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editor’s letter

AND SO I’M IN GREECE at the house I first came to 20 years ago. Despite much excitement about the outside shower and the fact that you can now put paper down the loo, really little has changed. The wonky thermometer, the piles of books, the heavy wooden beams, the low doors, the walls that negotiate themselves around the rock of the mountainside. Part cave, part dwelling, a refuge entirely. I sleep here like I sleep nowhere else. The moment I arrive, I doze off on the sofa as kids tumble in and out shouting and squawking. At night-time we sit on the terrace, a finger-shaped slip that looks out to the valley and the sea beyond; my bedroom is the size of the iron bed, with just enough space for…

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ZIGGY MARLEY Culture-hopper ‘When I was younger, my parents had a house on the beach in Nassau; I would row out to sea alone in a little dinghy and lie there and let the ocean do what it does. One time it got really rough – when the water wakes up it can be terrifying. Moments like those are pivotal.’ Jamaican reggae artist Ziggy has released 14 albums FRANK VISSER AND MIRJAM BLEEKER Stylist and photographer, South Africa ‘Once, on a South African dirt road, we came to a river with no bridge. It was rocky but didn’t seem too deep, so we drove across it in our rental Toyota. It was a risk but we made it!’ Dutch duo Frank and Mirjam have been travelling together for 20 years JOHNY PITTS Writer, Essay ‘In 2016 I flew…

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word of mouth

HERE’S TO THE REBELS THIS GO-GETTING BAND OF MUMBAI WOMEN ARE REWRITING THE RULES ‘Stereotypes are the most boring thing in the world,’ says Aarifa Bhinderwala, who pioneered pole-dancing as a sport in India at her Pole Burnt studio off Mumbai’s Juhu Beach. She is one of a rising number of female entrepreneurs in the city who are turning outdated narratives of India, and especially Indian women, on their head. ‘The Sufis spin when they dance because it detoxes the aura, and that freedom and power is a big part of what I teach.’ Mumbai is often considered the country’s most liberal hub, and this fresh surge of counterculture is rooted in confidence and inclusivity. ‘There are amazing things happening – innovative businesses as well as activism – but this year, women…

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free wheelers

WHAT Often associated with the battle-ready derby girl, roller-skating is now switching the mood to the breezy escapism of Seventies Americana as its new stars hypnotically glide through the Nevada desert or bring Soul Train vibes to Germany’s tarmacked parks. And while the sport has been popular since its prime Venice Beach days, it’s important to note that this particular boom is rooted in black culture and jam skating – a hybrid of dance and gymnastics that is influenced by the American roller discos of the 1960s and 70s and today continues in a thriving community documented in the 2018 film United Skates. WHO Social media is in a toe spin over Berlin’s Oumi Janta twirling smoothly to club classics on Tempelhofer Feld and up-and-coming actor Ana Coto grapevining in the…

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leaders in the field

While travel horizons may be clipped for the moment, it doesn’t mean our adventures have to be as many of the big-trip pros redirect their sights from the world’s toughest terrains. Secret Compass is more used to traversing Panama’s dangerous Darien Gap or Iran’s super-arid Lut Desert, but this month the outift is running its first full expedition in the UK: a nine-day descent of the River Tay, Scotland’s longest river, hiking Ben Lui, trekking remote valleys and negotiating rapids. For time-short thrills, the exploration experts also take weekenders to the Brecon Beacons, pack-rafting on the River Usk, summiting Pen y Fan and sleeping out in hammocks. One of the original epic-travel game-changers, Black Tomato is looking to home turf too, setting up its signature Get Lost experience on the…

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what’s touching down and what’s packing up

ARRIVALS DIVERSE TRIPS Black-owned businesses have rightly been amplified in recent months but now comes a new global guide, the ABC Travel Greenbook, from diversity-in-travel expert Martinique Lewis. It shares addresses and contacts from black history tours in Cartagena to the best soul food in Utah. AGE AND EXPERIENCE David Attenborough’s powerful documentary A Life On Our Planet gets its delayed debut later this month. In it, the 94-year-old environmentalist reflects on his years spent exploring the natural world and leaves an impassioned witness statement on the devastation he has seen for future generations to act. INTERIORS ENVY Bringing the hotel home, Pikes Ibiza has paired up with Rockett St George on a collaboration that includes pineapple-shaped cocktail glasses and a decadent mirrored bar. For finds from other favourite hangouts, log on to Maison Flâneur, which…