back to 1969 during his first year at high school. As a 13-year-old riding his bicycle to school, he saw this actual car in the owner’s driveway in Auckland. At that time, the car was painted bright blue. Simon’s childhood dream to own the car finally came true in 1976 when he purchased the SP250 from its fourth owner, Paul Bovelander, the very same person he’d pestered…

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keith & diane humphreys 1961 sp250

In 1989 Keith and Diane bought their first Daimler SP250. Desperate to own one, they found that the only one available at the time was in Invercargill, but having been assured it could be comfortably driven back to Auckland, they flew down, purchased the car and did, indeed, drive it back all the way back home – despite the fact that it really wasn’t fit to be on the road. They gradually improved the car and then some years later a very original SP250 was offered to them by the executor of the will of one Muriel Holt. Muriel had bought the car new in Napier as a result of her MG TF blowing a head gasket and being told it would be two weeks to get a replacement. It was…

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bill burrett’s 1962 sp250

During his teens Bill developed a liking for several cars that are now regarded as classics, but it was the SP250 that had most appeal for him with (as described by Bill) “its distinctive fish-like face and those classic tail fins. Indeed, the subtle curves of the front guards added to the style which is one you either love or hate.” Bill purchased his Daimler in March 2007 as a rolling chassis (#103957FR) along with a pile of boxes containing all the car’s parts. The SP250 had been off the road since 1989, having previously suffered damage in several major accidents, and the car’s owner had already spent some 17 years undertaking body repairs to the panels before deciding to sell. Being assured that 90 per cent of the parts required for…