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october issue by the numbers

6 Scorpios on staff 3 born on the same day all of whom haven’t stopped reminding us that Scorpio season is upon us since, like, *last* October. $36 worth of Halloween candy. Justification, page 58. Wishing this page were scratch ’n’ sniff. 12 fries lost between the driver’s seat and door while “researching” page 10. 1 ~extremely versatile ~ makeup look and endless mood-board inspo. 7 truly winning vaginal beauty products (just see page 46). 23 KIND OF GREATDIY STAFF HAIRCUTS—LIVING PROOF THAT OUR ADVICE ON PAGE 38 IS THE RIGHT ADVICE. NOT THAT WE NEEDED TO PROVE IT, BUT…WE DID. 0: the number of sisters this guy has (it’s relevant, promise, page 82). 29 SISTERS OF COSMO EDITORS WHO HAD NO SHORTAGE OF IDEAS FOR THE SISTERS-THEMED STUFF IN THESE PAGES. 1 absolutely WILD and haunting Ouija board experience. 31 SISTER SQUADS. 21 ACCIDENTAL ZOOM MEETING CAMEOS BY FAMILY MEMBERS Associate PR director…

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we made a sisters issue!

Sisterhood is the stuff of cultural mythos, as it damn well should be. For those of you lucky enough to have one, you know that a sister is exactly what you need most when you need anything—but the second you’re fine, she’s the first one to give you shit. That’s what makes sisterhood different from best friendships. And arguably better. I’m a little bit biased because I have a sister myself. Technically she’s a stepsister, but as soon as our parents got married when we were little, we were so excited to finally have that elusive, mysterious sisterhood thing that we rejected the “step” part of the term altogether. We still call each other “Sister” instead of using our names. To us it felt, and feels, like something worth bragging about. Cut…

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the most sister thing my sister’s ever sistered

“Remember that time you told me our house was haunted and I believed you and I cried?” —JESS ICA WALTERS, step sister (hence the same name, lol) of our EIC “When my youngest sister went through a tough breakup, my middle sister and I got her a plane ticket and flew her from California to New York, where the three of us got matching sister tattoos.” —ABBEY ADKISON, supervising video producer “We were playing house and I was trying to ‘feed’ my sister, Devon, but the only things around that resembled food were some pennies. Five seconds later, my mom was giving Devon the Heimlich because she choked on one. That was the last time we played house.” —LAUREN ADHAV, associate fashion editor “Growing up, my sister and I sounded so much alike on the phone…

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let’s map out your tiktok career, shall we?

1 ICON STATUS Your face = basically the first thing on the Wiki pages for both “TikTok” and “internet personality.” After major sponcon deals followed by A-list BFFs, you’ll retire in Malibu at 25. Now to find a place to put your Emmy…. 2 RESPECT THE HUSTLE You vow to hop on every trending dance and audio until the app dies for good, which is how you amassed a modest but very loyal crew of stans. So yes, the fancy equipment was worth it. The world of micro-influencing $uits you. 3 YOU’LL ALWAYS HAVE THE MEMS Yes, your tale of viral fame was short-lived. But you kept on posting whatever your sweet heart desired while you were bored in the house and in the house bored. The joy of putting your dog’s ears in a…

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how ambitious are your car eating habits?

What dost thou do with dipping-sauce lids? 26% Stick them to their designated spot on the top of the nugs box. I peel them back only halfway because I’m smarter than you. 45% 29% Shove ’em in the bag and risk getting honey mustard on my elbows when I dig for fries. Where does your soda go while you’re driving? 73% Um, in the cupholder? Where the cups go? 13% In my hand. The thirst is real. 14% Between my legs, because honestly, that’s where it feels safest. Might I suggest a car vacuum with this meal? The wildest thing you’ve ever tried to consume in a moving vehicle is: 20% I’m a Chicken Fries girl for a reason. Clean! And! Easy! 13% Sushi…with chopsticks. 67% Soft serve (the one time that machine was working). Where is your car located while you’re snacking? 14% I…can’t even make it out of the drive-through. 27% My driveway or…

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an important psa: you need 5 concealers

I know this is upsetting to you minimalists out there, but the idea that one concealer can really, truly Do It All is… bullshit. Because the same heavy-duty formula you layer over your cystic zit won’t suddenly look whisper-thin under your eyes. So if you wanna win your face game, you’re going to need more than a single tube of cover-up. You’re going to need these. 1. THE FULL-COVERAGE ONE Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Concealer, $27, If you’ve been using anything other than this kind of waterproof, matte concealer on your scars, marks, and scabs, you’ve never experienced true skin enlightenment. Dab it on your spot, wait 10 minutes, then tap around the edges to melt it into your skin. YW. 2. THE COLOR-CORRECTING ONE MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Conceal and…