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editor’s letter

THIS IS THE ISLANDS ISSUE of Condé Nast Traveller. So for a long time growing up, I was on my own. I would spend my days in the cavernous underbelly of a holly bush, I would hide in the grasses by the river, I would run away down motorways and any ways and all other ways to get away. For a long while my own-ness was something that I owned. Later, when we moved to a palace, a palace by any standards, I would hold myself against the aluminium resolve of the vast, empty, wall-full pan-pot taciturnity of the kitchens and the endless lit corridors whose various doors gaped and yawped on continual unrealised surprise. To be honest, it was a power. I felt sorry for people who didn’t know how…

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DAVID DOUBILET In the Zone (p64) ‘Every year that the conditions allow it, my partner and I head to the Magdalen Islands near Quebec, Canada. We go in February to see the harp seals that arrive from the Arctic to give birth on the sea ice – a beautiful pulse of life, sadly threatened by climate change.’ Underwater photographer David is a Rolex Testimonee CISCO TSCHURTSCHENTHALER Shopping in Canggu (p68) ‘We love Sumba, about an hour’s flight from Bali, an undeveloped, stunning place where it feels as if the culture has barely changed since the dawn of time. In the villages you can still see ikat weaving and dyeing taking place, a tradition of blending patterns into fabrics.’ Cisco and her husband George Gorrow run The Slow hotel in Canggu, Bali DOUGLAS ROGERS Writer,…

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island news

THE BIG SPLASH BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Conservationist Laurance Rockefeller spotted Virgin Gorda while sailing in the Caribbean in 1958. Determined to preserve its pristine sands, he planted a clutch of unobtrusive villas – well ahead of the curve of today’s green-minded hoteliers. Now Rosewood Little Dix Bay has been entirely rebuilt, yet remains true to Rockefeller’s vision. Design firm Meyer Davis has channelled a refined beach vibe in the 80 rooms and houses: dark-blue textiles, natural textures, coastal curiosities. Local produce is heavily drawn on, with bath products from BVI-based EC Soap Co and the hotel garden providing ingredients for the farm-to-fork Reef House restaurant. Meanwhile, the islands’ most famous output is celebrated in the Rum Room, where 107 varieties are shaken and sipped. THE HOTEL-SCENE REFRESH HAWAII Thoughtfully reimagined spaces are bringing…

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groove manoeuvres

DANNY BAEZ THE GALLERIST Dominican-born Báez landed in the art world by accident. After moving to New York in 2003, where he fell in with a group of musicians and painters, he was hired for a three-day gig assisting renowned installation artist Rirkrit Tiravanija. ‘That weekend job turned into a profession,’ says Báez, who went on to work with heavyweight gallerist Gavin Brown for more than seven years. In 2015, at an important Latin American art event, Báez noticed the shortage of names from the Caribbean and began to plan the creation of MECA, a San Juan–based art fair that’s generating buzz for the region. ‘I wanted to give visibility to the Puerto Rican art community, which is small but strong, and also to show everyone that the Caribbean is not just…

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who you gonna call?

Few estate agents can compete with Farhad Vladi, the world’s foremost purveyor of private islands. He has helped sell more than 3,000 of them since 1971, when, as an economics graduate student, he visited Cousine Island in the Seychelles, learned it was for sale and persuaded a businessman in his hometown of Hamburg to purchase it for one million Deutschmarks (he took a three-per-cent commission). Cousine is now a high-end destination, and Vladi is the go-to contact for anyone seeking an off-grid paradise, from the South of France to French Polynesia, for clients from Richard Branson to Diana Ross. But not all of his properties are prohibitively expensive: current listings include a forested 19-acre spot in Nova Scotia, Canada, for £170,000 and an undeveloped mangrove-covered island in Belize for £270,000.…

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drop in the ocean

Places off the beaten track often have the greatest stories to tell, and islands in particular possess a certain raw magic. Away from the traditions of the mainland, their vintners abide by their own laws and values. Editor of wine magazine Above Sea Level Aimee Hartley rounds up the names to watch TINOS, Greece Former Parisian art dealer Jérôme Charles Binda and his wife were drawn to this Cycladic island by its eclectic history, rugged landscape and ancient vines. Tinos is dotted with whitewashed churches and the rock formations of Falatados, remnants of a battle between gods and giants, as Greek mythology would have it. In 2011 Binda began making Domaine de Kalathas wines, working with long-forgotten local grape varieties at his small, solarpowered winery in the south. Head to taverna Exomeria…