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editor’s letter

I’M NOT ONE FOR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS, but I do have one ritual I try to make every January: a trip to the Maldives. People are usually still on holiday, so there’s less pressure to respond to emails straight away, and less guilt involved when you ignore them as you sip on a G&T at noon. And while there are several drinks involved, I consider this Maldives getaway an almost-spiritual pilgrimage. It’s hard not to be grateful for whatever has happened to bring you to this moment in your life when you’re staring at an unending expanse of ocean in a thousand different shades of blue, the wind in your hair, your shoes a distant memory. To be fair, the time I was at Kudadoo Private Island, I was also very…

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BROOKE SHIELDS The Globetrotter (p98) ‘The Bahamas. There’s something about the light, and the quality of sand and water. I’m not a cold-weather person; I need vitamin D. I look forward to spring break every year with my girls – it’s what gets me through the winter, and what I dream of.’ Brooke is an actor, model and businesswoman ALBERTA FERRETTI Postcard from Venice (p48) ‘Around December, I like to follow the sun by heading to Miami. I adore art, and I have many collector friends who I reunite with during Art Basel. It’s a complete cultural immersion and, having grown up on the seaside, I love being near the water too.’ Italian fashion designer Alberta is known for her elegant pieces KRYS LEE South Jeolla Province (p88) ‘Some of my favourite moments have been…

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word of mouth

CALL THE SHOTS TRACKING THE SURE-FIRE-HIT FILMS IN WHICH ITALY PLAYS A STARRING ROLE The country’s cinematic landscapes evoke wanderlust, from the hazy Lombardy summer of Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name to the carnival of Fellini’s Rome, and the carefree Lazio countryside in Normal People. This trio of new releases will inspire more location hunting CYRANO In the film adaptation of this off-Broadway musical, director Joe Wright (Darkest Hour, Anna Karenina) transposes the action from late-19th-century France to 18th-century Sicily, where brooding Mount Etna, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed towns of Noto, Scicli and Syracuse, as well as the extravagant baroque architecture, combine to form atmospheric backdrops to the narrative. Peter Dinklage reprises his role as the titular, rapier-sharp poet alongside Haley Bennett and Kelvin Harrison Jr. If you’re tempted to climb Etna,…

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A house on a cliff. it has a storybook ring Ð a spyglass by the window, a ship on the horizon. These places dare the elements to huff and puff and do their worst, a devil-may-care outlook shared by ramshackle Cornish cottages and widescreen Big Sur modernism. A house on a cliff has both a square-jawed pragmatism and sheer, head-in-the-clouds romanticism. When owner Cristina Abreula first saw Okulus, though, it was overrun with cacti, inside and out, bristling layers metres high – as if a kraken had surfaced from the deep and snaked out exploratory tentacles. She and her husband Ricardo bought it without ever stepping foot inside, using a drone to figure out its size and scale. When they eventually managed to hack their way in, it was much…

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where to stay

FIRST LOOK THE EAGERLY AWAITED CHEVAL BLANC PARIS SUCCEEDS IN SHIFTING THE HOTEL FOCUS EAST ALONG THE SEINE. BY KASIA DIETZ COCOONED IN A SUN-LIT SUITE at the new Cheval Blanc, it feels like I can reach out and touch Paris. The skyline is dotted with souvenirs: the Eiffel Tower, the grand dome of Les Invalides and Notre Dame, still enclosed in scaffolding in a kind of soul-repair. I see slow promenades, and hear the faint hum of protest from somewhere. And there is the Pont Neuf below, its sturdy arches traversing the Seine, one of the great city arteries. If this view seems obvious, it is unusual for Paris’s top addresses. The Cheval Blanc, the much-anticipated first city hotel from the LVMH-owned group best known for its revered St Tropez and St…

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the weekender oakley court, berkshire

WHY STAY? One of the most-talked-about hotels of the summer, this Victorian gothic pile near Windsor was revamped under the impeccable eye of fashion and concept store powerhouse Alex Eagle and her interiors collaborator Sophie Hodges. Much of the buzz was fuelled by the opening of Soho House’s Summer River House pop-up on the hotel’s grassy riverbank, with guests and Housers rushing to sip Picantes on its rattan loungers and daybeds. WHY NOW? May opening aside, there’s fresh energy for the colder months with a riverside ice-rink and guest chef Mateo‘The Pasta Man’ Zielonka for carb-loaded feasts. The Summer River House gets a seasonal update as the Winter River House, with a new vibe, and next door there’s an outpost of the Alex Eagle Sporting Club, the cool gym concept with…