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the hot list issue

‘AND SO,’ THE CONCIERGE SAID, ‘as you can see from this piece of paper, the boat leaves every half an hour.’ We looked at the sheet. Alongside the name and address of our hotel in Venice, it was crammed with endless columns of multitudinous numbers. ‘Every half an hour a boat leaves,’ he repeated, dragging his finger across the lines. ‘Except HERE,’ he exclaimed, his finger suddenly stabbing at a part in the middle. ‘Here is NOT every half an hour. You see here it is DIFFERENT?’ He paused for effect, looking at us, eyes wide like train tunnels on a moonless night. ‘Here it is EVERY HOUR, not, not, not…,’ he warned, wagging his finger, ‘NOT HALF.’ With which he proceeded to emphatically nod his head like one of…

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the hot list contributors

SARA RUFFIN COSTELLO The Creative Community Hub (p69) ‘A Cuban bar and restaurant called Manolito in New Orleans’s French Quarter. The decor is so unassuming that you might walk straight past it, but acclaimed bartender Chris Hannah devised the cocktail list and the Daiquiris and Sazeracs are divine.’ Sara is an interior designer and writer based in New Orleans RASMUS MUNK The Radical Chef (p196) ‘I saw Andy Warhol’s work for the first time on a recent trip to MoMA in New York, and his fusion of pop and politics still feels fresh. His banana inspired me to create a new dish, with caramelised soursop puree moulded into the shape of the decaying fruit.’ Rasmus opens his new restaurant Alchemist 2.0 in Copenhagen this year OLIVER PILCHER Photographer, Bodrum (p154) ‘My best find was a waterfall deep in…

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the hot list issue 2019

THE STREET-STYLE LOVE-IN It was powerhouse Louis Vuitton that kicked off the streetwear-crossover obsession with its hugely successful collab with New York skate brand Supreme. Then there was the incredibly well-marketed tie-in between buttoned-up Ralph Lauren and cult label Palace, whose sweaters and brightly dyed pyjamas sold out in minutes last winter, as well as, earlier this year, 120-year-old luggage brand Rimowa’s dreamy line of rollaboards with Angeleno mixed-media artist Alex Israel. Meanwhile, the collaboration between Brit punk maven Vivienne Westwood and sports champ Asics lands this month. This mash-up of off-duty cool and old-school fashion heritage isn’t slowing down any time soon. Even Paris’s Champs-Elysées, ground zero for high-fashion fustiness, is caving in. Alongside the avenue’s Chanels and Diors, France’s first hip-hop-inspired streetwear label, Homecore, is selling its sneakers and…

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the anti-comfort zone extreme life-coaching

‘You need to feel dislocated, isolated, challenged and utterly vulnerable.’ Calum Morrison, a former Marine and the founder of the Extraordinary Adventure Club, or EAC, is laying out his rules for a new kind of thrilling travel, which is as much about self-discovery as intense experience. Whether for the depressed, addicted, anxious, or the simply curious one-percenter, Morrison’s transformational journeys don’t just involve bespoke experiences such as living off-grid with Mongolian camel herdsmen, or driving a battered four-wheel-drive from Johannesburg to Khartoum. The £200,000-plus price tag includes six months of near-constant life-coaching, starting with a preparatory trip to a remote corner of the Highlands or Iceland with a hand-picked team of mentors, psychotherapists, scientists and maybe dance teachers or flying instructors. Only later will the client receive a black envelope…

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the social sensation 3d-printed puddings

The curious social-media trend of ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, has been sweeping generation Z. Whether it’s the sight of gold bars being fed and sliced on a conveyor belt, the hypnotic circular icing of a cake played on a loop, or the sounds of slime squelching, kids are getting their kicks from the static-like skin tingle brought about by this heightened sensory overload. The eating strand of the trend, specifically the sound of it, is growing not just in momentum but also in status. Massimo Bottura, the world’s top chef, recently recorded in minute detail the making of a lasagne in a soundproof room. Now, taking it to new levels is Ukrainian architect-turned-pastry-chef Dinara Kasko who has traded concrete and steel for mousse and meringue. Her mesmerising designs…

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the wild frontier epic voyages

Expedition-style itineraries are the cruise industry’s fastest-emerging trend. Forget lazing on a beach; now everyone wants to get stuck in with routes to the earth’s northernmost nooks and hardest-to-navigate crannies. Adventure brands Aurora, Lindblad and Quark have been at this for years. But joining their ranks are the big hitters typically associated with colossal around-the-world jaunts on equally giant ships. Crystal, known for its ocean experiences and serious restaurants, will launch the 200-passenger Endeavor yacht next year, dropping guests off near the forests of rugged Borneo, where they will trek through wild terrains and catch sight of orangutans before returning to the ship for Nobu sushi and Etro bathrobes. Meanwhile, French company Ponant’s new 92-cabin vessels, Le Lapérouse and Le Bougainville, have cocktail bars on their underwater decks (spot a…