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editor’s letter

I WAS BORN IN MUMBAI AND, before I moved to London, lived there for most of my life. In Mumbai there is a simple way to tell a local from a visitor or an expat: how they feel about the annual monsoon. Our rainy season, from June to September, is when the city routinely floods, water choking our drains, gusts of wind and heavy rainfall persisting for days on end. Our trains stop, hundreds wade ankle-deep to get home, only to arrive to leaking apartments; malaria and dengue are everywhere. But ask a true-blue Mumbai native about the monsoon, and they will wax poetic about viewing the dazzling pink sunsets over the Arabian Sea, walking along the coast as waves crash against the tetrapods, or watching movies indoors while eating…

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ST VINCENT The Culture Hopper (p48) ‘The rapper Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def. I remember being in Cannes at somebody’s crrrazzzzy house party, and as the sun was rising we just randomly got into a really deep conversation. I’ll never forget it.’ Grammy-award-winning American musician Annie Clark, known as St Vincent, began her career in the band The Polyphonic Spree HELENE DARROZE Moveable Feast (p128) ‘In the Yucatán with my daughters, we were lucky enough to spend a day with a Mayan family. We were welcomed with escamoles – caviar-like larvae of ants – and learned about types of corn and made tacos. They were so proud to share their culinary culture.’ French chef Hélène has won three Michelin stars for her London restaurant WILLIAM BLACKER Writer, Transylvania (p104) ‘The author Patrick Leigh Fermor, in…

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the world made local

SAUDI ARABIA RAHA MOHARRAK She was the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest and the youngest Arab to scale the Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each continent ‘Even though I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I’m still discovering a vast amount of its hidden natural gems. As an adventure destination, it has so much – from the ocean to caves and mountains, such as those in the Tabuk and Abha regions, where the stunning topographic beauty has remained untouched. The Red Sea is also spectacular; I love its wildness and feeling free in the water. The ocean is my happy place. For a first-time visitor, I’d always recommend starting in my hometown of Jeddah. It has lovely landscapes but also amazing history, art and culture – check out the…

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where to stay

‘SO, IT’S AUGUST 1968. I GO TO THIS full-moon party on Formentera with two gay friends of mine and it’s incredible – there are sheep roasting and drummers going, and everyone’s in chiffon and bells and beads. I heard that Lester Waldman sold the pictures to Vogue. As dawn was breaking, I looked up to the roof of this little finca and there was this amazing-looking man – like King Charles, with the sun rising behind him. I just said, “Wow, who’s he?”’ Patsy Tilbury, mother of the make-up artist Charlotte, had just met her husband for the first time. Along with many others of her generation, she had been seduced by the tiny Balearic island’s reputation as a hotbed of freewheeling bohemianism. Like Ibiza, Formentera has long attracted free spirits,…

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the round-up: grounded escapes

SANSARA PANAMA Those chasing the waves on the country’s Pacific coast often make a beeline for the party town of Playa Venao, but very few head an hour south-west to the blink-and-miss-it village of Cambutal – really just a quiet stretch of road between a sweep of deserted black sand and jungle. The lo-fi vibe is precisely what drew Canadian photographer and surfer Mike Phillips and his yoga-teacher wife Janel to open Sansara here in 2015. They host yoga and surf retreats throughout the year; visiting instructors include American performance artist MC Yogi, whose yogic-themed verses set to hip-hop play out during uplifting vinyasa sessions. Meanwhile, other guests can drop into daily classes – ashtanga, kundalini, meditation – in the ocean-facing shala and take surfing lessons at nearby Playa Guanico, a…

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st vincent

COLLECTION DE L’ART BRUT LAUSANNE On a random day off in the Swiss city a few years ago, I went to this gallery. It was full of pieces created by people who are so deeply compelled to make art, even if they are in really difficult circumstances, even if their mental health is tenuous. There was a wedding dress sewn by a woman who had been institutionalised, but her big dream was to get married one day, and so she made this dress out of old sheets from the hospital. I remember that woman whenever I think about the creative process being difficult.’ MEDICI VILLA AND GARDENS FLORENCE ‘I visited with my mum and sister, who is an art-history major and was able to tell me all about the heritage. I just…