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our issue by the numbers

100+ products tested by 17 eager Cosmo Pets™ across 50 categories for our Ver y! First! Pet Awards! Peep the winners on page 58 and at 2,300: the number of floof pics now taking up valuable real estate on our phones. 18 pets that walked into the background of Zoom calls like they own the damn place. 4 pet models who put real models to shame?? 2 drama-loving Leo pets won over using the 10 steps on page 67. (Yes, they work on furbabies too.) 15 EDITORS WHO ARE CAT PEOPLE AND CAT PEOPLE ONLY. 7 editors in desperate need of the hot tips on page 50 bc obviously plants = pets. 1 dog that went on the DNA test quest of a lifetime to find out who they really are (follow their journey online). 42 FURRY SNUGGLE BREAKS…

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ed letter

With notes from editor-in-chief Jes sica Pels 6 A.M. Confession: Mornings are my favorite. And (sry!): Morning workouts are my even more favorite. I recently got the Future app, and y’all, it’s so good. Its personal trainer tells me the “why” behind every move, which speaks to my Virgo soul. When Madeleine interviewed for her job, I tossed in an “Are you a Virgo?” Q because it was so damn obvious! 9 A.M. I caffeinate and dive into story edits. Up first is a juicy Confessay that associate editor Taylor Andrews has commissioned. This one is about…well, let me let this URL speak for itself: Never does our team Slack light up like it does when these Confessays go live. Hence: our upcoming Confessay column in every issue of this mag! 10 A.M. Lifestyle…

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the great therapy survey

On average, Cosmo readers spend $240 per month on therapy. Hi, so do you go to therapy? 57% Hell yeah. 31% Hoping to start soon! 12% Not interested. That’s cool. What’s kept you from trying it? 42% It’s too expensive. 25% I don’t have time to find a good therapist. 17% I’m not ready to unpack my stuff yet. 16% I don’t think I need it? Nice, how of ten? 43% About once a week. 39% Every couple of weeks. 18% Once a month or so. Do you think therapy works? 87% I really do! 12% I’m not sure yet. 1% Nope. Just curious: What was the main reason you star ted therapy? How long do you plan on going? 86% As long as it feels helpful. 9% IDK yet. 5% Until I work out this issue. Who knows that you get mental heal th help? Check all that apply! 69% I’ll tell anyone. 68% My…

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what fahncy splurge item are you to your very core?

1. It’s time for a Net flix binge. What are you diving into? a Bridgerton. Again. b TBH, anything involving baking. c The latest truecrime doc. Lights off, volume up. 2. You got a “Sup?” from the fool who ghosted you. Your response? a No response. (Altho I *do* have my read receipts on.) b “Sorry, who’s this?” c I blatantly call them out. No rest for the wicked! 3. You’re moving into a sweet apartment next month. What’s your packing MO? a I’m hiring a luxe moving company to come and take care of that. b A little every day. I heard slow and steady wins the race. c I’ll slay that the week before the move. I’m still living here! 4. So, your hot date just called and they’ll be 20 minutes late. Whatcha gonna do? a Call it off. I…

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confessions: streaming edition

TRUE LIFE: I’ve showered with 29 superheroes. BFFS 5EVER “My ex-roommate and I have not spoken since I moved out a year ago. She was super horrible to our other roommate (my best friend), and I didn’t want her in my life anymore. Buuut she still has a profile on my Hulu. I thought about just changing my password, but I didn’t want to tell *everyone else* who uses my account about the new log-in. (I’m lazy, sue me.) Instead, I sporadically mess up her algorithm by watching random docuseries or a few episodes of the show she’s currently in the middle of to make her lose her place. Oops.” —SARAH, 26 BRB, tat tooing your password on my arm so I never lose it. LIFE HACKS! “Like every other person on the planet during quarantine,…

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just a list of celebs you totally forgot tried to be musicians

1 SCARLETT JOHANSSON The transformative ~acteur~ could probs play a tree if she wanted to. And she can definitely do music: two full albums and some EPs! Good for her! 2 MICHAEL CERA In news that should surprise exactly no one, the man is a bassist, with a selfreleased album on Bandcamp. 3 NAOMI CAMPBELL The model’s one and only album featured a photo of her shaving her legs on the cover. Iconic. 4 BRIE LARSON Excuse you, but “She Said” off her Avril Lavigne–esque album Finally Out of P.E. hit number 31 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart. 5 RYAN GOSLING Dead Man’s Bones. That’s the name of his (leather-jacketwearing, I assume) rock band, which may or may not still be together. Their one album came out in 2009. 6 LUCY HALE She did place in the top five…