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ed letter

With notes from editor-in-chief Jessica Pels 7 A.M. My truly wild but very cute German shorthaired pointer forces me out of bed to play fetch. 9 A.M. I pull a tarot card for the day. It’s the High Priestess, who tells me to listen to my intuition. I do just that while leaving editing notes on our latest TikTok Challenge Challenge video—my intuition says the cold open is too long! You don’t serve wine like this bc…? Flip to page 63 for *your* tarot reading. 10 A.M. I love engaging with the comments on our YouTube videos (okay, yes, I promise to try to get Paris Hilton for you!). I think viewers forget there’s a real person reading them, but I’m here! (Thanks for telling us how funny we are—we like that a lot.) 12:30 P.M. Team brainstorm time. These…

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cosmo’s it gifts of 2020

Don’t mind us, we’ll just do all your holiday shopping for you And since we know the splurge is real, we’re also here to help keep your $ situation in check. Hey, friend! We’ve curated a list of the 100 buzziest, need-it-now-est, just plain best presents to give literally anyone (even yourself, bc you definitely deserve it) right this second. Not to brag, but the entire thing is instantly shoppable, thanks to shopping service Klarna. Here’s how to scan, buy, and pretty much own this entire season: 1 Download the Klarna app (scan this little bb with your phone) if you don’t have it already. 2 When you get to our nine special It Gift pages throughout this issue, open your camera and hover it over the QR code next to the items you…

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the decembuary issue by the numbers

3 DELICIOUSLY “UN-CLASSY” DESSERTS THAT WE TASTE-TESTED MORE THAN WAS NECESSARY. 17 scary screen-time reports 52 nemeses unfollowed 10 of those re-followed in the name of mental health*. *It actually works, page 58. 1 failed attempt at the hair trend on page 46. 80 million: the number of regrets one writer now has about not washing her Beautyblender (eek, page 100). 7 coffee mugs containing…not coffee, spotted on Zoom. 3 How many items one editor carries in her hands because purses just aren’t A Thing anymore, per page 22. 4 INSTAGRAM “SAVED” FOLDERS FULL OF KARJENNER ESTATES. SEE PAGE 10. 10 upgraded snack experiences (trick, page 56). 18 STAFFERS WHO CAN INSTANTLY VISUALIZE “THAT STRAWBERRY DRESS” FROM PAGE 24 WITH NO FURTHER CONTEXT. 5 SECRET THINGS OUR EDITORS USED TO STAY ZEN WHEN THIS ISSUE GOT CHAOTIC Pure Enrichment crystal salt lamp and…

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introducing: your zoom 2020 yearbook superlatives

Meeting ID 816 5426 5918 speaker view Most likely to… mute stop video invite participants share screen chat record leave now…

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how your instagram habits have changed since you started living in your pjs

Be honest: What was your “time spent” on IG this week? 60% I’m scrolling for at *least* a full hour per day now. 24 % IDK, two hours? 16% Wait, you are talking single digits or…? Let’s talk about what’s hiding in your Saved folder… 55% At this point, it’s practically a Zillow for celebrity homes. % 25 Sorry, what? 20% Oh, you mean my vault of influencer drama receipts! When was your most recent post? 57% Last Thursday—obvi a TBT to better times.:/ 25% 2019. I’m more of a lurker, you feel? 18% Two minutes ago. It has 38 Likes already, which is fine compared to yesterday’s performance. Have you tried any good viral recipes from your Explore page? 54% As if I could ignore all that banana bread. Eh, I’m more of a take-out person. 9% Oh, I’m fully a vegan now. And I just…

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we know what kind of pie you’d be based on the truly unremarkable stuff that happens in your day

FIND OUT 1. Morning, sunshine! You just bought a new electric(!!) toothbrush and are lowkey excited about it. How will you clean your pearly whites? a With three brush cycles. Chip Skylark’s shiny teeth are shaking in their gums. b Not yet, pls. I’m just going to rinse with some mouthwash and go back to bed. It’s still early. c I’ll go over each tooth in little circles with the love they deserve, just like the TikTok dentists taught me. 2. After the shampoo of a lifetime, what do you do with those pesky hair balls clogging your drain? a Put ’em at the bottom of the garbaggio. Clean pipes = peace of mind. b Make a design on the shower wall until someone yells at me to throw it out. c I treated my hair to a…