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Country Style June 2020

Country Style celebrates the diversity of modern country living. Brings to life the stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. We visit amazing homes and gardens, travel through Australia's most vibrant regional centres and sample all the good things the country has to offer

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a letter from the editor

Country Style has been around for 30 years and I’ve been lucky enough to have been its editor for more than a decade. Last night, I sat at my little desk at home cluttered with the debris of a deadline and thought about all the wonderful people you and I have met together on these pages. Dairy farmers, artists, wool growers, novelists, market gardeners and even prime ministers... they have been a very diverse crowd but all with one thing in common — their experiences of life on the land have made for some fascinating stories. Talking of great tales, there are many in this issue. Maggie MacKellar writes about one of the annual walks that she does with her walking group, the Tough Old Goats (don’t you love that…

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in this issue...

ANGELA JONES During a visit home to Australia to escape the New York winter, Angela snuck in a visit to her beloved Blue Mountains to photograph Aaron Brocken of Harvest Farm on page 16. Angela grew up at Shellharbour on the NSW South Coast, later moving to Wollongong. While she now lives in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, the call of the ocean is still strong. “The first thing I do when I get off the plane for my yearly visit home is drive to the beach and have a swim, there is something very restorative about it.” Aaron’s community farming project in the Blue Mountains also brought back childhood memories of bushwalking with her family and the organic community farm her parents once worked on. “I have memories of…

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your page

A CHANGING WORLD There’s nothing more sobering than a monthly magazine deadline to highlight just how quickly Australia (and the world) can change. The overwhelming sadness of seeing pages of social events that are now not to be, the unrealised pain ahead for some of the people and industries in the pages (including the Country Style team) and how blessed it is to have a safe and comfortable family home, are all poignant reminders of how fragile and fortunate life can be. I hope we can get through this devastating time together and find some point of return soon. I look forward to seeing what inspiring warmth Country Style’s ‘We’ve turned the corner’ edition will bring down the track. Take care, everyone. Lesley Apps, Grafton, NSW INSPIRING READ How refreshing it was to read the…

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phoenix rising

I HEAR THE whir of my partner’s gyrocopter behind me, then the chop chop of the rotors as he comes in to land. I am focused on fixing a gate, the warm sun shining on my bent back, hands in the red dust of this outback station that has been in my care for almost 20 years. I imagine him walking into the house and filling the kettle while he looks out the kitchen window towards where I am working. He will empty the teapot out the back door and then take two large mugs off their hooks, gauging that I will be done soon and looking for breakfast. I am anticipating that hot cup of tea when it hits me like a punch to the chest. The teapot, the mugs, the…

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growing community

AARON BROCKEN’S COMMUTE to work each day involves a stroll through a paddock with the churring call of silver bowerbirds hanging in the air. Beyond a stand of tall eucalypts on the far side of the field lies a Garden of Eden, where edible delights can be plucked straight from the tree. There’s a forest of macadamia, pecan, chestnut and walnut trees, plus berries ranging from the dark-hearted blackberry to the bright red growth and glossy green leaves of the Tazziberry. There’s even a citrus orchard with four different types of lemon trees. Aaron was born in a cottage on this 65-hectare farm at Mount Tomah, in the upper reaches of the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Back then, it was a commercial blueberry farm and his parents were the farm…

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“WHAT! ARE YOU all lily livered sissies?”* This was the message my phone blinked at me from Lucy to our walking group Tough Old Goats. To give her due, she’d just woken after coming off night shift in the Emergency Department at Hobart Royal where she and three others in our group work as nurses. When she had left for work our (12 months in the planning) trip to walk the Tarkine Coast was set to go. She woke to find a frenzied mess of messages between the other five of us about the horrible weather conditions forecast to hit the west coast of Tasmania in the middle of our six-day walk. Lucy’s message had us in stitches, she was right, we had walked in so much worse. Of course we…