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Rooms that invite you to linger. Vintage collectibles displayed with love. A colorful easy-care garden. A porch that says "Come sit!" All yours in the pages of Country Living!

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the sampler

A A Welcome from the Editor Every year, usually in late fall, my dad thumbs through his Colorblends catalog and orders an assortment of bulbs—hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips—that he and my children will plant during a future visit from Papa. Watching my son and daughter dig in the dirt with my dad is one of those moments I wish I could bottle and revisit in the future when I crave the curious innocence of these elementary school days (“look, Mama, a worm!”) or the reassuring calm of my dad’s drawl as he patiently teaches two budding gardeners how to maneuver a long-handled bulb planter. But even though I can’t bottle it, I do get to revisit it, whenever the first of those blooms peeks out of the soil and my son…

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turn this scene into a room

HUE FINDER This spring setting serves up a perfect palette. FIELD NOTES Shakes vs. Shingles Because of the salty ocean air, both cedar shakes and shingles fade from a light-colored wood to the silver-hued siding associated with seaside homes in New England. Wooden shakes are traditionally hand-split, which gives them a rougher texture and makes them less uniform (read: “more character”). Shingles are smooth and uniform, making them easier and more affordable to install. ILLUSTRATION BY MELINDA JOSIE; FIELD NOTES WRITTEN BY LEIGH CRANDALL. MARKET WORK BY CATE GEIGER KALUS.…

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toile de jouy

FIELD NOTES Contemporary Takes on Toile Here, a few fresh versions that are as coveted as the classics Pastoral 2.0 Log cabins and friendly foxes give a rustic edge to this country landscape. “Through the Woods” $175 per double roll; Personalities This girl-power pattern features female figures in city and country settings. “Toile de Femmes” to the trade; Pastimes York offers toile-esque odes to everything from ballet to hunting to deep-sea diving. “Ballet Toile” $96 per double roll; BEDROOM, MANUEL CANOVAS; ICE BUCKET AND CHOCOLATE, BECKY LUIGART-STAYNER.…

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a modern cottage kitchen

BRIGHT IDEA INDUSTRIAL PENDANTS To recall the feeling of a big industrial warehouse, Steve used a pair of well-patinaed factory lights over the large island. For a similar look, choose a fixture with an exposed socket and generous shade (at least 12 inches in diameter). The ideal distance between the pendant’s bottom and the countertop is 30 to 36 inches. FOR YOUR BOOKSHELF DREAMY DESIGN Steve and Brooke Giannetti’s new book features a dozen projects that showcase Steve’s very personalized approach to architecture and design. “People are just a collection of stories, and their tastes are based on their stories,” he says. Patina Homes (Gibbs Smith) $50, available April 20; EASY UPGRADE BRAS STRAPPED SHELVES Get a similar look to these custom floating shelves by using epoxy to adhere a thin brass strip to the edges of wood…

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creature comforts

A HONEY OF A HOBBY So, You Wanna Be a Beekeeper Backyard beekeeping has never been buzzier. If you’re considering joining the swarm, start with this advice from two expert apiarists. First, Study Up. “The best beekeepers understand how a colony behaves, so read as much as you can before you begin,” says Girl Next Door Honey’s Hilary Kearney. Jay Williams of Williams Honey Farm LLC suggests taking a local class, too. “The advice will be specific to your area, and you’ll have a mentor nearby if questions come up.” Then Get the Local Buzz. “The best bees are native to your area because they know the local flora,” says Jay. “Your state’s beekeeping association can point you to local clubs, where bees can be purchased. Start with two colonies, which have about 10,000 bees each.” Buy…

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rescue dog 101

1 Before you Go Dogs are social animals and need daily attention, so make sure you’re truly ready to provide enough play, walk, and snuggle time. Ensure you have the financial resources to take care of your dog’s needs and a means of providing healthcare for the unexpected, such as pet health insurance or a pet savings account. Establish expectations with your family members by agreeing on who is responsible for daily food and water, walking, poop scooping, etc. 2 At the Shelter Keep an open mind but be realistic. If you have a small apartment, you may not want a young, energetic dog. If you live an active lifestyle and want a running buddy, maybe an elderly basset hound is not for you (though sometimes one look from a sweet animal in…