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Cloth Paper Scissors

Cloth Paper Scissors January - February 2018

Cloth Paper Scissors is where mixed media artists come to play! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, every issue brings you innovative techniques; detailed photos and step-by-step instructions for unique projects from talented artists; and the inspiration and support for developing your own creative voice.

United States
Interweave Press, LLC - Magazine
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2 minutos
from the editor

A couple of years ago I decided to do something about one of my biggest regrets: not being able to draw. I have always wanted to create expressive sketches, and I finally tamped down the negative voices in my head and took some classes. The process was not easy. In three multi-week workshops over a year and a half, I struggled with basic techniques. There were times I hated my artwork and wanted to give up. But I also had joyous breakthroughs when things suddenly clicked. Taking those classes is one of the best things I’ve ever done, and now sketching is part of my mixed-media repertoire. In learning how to draw, some profound changes happened. I started seeing the world, and art, in a different way. More importantly, I started gaining…

3 minutos
creativity documented

When contributors’ artwork arrives in our offices we can’t wait to open the boxes and see the treasures inside. Two artists who have projects in this issue surprised us by including something else in their packages: beautiful postcards and greeting cards featuring fantastic photos of their artwork and tools. Ailish Henderson and Rachel Hazell both live in the U.K., and used Moo, the online printing company, to create their cards. The cards are obviously a great way to market their work, but in asking what inspired them, we got some surprising answers. First up is Ailish, who wrote Jumpstart: Stitched Collage Portraits, page 45. CPS: How did you come up with the idea for these cards that feature your abstract self-portraits? AH: I thought about how I could create a timeless sense for…

1 minutos
what’s new?

If you’ve shied away from picking up a paintbrush because you find painting intimidating, check out How to Paint Fast Loose & Bold. Artist Patti Mollica wants people to approach painting with confidence and enthusiasm, and she provides the information and techniques to help make that happen. Mollica will help you choose supplies, create a unified composition, and understand color value, color mixing, developing a style, and much more. Put your new knowledge to work in several step-by-step demonstrations, painting still-lifes, cityscapes, people, and more. Lots of colorful photos will entice you to jump in and give it a try. How to Paint Fast, Loose & Bold may be just what you’ve been waiting for. shop.clothpaperscissors.com…

2 minutos
now read this

If You Can Doodle You Can Paint Transforming Simple Drawings into Works of Art By Diane Culhane | Review by Jeannine Stein Quarry Books, 2017 | 112 pp. | Paperback | $19.99 Doodles are much more than insignificant scribbles on a page. As Culhane sees it, they are the starting point for painting and mixed-media artwork that has complexity and dimension. This book ably guides readers through a number of thoughtful doodling exercises, then shows how to build on those marks and drawings. Discover ways to work on different substrates in a variety of media, and even how to make your own books to house your doodle art. A must for artists at any level. Making Books A Guide to Creating Handcrafted Books By the London Centre for Book Arts | Review by Jeannine Stein Princeton…

2 minutos
debi adams

If you believe small spaces aren’t conducive to creativity, Debi Adams would like to prove you wrong. This mixed-media artist moved from a large house with a dedicated art room to a twobedroom Arizona apartment she shares with her daughter. One of those bedrooms also doubles as her workspace, but her approach and attitude to organizing and creating makes it work. “I like to think of it as my retreat,” she says. Three large windows supply lots of warm sunshine, copious storage boxes and desktop pieces help keep supplies in place, and the colorful artwork on display offers a unique, creative atmosphere. But Adams, an in-house senior creative designer for Spellbinders®, readily admits that all bets are off when she’s in the zone, and adds she’d rather be messing up than…

2 minutos
this just in

Ranger’s new creative products will invigorate your art journals. Use the acrylic Dylusions Journal Block by Dyan Reaveley to create decorative borders and edges on journal pages. The Dina Wakley Media Oops, Oh Well rubber stamp set offers fun sketched faces and some of Dina’s favorite catch phrases. Journal Block: $11.99; Oops, Oh Well stamp set: $21.99 | rangerink.com FLOW magazine is a favorite among artists, especially paper lovers. Now there’s a book: A BOOK THAT TAKES ITS TIME: AN UNHURRIED ADVENTURE IN CREATIVE MINDFULNESS by Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst, the creative directors of FLOW. Colorful decorative papers, cards, tags, and more are interspersed with articles on creativity and mindfulness, offering tons of inspiration in one package. $27.50 | workman.com The Art Mister from Delta Industries is a trigger sprayer that…