Creative Steps Summer 2021

Each issue of Creative Steps includes dozens of fun ideas, with step-by-step instructions, for you to get crafty with your kids during the coming months. The projects are all designed to encourage learning through creative play and many make use of recycled household materials. Perfect for anyone caring for young children; such as childminders & nannies, pre-schools, playgroups & nursery settings, primary schools, homeschoolers, guiding leaders... and parents & grandparents! Also includes prize competitions, book reviews, fun facts and printable templates.

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new goals

The Department of Education has recently published a revised version of the EYFS Framework, coming into effect from September 1st this year, intended to make the 17 Early Learning Goals clearer and more specific. Whilst the emphasis of the revisions is “to strengthen early years curriculum, assessment and practice to improve outcomes for all children and close the gap for disadvantaged children”, much of which is focussed on strengthening language and vocabulary development and on literacy and numeracy preparation for Year 1, there is sadly a lack of guidance on the importance of learning through play! There are also changes to the Understanding the World and Expressive Arts & Design goals. For an in depth review of the new Framework and how you can implement the changes in your pedagogy…

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core skills & subject guide

To assist with the aims of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), projects and activities in the first section of the magazine for 0-5 year-olds will support the Early Learning Goals (ELGs): ★ Communication and Language Development ★ Physical Development ★ Personal, Social and Emotional Development ★ Literacy Development ★ Mathematics ★ Understanding the World ★ Expressive Arts and Design In the following sections for 5-7 and 7-11 year-olds, projects and activities will be linked to the following KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum subjects: ★ Art & Design ★ Design Technology ★ Drama ★ Geography ★ History ★ Home Economics ★ ICT ★ Literacy ★ Maths ★ Music ★ Physical Development ★ PSHE ★ Religious Education ★ Science Projects suitable for a Group Activity will include this icon:…

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its a gift

3 FREE 100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play Packed full of 100 creative and engaging activities for young children with special educational needs, this book enables you to have fun and enjoy developing your child's skill-based learning with them. From building biscuit construction sites and rainbow ice towers to playing dentists, nail salons and post office workers, the variety and creativity featured on every page of this book means you'll never have a dull day with your child again! With activities for rainy days, in the garden, on walks and more, there's something new to learn wherever you go. With charming black and white line illustrations to depict each activity, this is a great way to connect with your children with SEN, while building their life skills at the same time. RRP is…

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win 1of 3 orchard toys bundles worth over £40!

Dinosaur Opposites Practise opposites with these prehistoric puzzles! With twenty different puzzles to complete there’s lots to talk about and the friendly, prehistoric characters are sure to have children laughing – from a compsognathus weightlifting to a spinosaurus on skates, a woolly mammoth with curly hair and a diplodocus in welly boots! Dino-Snore-Us Who will collect the most uncracked eggs from the sleeping T-Rex in Dino-Snore-Us? If the T-rex wakes up everyone lets out a big ‘ROAR’ and that player has to return to the start. If he is asleep, that player can steal an egg back! This pre-historic themed game is fun for all the family and is a great way to practise number and counting skills. Pirate Ship Ahoy there me hearties! Have fun completing this 100-piece puzzle which shows pirates up to…

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the creation station

The Creation Station help unleash the wonder within, thYrouEghA funR anSd educational arts and crafts, classes, parties, events and products. As a multi-award-winning, five-star rated company, they inspire over 14,500 children and families every week with creative arts and crafts experiences across the UK. Creating journeys of discovery, exploration and development to unlock ideas through fun, hands-on activities, here are a few festive ideas, taken from the website. Floral Table Display STORE CUPBOARD Some twigs from the garden Assorted colour tissue paper Pencil Scissors Glue 1 Select which colour tissue paper you wish to use for your flowers. 2 - 4 colours work best. 2 Fold each piece of tissue paper into a small square - about 6cm by 6cm. 3 Draw a 5 petal flower on each tissue paper square. It doesn’t have to…

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miniature bicycle

STORE CUPBOARD Cardboard (from a packaging box) String Paper straws Glue Scissors and art knife 1 First you need to make some wheels! So take a piece of cardboard and draw a circle approximately 8cm in diameter. 2 Cut this out, then on your circle draw a smaller one about 6cm in diameter. 3 Cut out your smaller circle using an art knife. (Adults only!) 4 Next, apply some glue to the card circle and wind some string all the way around until the card is completely covered. 5 To make the spokes, take a paper straw and measure it to size by placing it against the inner circle and making a bend where you want to cut. 6 Cut the straw, glue each end and place inside your wheel. 7 Now make two smaller spokes, by…