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editor’s letter

I can do so many things while hot crying that it’s like my superpower. For example, recently I became obsessed with my middle daughter’s core strength. It’s certainly not unusual for me to become fixated by niche subjects. French plaits, wood lice, collective nouns, Milan Kundera, dahlias, the weight of paper. But there often seems to be an emotional price to pay for these unwavering fixations. The intense schedule of rock climbing, trampolining and tree-canopy rope-work that I have devised for us to do together does not take into account my lack of time-keeping and inability to negotiate a map. So while she is to be found scaling small, primary-coloured nubbins on the side of a plastic cliff face, I am riding in the dark around the North Circular on…

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Cuba Gooding Jr Globetrotter (p114) ‘André Balazs really did his thing with The Mercer in New York. From the people at the front desk, to Gigi the manager and the maintenance people – they can sort anything out, no matter how weird the request. If you do visit, order the burger – it’s amazing.’ Actor and comedian Cuba won an Oscar for ‘Jerry Maguire’ Jessica Antola Photographer, Great Drive (p33) ‘Casa Oaxaca in Mexico is a charming colonial house filled with local crafts and blankets in rooms that overlook a palm-filled courtyard with colourful walls and an azure pool.’ Jessica’s career began in Paris. Now in Brooklyn, she has released ‘Circadian Landscape’, a monograph on her journey in Sub-Saharan Africa Amar Grover Writer, Yunnan (p104) ‘Set atop a riverside cliff in south-east Rajasthan, the 18th-century Bhainsrorgarh Fort hotel…

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weave hello

Where to go when acai bowls in Canggu or Ubud’s bamboo co-working spaces become too much? The answer is to get off -grid in the Gilis, a cluster of tiny sand splashes off neighbouring Lombok. The biggest of the trio, party-happy Gili Trawangan is smartening up fast with places to stay including villas hidden among coconut groves at Pondok Santi. The quietest and tiniest, Gili Meno, is home to Crusoe House (pictured), a four-bedroom fantasy of vintage rattan furniture and French linens. Gili Air mixes the best of both with deserted beaches, foodie hotspots (try vegan Pachamama or sunset hangout Mowies) and wooden-hut hideouts such as Manusia Dunia Green Lodge. But those ahead of the curve are charting a course for the even more off-the-map ‘secret Gilis’ further south-west, to…

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the future is female

There are few more reliable barometers of a society than our travel aspirations. And the backlash to the shape-shifting political landscape of the past two years has been thrillingly fast, fierce and female. All-women societies, clubhouses, retreats and trips are on the rise, and none of these new-generation collectives have the faintest whiff of WI marmalade about them. This summer sees the launch of SuperShe Island in Finland, a physical extension of the SuperShe networking group, with a core circle of 100 women selected by founder Kristina Roth. ‘Our goal is to create a space where women can come together to care for themselves through fitness, nutrition and nurturing creativity,’ says Roth. Guests at the 10 cabins on this eight-acre island in the Baltic Sea can get involved with mindful…

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drama king

‘I’ve got a passion for Oscar Wilde,’ says Jacques Garcia, sitting in what will be the lobby of the L’oscar. ‘To us French, he is a reflection of what the Victorian era was about – having a classical rigour while embodying the craziness and debauchery.’ Garcia is a master of mixing a reverence for the historical with a theatrical bohemian opulence. His Hôtel Costes loosened up the haughty Parisian hotel scene when it opened in 1995; and it’s still a red-velvet favourite. Since then Garcia has, among many other things, renovated the Palace of Versailles, revived La Mamounia in Marrakech and designed houses for the Sultan of Brunei. Earlier this year he debuted his Italy-meets-Old Hollywood vision for NoMad Los Angeles. ‘But in London I wanted it to be profoundly…

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merry woodcraft folk

WOODWORK USED TO BE ROOTED in stereotypes of burly, sawwielding men, hands calloused and tool-belts sagging. But now a fresh generation of artisans are carving a place for themselves in the age-old tradition, transforming wind-fallen trees and skip-found lumber into covetable pieces of functional art. It’s symptomatic of the wider nostalgia towards a simpler way of life and the cultivation of throwback skills; an analogue existence in a digital world. This millennial rural revivalism, of course, began on the USA’s West Coast and, more specifically, Portland, Oregon, where the handmade hipster was born, along with a newfound passion for knitting and sourdough baking, homebrewing and backyard beekeeping. Based in Oakland, Aleksandra Zee is inspired by the rhythms and patterns of the region. The Californian native quit her day job as a display…