Coastal Living The Islands Issue (Winter 2020)

Keep the beach vibes humming this season with Coastal Living's Fall 2021 issue, where style rules the roost. Ogle gorgeous beach houses (and steal their decorating secrets) in Florida, Nantucket, and South Africa. Then plan your next getaway to the world’s most stylish new beach resorts, from Hawaii and Florida to Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the Greek Isles. Discover Mexico’s coolest little beach town, shop the cutest new beach bikes, and get vintage nautical design tips from Maine’s most charming seaside inn. From decorating inspiration to table settings, recipes, and the best new things to put in your beach bag, it's pure escape on every beautiful, color-saturated page.

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winter watercolors

Decorating Picks Paint Palette Lighten up walls or furniture with a frothy new shade PRODUCTS: COURTESY VENDORS; SCONCE: HECTOR MANUEL SANCHEZ…

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the new nantucket

Home to centuries of aspirants, from whalers to billionaires, this New England island grips tradition as tightly as a harpooner clutches his spear. Which is why Life House Nantucket—a stunning new 14-room inn that opened earlier this year—shines as a fresh, energetic vision of what Nantucket style can be. Taking the helm of a ship captain’s 1830s mansion turned bed-and-breakfast, Life House’s design team has awakened the building’s late-Federalist bones with high-gloss paints in jade, plum, and mauve. Amid that revived past arrives a burst of fresh design air inspired by wild environs: beds, chairs, and writing desks in light woods and raffia, ceramic botanical tiles, and spun linen pendant lights with island flora—wild rose, beach plum, yellowroot, and dandelions—hand painted by local artist Kwan Baudam. Keeping up the artful…

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what’s in your beach bag?

Katonya Breaux believes everyone should get their moment in the sun—provided they have the right sunscreen. A few years ago, Breaux says she’d had enough of existing products, which were either chock-full of chemicals or left a gray or lavender residue on her skin, so she set out to create her own. In 2016 she founded Unsun Cosmetics, a line of nontoxic sunscreens loaded with good-for-you ingredients like vitamin E and coconut oil, and with a subtle tint to blend with medium and dark skin tones. “Sun protection is a 365-day-a-year necessity no matter your ethnicity,” says Breaux. “I knew the only way to encourage daily sunscreen use was to provide an option that people with black and brown skin actually wanted to use.” Living in sunny Los Angeles gave Breaux…

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show them the ropes

DINNERWARE Sarah Kersten Breakfast Bowls in Classic White, $46 each; Blue Pheasant Nolan Salad/Dessert Plates in Navy/Cream, $32 each; Siren Song Baldwin Dinner Plates, $64 for a set of four; NAPKINS For a similar look, try Matouk Scalloped Napkins in Sapphire, $135 for a set of four; PLACE MATS Studio Elseware Handmade Rope Place Mats in Dark Navy, $12.41 each; FLATWARE West Elm Blair Rose Gold Flatware, $39 for a five-piece place setting;…

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the sunshine sandwich

FRIED GROUPER–AND–CREAMY COLESLAW SANDWICH SERVES 4 ACTIVE 20 min. TOTAL 2 hours, 25 min., including slaw Using carbonation—beer or club soda—in fish-fry batter is an easy trick to create that signature, airy-crisp coating. 1 cup (4.25 oz.) all-purpose flour¼ cup cornstarch1 Tbsp. garlic powder½ tsp. freshly ground black pepper4 (4-oz.) grouper fillets½ tsp. kosher salt¼ tsp. freshly ground black pepper¼ cup buttermilk¼ cup club sodaCanola oil4 onion sandwich rolls, splitCreamy Coleslaw (recipe follows) 1. Combine the first 4 ingredients in a large shallow dish. Set aside. 2. Sprinkle the fillets with salt and pepper. Combine buttermilk and club soda in a shallow dish. Dredge the grouper in flour mixture; dip in buttermilk–club soda mixture, and dredge in flour mixture again. 3. Pour the oil to a depth of 3 inches in a Dutch oven; heat to 350°F.…

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the perfect panama hat

Whether for sun, style, or likely both, few hats achieve tropical aplomb as confidently as the Panama hat. Consider: Woven of toquilla palm fronds into fedora or wide-brimmed shapes and then blocked on a wooden mold standing in for the wearer’s head, a good Panama hat is surprisingly silken, not to mention lightweight and breathable, with enough brim to shade but not hinder one’s life in any sunny climate. The timeless silhouettes work everywhere: a casual morning walk on the beach, a midday saunter to the market, a rum-fueled night on the town. And when handmade by craftspeople in the classically tight, precise Cuenca and Brisa weaves that resemble herringbone and diamond patterns, respectively, these can be hats for a lifetime. While the Panama hat comes not from there at all—it’s an…