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questions from the editor

Well, firstly, I want to know Venus’s best tennis tips for absolutely terrible tennis players, but I’ll spare you and save it for the text thread. The truth is that this woman—our October cover star and fellow judge of our New C-Suite project, which shines a light on female entrepreneurs of color changing the game just like she did (page 70)—has long been an inspiration to me and someone whose drive and power I’ve sought to understand and emulate. Turn to page 62 if you feel the same, because her interview with writer Sylvia Obell is unparalleled. But Venus is fun and funny and fascinating beyond her (zillions of) accomplishments. I asked her to give us a little taste, here in her own handwriting. the cosmo quiz PELS: TYLER JOE. WILLIAMS: PHOTOGRAPH…

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how you’re different now since, uh, everything

So, are you still at the same job as before? 38% Actually, yes! 25% I was laid off. 23% Nah, I left. 14% I quit when they said we had to return to the office. “I’ve realized it’s no longer a cute look to make work your whole life.”—ELIZABETH*“Quit ting my teaching job for a full-time WFH gig has made me so much happier.”—SAM*“I had just started my dream job…and then lost my dad to COVID-19.”—ROSEMARY“My job at a preschool said we had to be back in June 2020 with zero safety protocols. I didn’t feel safe and resigned.”—SARAH Switching gears: Are you still tight with your friend group? 55% Only my dearest friends. 23% Honestly, maybe even closer than before. 22% Nope. We’ve moved on. “I never knew I could be someone who cuts off their best friend. But they refused…

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just a list of ridiculously ambitious pop culture halloween costumes

1 NICOLE KIDMAN’S COAT IN THE UNDOING The green one, obviously. If you don’t know where to start, simply rent a Grinch costume. 2 TOM HOLL AND AND ZENDAYA MAKING OUT But, twist, you’re the internet melting down over it. You dress as molten lava. 3 SNL ’SB OWEN YANG AS THE TITANIC ICEBERG A+ excuse to have a breakdown and yell, “WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME?!” 4 GLENN CLOSE DOING “DA BUTT” AT THE OSCARS BYO table, little lamp, and shocked audience members (most importantly Daniel Kaluuya, *if* he’s available). 5 CARDIB AND MEGAN THE ESTAL-LION’S GRAMMYS PERFORMANCE Specifically this moment. Dress up like a spider and carry some mac and cheese (IYKYK). 6 EVERY MOVIE THAT GOT DELAYED, COMBINED Pair ScarJo’s Black Widow wig with Timothée Chalamet’s Dune suit, carry a dalmatian. 7 OPRAH MID – MEGHAN AND HARRY INTY Carry…

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inside the life of a celebrity assistant

When you work on television and movie sets for a living, your employment is inconsistent at best. You’ll be on one project for a few months, then you’ll be scrambling to find your next gig. I was recently in this predicament, having just finished a job as a production assistant, when a friend of a friend connected me to their friend (yes, this is really how it works) who happened to be the former personal assistant to a Very Important TV Star. That former assistant recommended me for their old job and… here I am. Since I’d already been tending to multiple actors on-set, I figured there was no way it could be harder to tend to just one, right? Well. The thing is, if your boss is famous enough, like…

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the girl group renaissance is upon us

If you were to unearth your middle-school-era iPod (Nano, obviously, in hot pink) and miraculously find the charging cord to turn it on, I bet I could tell ya what song was the star of every playlist: “Survivor.” Yes, the Destiny’s Child breakup bop that, even though you’d never been on an actual date, resonated deeply with you. Probably because it came from a girl group—and girl groups were *it* in the early aughts. They were #FriendshipGoals before hashtags were a thing, and their music made us feel un-freaking-stoppable. At least, that is, until bands like Danity Kane, the Pussycat Dolls, and the Spice Girls before them ripped out our hearts when they decided to disband. Luckily, though, trends get recycled every 20ish years (see scarves as tops, Bennifer), and music genres…

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my incredibly cute friday-night phone call with walking thirst trap kendrick sampson

The list of things you might know him from is long: The Vampire Diaries, How to Get Away With Murder, The Flash, his racial-justice activist work, etc., etc. And before we all sob over the fact that Insecure (which he also stars in bc truly he’s ev-er-y-where) is almost over, I asked Kendrick some questions about, um, his bed. Let’s start off easy: Where are you? In my office in L.A. I just moved in, so there’s a desk, a printer, a card table, and a big, humongous meditation pillow. Sounds so relaxing! Other than meditating, what do you do for self-care? I do my best to get a little sun, for my melanin and vitamin D. I drink plenty of water. I work out. I try to do one thing for myself every…