Cosmopolitan May/June 2021

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may/june issue by the numbers

17 creamy blushes tested in 35 glorious colors by snapping 213 well-lit selfies to find the 1 perfect blush on page 42, part of our v, v major Holy Grail Beauty Awards. 26 PLAID MINISKIRTS PULLED OUT OF STORAGE IN THE HOPES THAT THEY’RE STILL COOL ENOUGH FOR OUR COVER STARS. XOXO. 73 chips crushed in the name of edible glitter (page 62). 7 wildly specific swiping journeys to bring you the wildly specific story on page 78. 2 EDITORS PASSIONATELY FIGHTING OUT THE SCARVES-AS-TOPS TREND (PAGE 30). 28 Zoom calls taken outside because…sun! 16 hot to iced coffee switches that proved love at first sip is definitely real. 310: the number of collective tabs our editors had open at any given moment. Yes, we know it’s a problem. No, we don’t want to restart our laptops. 3 murderers who helped…

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ed letter

1 “I’m 99.9 percent positive my UPS person never wants to see me or my house again.” —LB 2 “I ended up taking so many selfies of so many lipsticks (literal hundreds) that I had to upgrade my cloud storage just to accommodate my camera roll.” —JW 3 “Sending my sincere apologies to every PR person I frantically emailed during nonwork hours with the subject: URGENT BEAUTY AWARDS REQUEST!!” —LB Prepare yourself: This is our biggest beauty awards everrr. Best thing about these two winners? They’re both clean *and* BIPOC-owned. 4 “A million ILYs to my group chat for leaning awkwardly close to the screen to help me compare eyeliner swatches over chardonnay on our weekly Zoom happy hour.” —A K 5 “TBT to the time I told my boyfriend he’d be fine during and after…

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so here’s what you’ve been up to in the “real” “world”

Congrats again on being done with school! Do you have a job? 54% I have a full-time gig. 24% Nope, I’m unemployed. 22% I’m working part-time right now. How long did it take you to find employment after graduation? 38% I found work within a year. 36% I got an offer while I was still in school. 26% I’m still looking. Did your job end up being a casualty of COVID-19 layoffs? 81% Not yet! 19% Sadly, yes. …And if so, did you file for unemployment? 69% Yeah. 31% I’ll get around to it. Let’s talk about money: Did those stimulus checks help you? 53 % Still waiting on mine…. 24% They really did! 23% They weren’t enough. Ugh…21% of you had your job offers rescinded due to the pandemic. If you received it, how did you spend your stimulus money? Check all that apply! 62% I put it right…

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pandemmy edition

BFFS 5EVER? “My best friend broke up with her college boyfriend the day after graduation (they both moved back home with their families, hours apart, and she didn’t want to do long-distance). I also moved home, which, uh, happened to be the next town over from his. Neither of us had jobs, and because he and I were friends, we started going on daily ‘walks’ to get ‘air.’ Buuut those walks turned into hooking up in his car and, eventually, defining the relationship. My best friend has no idea. We’re all planning to move to New York City this summer, so I guess I’ll have to tell her soon.” —GR ACE*, 22 @M R. STYLES “During quarantine, I made a private Instagram account pretending to be Harry Styles for fun. I hunted down old…

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just a list of new books that’ll feed your wanderlust

ANNA KAWAY, by Jenny Lee The teens in this gossipy novel escape their probs by getting outta town (to South Korea, L.A., NYC, and…theater camp). THE SIREN, by Katherine St. John In this surprisingly creepy thriller, A-listers filming a movie on a private island get stranded by a hurricane amid high-stakes drama. TOKYO EVER AFTER, by Emiko Jean A Japanese American girl learns her father is the crown prince of Japan and jets off to Tokyo to meet him, Princess Diaries style. THEY’LL NEVER CATCH US, by Jessica Goodman Beautiful Hudson Valley hiking trails are the perfect setting for this twisty small-town mystery (written, ahem, by Cosmo’s own op-ed editor!). PROJECT HAILMARY, by Andy Weir An astronaut has to save the entire human race in this sci-fi epic. Stressful, yes, but what’s more not-stuck-on-your-couch than outer space? THE SUM MER…

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in defense of reading the wikipedia page of a movie before watching it

Last fall, I tweeted, “Ah, October.. the month when I consider watching a horror film, decide I can’t handle it, read its Wikipedia page, and call it a day.” Granted, this was an extreme case—often, I *do* end up sitting through a movie—but I was shocked when strangers replied that they, too, did the thing I had long considered shameful. Buoyed by that knowledge and lots more research (for journalism, of course), I am here to prove that this should now be your process too. It gives you a deeper appreciation of the movie [edit] For lofty intellectual reasons that I learned in college but promptly forgot, plot is not the most “important” part of a film. Sadly, though, I am a very anxious person who finds it difficult to focus on…