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health advice you can savor

IT SEEMS THAT more and more these days, the dangers we face as consumers are playing out in ways we can’t physically see, from online threats to our personal data to what the rise of smart household products will mean for our privacy. So it’s no surprise that one of the major topics on consumers’ minds today is the integrity of our food system—another part of daily life that can be difficult for us to assess on our own. Of course, what we eat is one of the most important and personal choices we make every day. That’s why this month and in upcoming issues, we’ll be working hard to answer your most pressing questions about the health and safety of our food with new testing, investigating, and analysis. It’s…

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building a better world, together

Keeping Leafy Greens Safe WHAT’S AT STAKE This year’s romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak, one of the worst foodborne illness outbreaks in recent history, is over. But it remains an unsolved mystery. In late June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 210 people across 36 states were made ill by eating romaine. Almost half were sick enough to be hospitalized, and five of them died. Investigators recently announced they’d found E. coli in canal water near where most of the season’s romaine was grown. But more than three months after the outbreak began, they still didn’t know exactly how the bacteria got into the lettuce. That, experts say, makes preventing future outbreaks much more difficult. HOW CR HAS YOUR BACK Consumer Reports, with other consumer and food-safety groups, is calling on the Food…

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your feedback

Our July 2018 cover story, “Road Trip!” offered ratings and strategies for a satisfying and safe summer adventure. Many of you wrote in to share more on-the-go tips. To add yours, go to THREE ADDITIONS to your car emergency kit should be: 1) container of waterless soap, such as Gojo or Fast Orange; 2) roll of paper towels; and 3) plastic garbage bag. These will allow you to tidy up after using the tools in your kit no matter where you are. —Jim Schmipf, Derry, PA I WAS GLAD to see that your article included info about taking pets along, but it missed the most basic and critical tip of all: Your pet (dog or cat) must be wearing a collar with an up-to-date ID tag at all times in case…

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join the consumer reports board

Consumer Reports is seeking dynamic, dedicated candidates with a desire to advance our mission and improve the lives of consumers by serving on our Board of Directors. Ideal candidates will bring creativity, diversity of background and thought, experience in leadership, and a passion for empowering consumers and working to create a fairer, safer, and healthier marketplace. Applications should be submitted online at by Sept. 15, 2018. A committee of the Board will review applications, conduct inter views, and recommend a slate to stand for election to a three-year term of service beginning in October 2019. Board members are required to attend three meetings per year and participate in Board business by phone and email on an ongoing basis. No compensation is provided, but travel expenses are covered.…

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which is better—a bagged or bagless vacuum?

BAGLESS MODELS CAN SAVE you money because you don’t have to buy replacement bags. But like bagged models, they have filters that need periodic cleaning or—for HEPA filters—replacing, probably more often than with bagged models. (Brands differ, but HEPA filters from Shark, for example, cost from $3 to $36 and last six months.) “Emptying a bagless vacuum can be messy, releasing some of the particles you just sucked up back into the air,” says Susan Booth, CR’s lead vacuum tester. That can be a problem for those sensitive to dust and allergens. Bagged models in our tests tend to be better at deep cleaning—an advantage in homes with carpeting or rugs.…

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what we’re testing in our labs …

Upright Vacuums WE TESTED: 77 models WE TEST FOR: How much embedded talc and sand an upright model can lift from a medium-pile carpet, how much sand it can pick up from bare floors, and more. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 58 Range: 33-74 74 OVERALL SCORE Best Overall Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly 31150 (bagged) $350 71 OVERALL SCORE Boffo for Bare Floors Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 (bagless) $400 70 OVERALL SCORE Budget-Friendly Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600 (bagged) $180 Canister Vacuums (Bagged) WE TESTED: 8 models WE TEST FOR: How much embedded talc and sand a canister model can lift from a medium-pile carpet, the strength of airflow through the hose, handling, and more. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 67 Range: 51-75 75 OVERALL SCORE Best Overall and Reliable* Miele Complete C3 Marin $1,100 74 OVERALL SCORE Super Suction for Less Kenmore Elite Pet Friendly CrossOver 21814 $500 71 OVERALL SCORE Nice Price Kenmore 81614 $300 Sound Bars WE TESTED: 28 models WE…