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april issue by the numbers

21 “OMG SNOWWW” TEXTS THAT KICKED OFF AN INSTANT SEROTONIN BOOST (HI FROM FEBRUARY!). 2 ZODIAC-SIGN CUSPERS FUL LY VAL IDATED BY THE HEATED DEBATE ON PAGE 72. 28 “business” “trips” to the post of fice to curate this handy list for you. It’ll all make sense on page 22. 168 medium-screen to lit tlescreen transitions throughout the day, because TikTok takes no breaks. 29 midday showers. 4 rain boots worn to figure out how the hell to wear… rain boot s. Math on page 26. 23 OFT NEGLECTED NECKS CRYING OUT FOR TLC, MAKING THE STORY ON PAGE 42 VERY NECESSARY. 120 UNANSWERED FARMVILLE REQUESTS OF YORE THAT MADE US QUESTION, UM, ~EVERYTHING~ (PAGE 6). OSCAR: ALAMY STOCK PHOTO. DORITOS: COREY MAYWALT; ART: CLAIRE HENTSCHKER.…

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ed letter

9 A.M. I need exactly three things to get going in the morning: more sleep, cold brew coffee, and a playlist of absolute bangers. Today, I snooze through only a few alarms (yes, I have multiple ones set five minutes apart, it’s called selfawareness) before catching up on Tik-Toks (because I use the crying-laughing emoji as a last resort only—IYKYK). 10 A.M. I log on to Slack and cause chaos with a Messy Question of the Day for my team (today, it’s “chicken nuggets or chicken fingers?”). I then dive into designing, starting with a Snapchat Story about what you should name your plant (my vote: Holly Parton) and an Instagram Reel about 2021 beauty trends. “Messy” because these debates get HEATED—my fave was, “Which Bath & Body Works scent from high school would…

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every cringey thing you’ll find while looking through your old face book groups

Groups Your Feed Your Notifications Your Groups FarmVille Farmers!!! Respectful pleas to the eighth grade class to respond to FarmVille requests in a more timely manner. Jingle Ball Tixxx A strangely detailed plan for acquiring free Jingle Ball tickets two (unsuccessful) years in a row, involving an extra burner phone, two laptops, and caramel Frapps. ~*~secret wall~*~ Uh, just a lot of posts about literally anything you wanted to share with your friends and hide from your mom after y’all became Facebook-friend official. APUSH CREW Grainy BlackBerry photos of textbook chapters for that one AP U.S. History classmate who consistently forgot their book in their locker. (You. This was you.) Incoming Class of 2017! Five different “OMG me toooo” comments from people you never actually became friends with under your post about being a “chai-tea- and music-loving Leo.” Team Jacob 136 Picnik-edited thirst traps of…

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hate hurts. here’s how to get help. and how to give it.

If you’re dealing with anti–Asian American or anti–Pacific Islander abuse or discrimination: • The National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association has a database of national resources plus mental health services for AAPI people in every state. • The Asian Mental Health Collective also has a national directory of AAPI therapists and mental health resources as well as an Ask a Therapist series on its YouTube channel. • Asian Americans Advancing Justice, a collective that works on AAPI civil rights issues, can help you understand your legal rights. Many of its member organizations also offer free legal clinics and consultations on issues like immigration and employment discrimination. • The National Coalition for Asian Pacific Americans Community Development helps advocate for people in low-income AAPI communities across 21 states and the Pacific Islands, and…

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here’s how much you’re still being influenced by influencers

Who do you consider to be an inf luencer? 42% People who are verified, profit off their posts, and have more than 25K followers. 14% Someone with at least 25K followers. 30% Those who make #ad money from their content. 14% Anyone with a blue check mark. When’s the last time you followed a new-to-you influencer? 65% Within the past couple of months. 19% Pre-COVID-19. 9% Today. 7% I don’t follow any influencers. Have you ever bought something bc an inf luencer promo’d i t? Y 45% Yes, obviously. N 55% Uh, nope. FUN FACT 31% of you do a background check (aka a google) before smashing Follow. When’s the last time you unfollowed an influencer? 66% Within the past couple of months. 19% Today. 9% Pre-COVID-19. 6% I don’t follow any influencers. What made you hit that Unfollow? [Check all that apply.] 57% Their content got boring. 47% They made me feel bad…

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are you really going to hell or do you just say it a lot?

1 Your ex’s new S.O. accidentally Likes a 67-week-old pic of you and your ex on your IG. Your move? a Block her immediately because I love myself. b Publicly let it slide but think about it 5ever. c DM her to say, “It’s fine! Been there!” 2 Mid-Scandal rewatch, you realize you forgot to call the landlord about the wonky oven like you promised your roommate. You: a Um, lie and say they never came? b Vow to call them… after the next episode. Mellie’s about to be president. c Beg for forgiveness and google “how to fix oven with plastic tool kit.” 3 A very cute Starbucks cashier slips you a venti when you ordered a tall. How do you thank them? a I’ll grace them with my beautiful presence the next time I get a caramel…