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editor’s letter

I’VE SPENT A LOT OF TIME RECENTLY talking about celebrating and supporting. Celebrating and supporting the travel industry. Celebrating and supporting businesses big and small. Don’t get me wrong – they’re good words. But throw in a few of my other current favourites such as thoughtful and conscious and responsible and sustainable and community, add a bad night’s sleep, dodgy Wi-Fi connection, an interview that’s gone wrong after hours of research and some Boris/Trump/Brexit news on Radio 4 and I feel like William Shatner in the scene from Airplane II. The pilot is complaining to him that the steering lever has just come off in his hand, and our hero at ground control, clearly losing his mind, shouts, ‘Oh cut the bleeding-heart crap, will ya? We’ve all got our switches,…

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ELIZABETH OLSEN The Globetrotter (p110) ‘I’m just keen to see people’s faces – it’s really strange not being able to smile at someone and get the serotonin kick. To not have that experience with a stranger, or someone you know… I’m looking forward to that more than anything.’ California-based actor Elizabeth has appeared in ‘Oldboy’ and several Marvel movies PAOLO VICO House Call (p38) I’d love to take my family to Egypt, sailing along the Nile to see the temples, pyramids and tombs. Also to meet artisans and visit the quarry where the limestone for some of my villa came from.’ Italian financier Paolo has a passion for architecture and researched ancient building techniques for his restoration of Tuscan property Argentaia JAMLING TENZING NORGAY Postcard from… (p60) ‘To return to South Georgia Island in Antarctica. Covered in glaciers,…

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the big picture

We’ve been tracking this continent’s surf hubs for some time, zoning in on Morocco’s Taghazout and connecting with South Africa’s Mami Wata crew. Based in Cape Town, the dynamic surf-gear brand has been mapping out the best breaks and has now crowdfunded a book to document this evolving scene for the first time. AfroSurf pulls together photographs, artwork and accounts from more than 15 African countries, acknowledging the rise of female surfers and talking to names from Senegal, KwaZulu-Natal, Sierra Leone and Somalia. ‘One of my favourite profiles is of Sidiq Banda, an entrepreneur and herbalist who rides the waves all over Ghana’s coastline. He’s a late bloomer but is enthusiastic about the sport and brings good vibes,’ says Mami Wata’s Nick Dutton. ‘The continent is so diverse that there…

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the artful lodgers

THE PROJECT The Mighty Fine in Johannesburg THE CONCEPT Cool hybrid Cutting his teeth in the bar and nightclub world, Johannesburg-based Tristan du Plessis first hit the hotel scene in 2019 with Gorgeous George in Cape Town, where he added an industrial edge to his modern-African design ethos. His follow-up, Chapter Roma in the Italian capital, was equally dramatic, with the gritty after-dark glamour of velvet against raw brick. Now, back in his hometown, he is working on a fun crossover space, a first for the city. The 62-room Mighty Fine will be a neighbourhood hangout with a podcast-recording studio and a lobby co-working space. Expect the signature du Plessis style with tactile materials such as patterned concrete tiles and herringbone oak floors. This brings the idea of the hotel as community hub…

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the desert destination

The image that got everyone talking when Saudi Arabia announced its new tourism visas in 2019 was of the monumental ochre rock-cut tombs at Al Ula, built by the Nabataeans, the same nomadic warrior-traders who carved out Petra in Jordan. More recently, its vast landscapes starred in the Desert X festival, the Saudi outing of the Coachella Valley-based biennial. Now some of the smartest hotel brands are betting that this Silk Road city could enter people’s bucket list. Heritage-luxe pioneer Aman aims to develop three outposts (one from sister brand Janu), while Jean Nouvel is embedding the Sharaan Resort into one of the free-standing hunks of stone, and Banyan Tree plans to give the existing Ashar glamping base a sustainable makeover. But perhaps most surprising of all is a 3D-printed…

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the trailblazers

When Abeer Abu Suleiman began giving tours of Jeddah’s Al-Balad in 2011, she would frequently find herself in the local police station. ‘Being a female guide was illegal until 2017, so male guides often called the police,’ says the smiley yet formidable former teacher. ‘But the officers would take me to a separate room and quietly tell me to keep going.’ Al-Balad, the ancient quarter of Saudi Arabia’s relatively liberal city, is lucky that she did. The area has a rich history dating back to the seventh century, but had fallen into disrepair after the oil boom of the 1970s and 80s, when newly wealthy Jeddawis left – making space for Yemeni and Somalian families to move into a ghost town without electricity or running water. Suleiman, who had always…