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Cloth Paper Scissors

Cloth Paper Scissors March - April 2018

Cloth Paper Scissors is where mixed media artists come to play! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, every issue brings you innovative techniques; detailed photos and step-by-step instructions for unique projects from talented artists; and the inspiration and support for developing your own creative voice.

United States
Interweave Press, LLC - Magazine
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2 minutos
from the editor

Spotting trends in mixed-media art is one of the most fun aspects of my job. I love seeing what people are discovering, what’s capturing their attention—and finding out why. Trends are more than just random fads; there’s usually something interesting behind a shift toward one thing or another. For the past year or so I’ve noticed that many of you are discovering mixed-media abstract art, in all its forms: as art journal page designs, in collage, painting, and even textiles. Abstract art is captivating and the process is intuitive, and probably both of those things contribute to its growing popularity. When a piece speaks to me, I think about what it is I’m drawn to. But when it comes to creating abstract art, I’m often confounded by where to start. Without…

3 minutos
get your gear in gear

Nothing gets us fired up to create like a tidy workspace, so we asked our readers on Facebook for their best studio organization tips, and a couple of Cloth Paper Scissors friends as well. We got some fantastic, inspired ideas for getting supplies in order this spring—and for keeping them that way. When all else fails, Dee recommends: “Close the door when (it) gets too much! That usually galvanizes me!” Here are some of our favorite tips: • I love buying picnic cutlery holders. I use them to hold my most-used tools: paintbrushes, pens, etc. – Marissa • As an organizer who often works with artists, my favorite thing to do is remove everything. Then only put back what you use these days. I purge every now and then because I find stuff…

1 minutos
what’s new?

Discover how to grow your creative practice with Danielle Donaldson and The ART OF CREATIVE WATERCOLOR. You’ll learn creative essentials and how to set yourself up for success as you apply basic watercolor techniques, use one-point perspective, take the guesswork out of color selection, add hand lettering, and much more. Danielle’s abundance of colorful illustrations and artwork, along with Study, Prepare, and Practice sections will have you creating beautiful watercolor art in no time. THE ART OF CREATIVE WATERCOLOR is an inspirational adventure, one that is sure to delight. shop.clothpaperscissors.com…

1 minutos
the gift of creativity

If you’re a graphic design and branding firm, how do you thank your clients? By giving them the most inventive, fun gift: a bottle of mulled wine with a “label” that’s also a rubber stamp, wrapped around the entire bottle—and instructions on using that stamp to create giftwrap. We spotted this clever and creative idea on Instagram, and asked the team behind it for more details. The concept was conceived by Buddy Creative, a U.K.-based branding, graphic design, packaging, and website company founded by David Jones and Mark Girvan. “We wanted to spread some creative cheer,” says Jones, “and give our clients and friends the opportunity to print their own festive, mulled wine-inspired wrapping paper.” Illustrator Kate Forrester was commissioned to create a repeat pattern featuring elements of the winter beverage; she…

2 minutos
laly mille

Laly Mille considers her home studio an intensely personal space, one that doesn’t see a lot of visitors. But when people do drop by, she says, something catches their attention right away: “An image, a feeling, the smell of wood, the peaceful, nurturing atmosphere that the presence of art creates. They breathe a little deeper and relax. There's a beautiful, positive energy in this space; it is both grounding and uplifting—a little magical.” Mille, a French mixed-media artist, has her studio on the top floor of her Loire Valley home. The quietest spot in the house has a skylight offering beautiful morning light that’s perfect to work by, plus beautiful views of trees and birds. The light illuminates the light gray walls, which serve as a backdrop to Mille’s artwork and…

2 minutos
now read this

Extraordinary Hand Lettering Creative Lettering Ideas For Celebrations, Events, Décor & More By Doris Wai | Review by Barbara Delaney Skyhorse Publishing, 2017 | Paperback | $14.99 Wai’s Lettering Basics section introduces technical terms, definitions, and myriad tools for each stage of hand lettering. Use that information as you delve into composition and design, spotlighting words, creating borders, lettering on a variety of surfaces, and much more. Discover how hand lettering can transform everyday objects into works of art, such as artful mirrors, inspirational signage, and party glassware. Side projects offer loads of ideas for more hand-lettered items. Wai has gathered all the information you need to jump right in, and provides plenty of creative projects. The Geometry of Hand-Sewing A Romance in Stitches and Embroidery From Alabama Chanin and The School of Making By Natalie Chanin…