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editor’s letter

I SWEAR TO GOD, I HEARD THE TREE LIVING. It happened the instant I saw it, lasted for less than a minute, and then I never heard it again despite my best efforts. But sitting here in a quiet dining room (I am late, I have just slept for 17 hours), deep, thick snow outside a wall of picture windows, I am looking at a few small, stark trees, and although there is no difference between them, one is noisy with life. A micro-creak-snap beetle-juice, a soft-sap mercury rising, a collaborative yawn-breath of bark and branch, the clustered detailed heat of furious activity. I turn around to see if anyone else can hear. But there’s no one there. I munch my toast slowly, very slowly, and watch it. Not long…

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BRUNELLO CUCINELLI In the Zone (p54) ‘I went on an extraordinary journey to Mongolia some years ago. We travelled there, amid nomadic pastoralists and warm-hearted folk who shared their own food, to visit the places where we buy raw cashmere. I can still recall the colours and smells.’ Designer Brunello recently celebrated 40 years of his eponymous brand ZOE SALDANA The Globetrotter (p114) ‘Last year, I took my entire family – 22 of us – to Tuscany for my 40th; it was the best. My relatives are from all over the world. Do they get on? They have to! There’s nothing a glass of wine can’t fix. We like to spend our summers with the whole tribe.’ Zoe starred in sci-fi blockbuster ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ JACK JOHNS Photographer, Lamu (p102) ‘Going to Tahiti when I was 17…

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lifting roots

Chiang Mai’s golden temples and thriving markets, known for their hill-tribe crafts and richly embroidered fabrics, have been drawing travellers in for years. But now a crew of creative’s have started something new among the attractions in Thailand’s cultural capital. Inspired by the northern city’s rural backdrop and local produce, rustic dens have been transformed into laid-back, forest-fringed hangouts, serving up herbal rice drinks and farm-to-table feasts. PHOTOGRAPHS: CHRIS SCHALKX; SOREN EGEBERG/STOCKSY…

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the chiang mai lowdown

THE COFFEE STOPS With its proximity to Thailand’s bean plantations and fondness for the slow life, it’s no surprise that Chiang Mai has become one of Asia’s coolest coffee hubs over the past few years. Today, the city is packed with cafés, such as pared-back Khagee in the leafy Wat Ket subdistrict. Run by a Thai-Japanese couple, this Kinfolk-esque spot pairs its baked goods (blueberry bagels; green-tea muffns) with a caffeine hit. Set above an unassuming shop near the Tha Pae Gate landmark, Gateway Coffee Roasters is similarly stripped back with concrete walls and salvaged furniture. Native beans are used for the perfect pour-overs and cold brews. Further north, The Baristro at Ping River offers sun-dappled tables on the banks and creative concoctions such as coconut-water espressos and drinks spiked with…

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board game

The big surf discoveries of the past 10 years have been in Africa. Gone are the Hawaiian shirts and Southern Californian station wagons. ‘Here, surfing is about exploration,’ says Andy Davis, co-founder of the Cape Town–based surf brand Mami Wata, ‘in places that are still so wild – jungles, deserts, and unspoiled vistas – where there could be crocs and hippos in the water.’ Named after the African water spirit, Mami Wata celebrates this particular surf culture. Davis, owner of South African surf magazine Zigzag, launched the brand in 2017 with friends Nick Dutton, a former advertising executive, and Peet Pienaar, a designer who works with brands including Camper and Diesel. The trio develops and manufactures all of Mami Wata’s products locally. And its three shopfronts, located in hipster Woodstock,…

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rock the shack

700,000 Heures, Brazil The third incarnation of Thierry Teyssier’s nomadic hotel lands in Lençois, north-eastern Brazil, this June following stints in Cambodia and Puglia. Not familiar with this coastal stretch of sand-duned wilderness swept with emerald lagoons? Actually, it’s been on the kitesurfers’ circuit for years. But with the six-month Teyssier residence, travellers can now stay in a traditional cottage on the cusp of those undulating forms, riding from lagoon to glittering lagoon and stopping for long lunches of grilled fish, then kicking off the nights with Caipiroskas before dancing barefoot in the sands.; POA Corocora Camp, Colombia Colombia’s eastern plateau, Los Llanos, is a rugged rural area dense with rare flora and fauna (giant anteaters, capybaras). This land of cowboys has long been under the radar, but just-opened Corocora Camp, with…