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the september issue by the numbers

3 dating apps 242 Tinder matches 1 $14 sound machine 3 strained neck muscles to finish a years-in-the-making story about how to *actually* sleep with your partner. 8 picture-perfect poses giving us (and now you!) major grid inspo on page 26. 14 Mercury-Retrograde-induced technology crashes. 46+ HOURS SPENT WATCHING SCREENERS OF THE SHOWS AND MOVIES IN OUR FALL POP CULTURE GUIDE ON PAGE 20. 1 spritz: all it takes to fall in love with the newest edition of our very own fragrance, Eau de Juice Good Energy Eau de Parfum. Hello, mandarin-mango-coconutty goodness! 42 PICS AND VIDS OF PASTA AS RESEARCH (OBVS FOR THE QUIZ ON PAGE 12. 62 cringe-inducing staffer roommate stories to inspire the Petty-Roommate Wheel of Fortune on page 10. (Plus 134 heated Slack messages about said stories.) 3 LEGITIMATE DISCUSSIONS ABOUT PUTTING THE FLOOFY PANCAKES FROM PAGE…

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ed letter

With notes from editor-in-chief Jessica Pels (aka the person in the mask!) Inside intel: Alexis is Cosmo’s first-*ever* shopping editor—and I’m kinda jealous of her job! 9 A.M. I usually guzzle at least a couple cups of tea first thing in the morning and *#TabithaBrown voice* that’s my business. While I’m sippin’, I catch up on my favorite podcast, Group Chat. 9:30 A.M. Alright, now it’s time to get typing. Today, I’m cranking out a story on chic home desk essentials, now that ’rona has made WFH the new norm. There’s nothing like having a rose-gold planner and an acrylic organizer to get those creative juices flowing. 11:30 A.M. When I’m done, I finish up a list of interview questions for Katy Perry (!), who’s about to do a virtual concert to help raise money for those…

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the petty-roommate wheel of fortune

1 Slowly use and lose their stash of bobby pins. Long game, baby. 2 Choose your vacuuming moment as… when they’re on a conference call 3 Venmo-request $2 for the Cheetos they bummed off you. 4 Ring the doorbell even when you have your key. 5 Disconnect the Wi-Fi while they’re deep in a Love I sland marathon. 6 Take only your mail out of the mailbox 7 Use their face towel to dry your soapy hands 8 Leave a single square of TP on the roll. When actions fail, these Post-its speak volumes: Congrats on the sex. Dino-nugget count: 46 left. Windex is under the sink, BTW!…

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what kind of noodle are you?

1. It’s your BFF’s birthday and you obviously have to do *something*. You… a Post a few IG Stories where she looks hot. b Text her fam so we’re all on the same page re: presents. c Plan a drive-by surprise party. What says “I love you” more than 100 people honking?? 2. You’re 10 minutes late for a first date and staring dead-eyed at your closet. What half-assed look do you grab? a An easy lil sundress because I just…can’t with anything more complicated. b Half-assed what? I vetted this outfit last week. c Something that’ll look great on Instagram…for when I make them post that pic of me. 3. You’ve offered to host your crew the next time y’all can safely go out again. What are you serving up? a Meh, they can bring whatever! My fridge…

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how much do your parents really know about you?

Have you told them about that new cutie with a booty you’ve been talking to? 58% Not unless I accidentally updated my FB relationship status for the first time in 10 years. 42% Duh, my mom drafts 70 percent of my texts. When’s the last time you had a deep talk about any and all of the feelings you’ve ever felt in your young life? 54% These emotions STAY bottled up. 46% I FaceTimed them this morning, so…this morning. Have you ever gone out out together? 58% Words cannot express how much that terrifies me to my core. 42% I live for dancing on tables with Kathy. How much do they know about your spending habits? 70% Trust, they’ve seen the Amazon deliveries. 30% They don’t need to know that frosé costs $20! Would you ever send them dirty memes usually reserved…

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just a list of reality show ideas we’d definitely watch

1. Finally! A show devoted entirely to Chrissy Teigen’s kids. Free title idea: Living Legends. 2. JoJo Siwa gives ambush makeovers to unsuspecting celebs. Imagine Tyler Cameron in a rainbow sparkle ensemble. 3. Professional architects and interior designers judge the fake homes people build on The Sims. 4. People who used to work for celebs break their NDAs and reveal everything they know… 5. …and the spin-off: a behind-the-scenes look at how famous people and their PR teams manage scandals and write Notes app apologies. 6. Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kravitzes. 7. Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly cover up people’s terrible tattoos with custom designs. 8. Internet gods/influencers Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion team up with YouTuber HauteLeMode to host a hybrid fashion-design-modeling competition. 9 Jordyn Woods and her “twin” sister, Jodie, help people get over…