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Cloth Paper Scissors November - December 2017

Cloth Paper Scissors is where mixed media artists come to play! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, every issue brings you innovative techniques; detailed photos and step-by-step instructions for unique projects from talented artists; and the inspiration and support for developing your own creative voice.

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from the editor

This has been quite a year—but we got through it, didn’t we? I’m grateful for the refuge my art journal and sketchbook provided when I needed a quiet, meditative escape. Getting lost in a jumble of paint, ink, pens, stencils, and ephemera never fails to clear my head and make me feel grounded and purposeful again. It’s no exaggeration to say that art, in all its forms, gives my life meaning—creating it, thinking about it, looking at it, talking about it. That meaning gets infused in everything I create, consciously or unconsciously. When I create gifts for people I care about, it’s not just to make me happy, but to bring them joy as well. The meaningfulness is expressed in the piece itself and the sentiment behind it, and also by…

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a pilot and his harmonica

I decided earlier this year that I want to give my close girlfriends a piece of my artwork for the holidays. Rather than simply make something in my studio that I knew would fit their individual aesthetics, I took things a step further. I asked each of my friends to give me a couple of objects that they had stashed away, objects that had personal meaning to them and a story attached. They had to be okay with me altering the object in order to create the art piece. To that end, the object had to be special, but not too precious. My friend Carol had three harmonicas that once belonged to her father. She has fond memories of being a young girl and seeing him sitting on the hood of…

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now read this

Expressive Flower Painting Simple Mixed-Media Techniques for Bold, Beautiful Blooms By Lynn Whipple | Review by Jeannine Stein Quarry Books, 2017 | 128 pp. | Paperback | $22.99 EXPRESSIVE FLOWER PAINTING uses abstract floral painting to discover that freedom and sense of play that are essential to honing your style. Whipple’s enthusiasm and optimism infuse the book, which includes warm-up exercises, information on materials and using color, and even tips for setting up a studio space. Then it’s hands on as a painting is created, step by step and layer by layer, from the first splash of paint to the last pencil detail, using a variety of media. All levels will enjoy this unique approach to a popular subject. Creative Collage 30 Projects to Transform Your Collages Into Wall Art, Personalized Stationery, Home Accessories, and…

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jen cushman

Every artist who sets up a studio should take a page from Jen Cushman’s playbook. This mixed-media artist who specializes in jewelry had a thoughtful approach to setting up her home studio when she and her family moved in to their Arizona house five years ago. “I took a complete assessment of how I like to work,” she says. “I wrote down what materials I use most often, where my stumbling blocks tended to occur, and what drove me crazy—for example, if I had to stop everything and rummage for a particular type of glue. Then I created an organization system and workflow tailored specifically to these issues. My studio has been an evolution.” For the last details, Jen brought in a professional organizer for a bit of professional help.…

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this just in

Decorative papers can be used in practically every aspect of mixed media, and artists can never have enough. The gorgeous Italian, German, and Hungarian papers from 32 Degrees North include intricate Florentine designs, beautiful floral and animal prints, Art Deco patterns, and much more. $2.95 per sheet | Playing cards are a mixed-media artist’s best friend, since they can be used in so many ways: in collage, as tags, in handmade books, on cards, and on art journal pages. Artist and designer-created playing cards from Art of Play® are extra special, with both the front (face) and back done in a variety of styles. Some designs are available as uncut sheets. Jungle Deck, $15.00; Odd Bods, $15.00 | ColorBox® ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez is blendable ink in one-ounce bottles that can…

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a look at. . . mica sheets, powders, and flakes

Mica is magic. This natural material adds shimmer and shine. It can diffuse light and create the look of something aged and old. But before we talk about how it can be used, let’s start with the basics. Mica is known as a sheet silicate because it forms in distinct layers that can be separated. It is available in sheets, flakes, and powder. Natural mica does not come in very large pieces, whereas manufactured mica sheets are available in a variety of sizes. Mica powders come in many natural shades, as well as in numerous metallic colors. In some very old houses, mica sheets were used for small windows before glass was available, letting light through with a soft diffused glow. Mica Sheets The sheets can be cut with scissors, painted, and…