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this is the gold list issue 2019

AND SO I’M BACK. AGAIN. I’ve only been away three days and yet something seems to have shifted. She’s standing in the doorway of the room, my 11-year-old. She’s wearing new reading glasses, which she didn’t have three days ago. Her hair is washed, she’s washed it by herself, and she’s wearing shorts and a crop top covered in tiny slices of watermelon. There’s a way she’s standing too, arms crossed and her hip jutting out to the side – that wasn’t there three days ago either. ‘Sit here,’ I say, patting the space on the sofa beside me. She doesn’t register. ‘Sit here,’ I say, louder and pretend-light, but heavy and regretting it as I’m saying it. ‘Nah,’ she says, ‘I’m doing stuff.’ Three days ago she would have…

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the gold list contributors

ROSAMUND PIKE The Globetrotter (p204) ‘Flying in a boatplane in Canada and landing on untouched lakes – lakes are a big draw for me. And driving all the way from London to Lake Como; I stayed at Villa d’Este in the most wonderful room after camping the night before, then jumped into the lake.’ Rosamund has appeared in ‘Jack Reacher’ and ‘An Education’. SANDRA CHOI The Girl about Town (p110) ‘I first visited Tokyo in 2010 and instantly fell in love. Everything is so considered. I was fascinated by the juxtaposition of heritage and innovation, the way they look to the future while respecting the past – it fed my senses.’ Sandra Choi is creative director at Jimmy Choo, the eponymous company founded by her uncle. ALISTAIR TAYLOR-YOUNG Photographer, Namibia (p166) ‘In Salta, Argentina, every…

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the next great food scene valle de guadalupe

This boulder-strewn bronze sweep of Baja California has been luring wine-lovers and weekending West Coasters for some time (it’s just a 90-minute drive from the American border). Now it’s earning itself the lofty billing of Mexico’s Napa Valley for its architect-designed tasting rooms and complex bottles – many of them innovative organic, biodynamic and minimum-intervention. The foodie landscape has been maturing as well, drawing on farm-to-table ingredients and seafood from the nearby Pacific. One of the area’s best-loved chefs is Javier Plascencia, who set up in the Valle in 2012, when it first turned heads as an emerging wine region. His Finca Altozano now encompasses the original outdoor grill restaurant, an Airstream tortas truck, an ice-cream shop and a pop-up space under a 100-year-old oak tree. Close-by, Finca La Divina…

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the future arts hub arles, france

In the autumn of 1888, when Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh spent nine absinthe-fuelled weeks working together in Arles, they envisioned this Provençal town as the home of a new experimental artistic community. It proved a short-lived dream, thwarted by van Gogh’s mental breakdown (he famously cut off his ear here), but their artistic legacy lingers on. The Arles art scene is now attracting global attention once more with its ambitious work-in-progress Luma Arles, a 20-acre complex built on a defunct rail yard with warehouses-turned-exhibition spaces, an innovative bio-design workshop and a canteen-style restaurant. There’s also an on-site hotel in the works. The key player behind this recent reinvention is Swiss-born entrepreneur, philanthropist and arts patron Maja Hoffmann, who grew up nearby in the Camargue and founded and bank-rolled…

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the city to check into new orleans

In New Orleans, a city of sensory overload, you can pick up wafts of chicory, spilled rum, warm beignets and stale cigarettes in the same breath. But in the lobby of the new Hotel Peter & Paul in Marigny, it’s more like… gardenias. There’s a feeling of lightness here, from the extra-high ceilings that give the rooms a bright glow to the cheery canary-yellow check-in desk. This is one of the most anticipated hotel launches in a city that really needed a hotel resurgence. Fusty places with antique-cluttered rooms were the standard here. Properties seemed to either nail the bar and courtyard, or have great rooms. Finding both seemed impossible. Until now. Peter & Paul is actually a bundle of buildings: a 19th-century Catholic church, schoolhouse, convent and rectory reimagined…

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the insider beach town zapallar, chile

This tiny spot, two hours north-west of Santiago, has a craggy beauty that evokes Big Sur and a breezy vibe to match. But it’s also home to an impressive cluster of contemporary houses with significant architectural cachet. Which means it’s become an under-the-radar weekend hangout, like a west-coast alternative to José Ignacio. In the late 19th century, Olegario Ovalle Vicuña, the scion of a wealthy Chilean family, was inspired by a visit to the French Riviera and gave friends plots of land in Zapallar, horseshoed around a sapphire bay. They dotted the hillsides with an array of villas, mixing old-world styles with Chilean utilitarianism and folksy touches. Le Corbusier designed a home here for heiress Eugenia Errázuriz in the 1930s – it was never built, but the taste for modernism…