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editor’s letter

AS SOON AS I WAKE UP I TRY to go for a walk. It’s like the sun has become not just a living thing but a friend I must greet, a presence across the room at a party, one I am happy to embrace. I stroll past the duck pond and under the blossoms, ridiculous wads of Hubba Bubba-pink ickily-stickily stuck to the branches’ fingers. I smile/not smile at fellow walkers. I catch their eye/don’t catch their eye. I see the morning mirror shine on every blade of grass. I pass the nutters and their shouty ways and their pointy fingers up to the sky. If I just sit here and wait long enough, I think I will catch the moment when the wisteria actually breaks from its soft caterpillar…

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the hot list contributors

ANA LUI The Balearic Shake-up (p26) ‘As Alain de Botton said, “Journeys are the midwives of thought… large thoughts at times requiring large views, new thoughts, new places.” For me travelling is all about these quiet moments of introspective reflection.’ Contributing photographer Ana is restoring a finca in Mallorca. @analuiphotography STEVE KING The Hot List (p65) ‘Something to do with the way it reunites unfamiliarity and recognition, those beautiful twins, born just a moment apart. Travel shows you what you never knew and what you never realised you knew all along.’ Steve is our editor-at-large HARRY PEARSON The Community Connection (p133) ‘The chance to have a brandy and cigar with my morning coffee without attracting disapproving looks. In fact, in Spain, Italy and France you often get a thumbs-up from passers-by.’ Harry is one of…

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conde nast traveller

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MELINDA STEVENS Editor, UK ISSY VON SIMSON Director of Operations PAULA MAYNARD Creative Director PETE WINTERBOTTOM Photographic Director MATTHEW BUCK Features Director FIONA KERR Senior Editor RICK JORDAN Art Director PAULA ELLIS Art Editor NITISH MANDALIA Senior Picture Editor KARIN MUELLER Picture Editor ANNA MORASSUTTI VITALE Video Producer CORINNE BROOKING Chief Sub-Editor GRÁINNE MCBRIDE Deputy Chief Sub-Editor KATHARINA HAHN Senior Sub-Editor LEAH CRAIG Fashion Director MARTHA WARD Fashion Features Editor CHARLOTTE DAVEY Watch & Jewellery Director JESSICA DIAMOND Beauty Director CATHERINE ROBINSON PA to the Editor KATHARINE SOHN Digital Editor BECKY LUCAS Acting Digital Editor SONYA BARBER Deputy Digital Editor TABITHA JOYCE Engagement Manager OLIVIA HOLBOROW Acting Audience Growth Manager LAUREN BURVILL Creative Content Editor ROSALYN WIKELEY Online Associate SARAH JAMES Digital Picture Editor SOPHIE KNIGHT Digital Assistant OLIVIA MORELLI Chief Digital Officer SIMON GRESHAM JONES Digital Commercial Director MALCOLM ATTWELLS Digital Operations Director HELEN PLACITO Senior Editor-at-Large PETER BROWNE Editors-at-Large STEVE KING, ALEX POSTMAN West Coast USA Editor REBECCA MISNER Contributing Photographers JAMES BEDFORD, DAVID…

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the hot list issue 2020

Our Hot List issue has always looked to the future. To the most innovative trends, the game-changing hotels, the people pushing boundaries. But never before have we stared ahead at what could be such a seismic shift. With populations grounded and a pandemic sweeping the planet, the crisis has had devastating and wide-reaching effects. Yet it has also given us a moment to reset, recalibrate and reassess our priorities and, perhaps, create a fantasy vision of what travel could and should be when we take off again. What will this new world look like? Will we be yearning for the shiny and modern or will we simply take pleasure in the feel of grass under bare feet (as long as it’s anywhere but our own back garden)? Will we need…

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the alt surf scene el salvador

Ever since appearing in cult film Big Wednesday at the end of the 1970s, El Salvador’s world-class breaks have stirred the spirits of adventurous surfers. But a civil war from 1979 to 1992 kept them away and wave seekers swept along the nearby Nicaraguan and Costa Rican coasts. Yet El Salvador’s dramatic south-facing shores pick up the best of the big Pacific swells, and once-sleepy fishing villages backed by mango trees and black-sand beaches are now evolving into vibey hangouts. ‘We’re so lucky – the mountains drop right down into the ocean, creating thousands of incredible surf spots,’ says former pro José ‘Bamba’ Diaz, before pointing out the four different waves that make his hometown of El Tunco such a playground. The reputation of this stretch was due to be…

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the issue inclusivity

THE CURRENT CRISIS has made many grounded globetrotters re-appreciate that freedom to explore they once took for granted. For a number of travellers, however, that freedom, even pre-coronavirus, never came without considerations – whether physical limitations, race, religion or sexuality. But the conversation around diversity in travel is growing, with voices amplifying every community and intersection, from African American scuba divers (the Black Girls Dive Foundation) to British BME hikers (Boots & Beards); halal restaurant lovers (Halal Food Guy) and queer skiers (Ski Bums) to roving wheelchair users (Wheelie Wanderlust) to name a few. ANYONE CAN BE AN AGENT FOR CHANGE: ‘CALL OUT THOSE FAILING TO DO THEIR BIT AND CELEBRATE THOSE WHO HAVE EARNED IT’ A band of forward-thinking companies and creators are offering more inclusive experiences, too. Traveleyes pairs up…