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Creative Sugar Craft

Creative Sugar Craft

Volume 6 Issue 4

Creative SugarCraft has everything you want to know about making beautiful creations in the kitchen from decorative cakes, pop cakes and beautiful sugar projects. Every issue is pack full of ideas with amazing articles, shopping guides and heaps of projects including some fantastic baking recipes.

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readers’ gallery

Simone Betts Hi, I am a self taught cake hobbyist! I made these two cakes recently for two separate men who were turning 40. The first one, the Massey Ferguson, was made to scale. His wife chose it for him as he is very partial to his Tractor and his dog Ally goes everywhere with him. The second one was chosen by his fiance. I hand painted the skull and wings and his harley I hand sculptured out of fondant. It too is made to scale. The little man is actually a cartoonish replica of the birthday boy! Thanks Simone Betts, Hunter Valley, NSW To the Creative Sugar Craft team, Just wanted to send you through a snap of the cake I made following your ruffle cake tutorial. The article was really fantastic and it made…

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three tier wedding cake

INGREDIENTS • 3 round cakes in chosen sizes• Ganache• Fondant• Royal Icing• Airbrush colour in pearl or pearl lustre spray• Oriental lily• Moth Orchids• Diamante letters• Silver 4mm cachous• Sugar Glue EQUIPMENT • Cardboards to match the cake sizes• The Mat• 2 x Fondant Smoothers• Quilting Impression Mat• Tweezers• Airbrush• Stencil• Scrapers• Diamante chain• Wooden Dowel• Wrapping Kit CAKE PREPARATION Place each cake on a card board the same size as the cakes. Ganache each cake to create a smooth base for applying the fondant.Allow to set overnight. DECORATING THE CAKES STEP 1 Cover ganached cakes with fondant using The Mat. (Photo 1). STEP 2 Using two fondant smoothers, smooth and square the edges of the cakes. (Photo 2). Prepare each cake for stacked construction by adding wooden dowels for support. Allow tier 1 and 3 to set overnight. STEP 3 Use…

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bride and groom cake pops

INGREDIENTS • Baked cake of your choice (packet mix or homemade)• Dark and white chocolate melts• Copha if required• Pearl cachous, heart decorations and white sprinkles for decorating EQUIPMENT • Lollipop sticks• Deep microwaveable bowl• Spoon• Small cellophane bags• Decorative ribbon Step 1 Crumble your cold baked cake into fine crumbs. (Photo 1). Step 2 Squeeze your cake crumbs to form balls approximately 3-3.5cms in diameter. If your mixture is not moist enough to form smooth balls add a spoonful of complementary icing eg: cream cheese icing for red velvet cake crumbs, buttercream icing for chocolate or vanilla or canned store bought icing The more icing you add the more ‘fudgy’ your cake pops will be. (Photo 2). Step 3 Place your white chocolate in a bowl and microwave in short bursts until melted. If it appears too thick…

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chocolate collars

INGREDIENTS • Round cake of your choice on a cake board at least 2-3 inches larger (the one used in this example is a 9inch round chocolate mud cake)• Chocolate ganache (See page 48 for recipe)• Dark Chocolate melts (approx 350gms for a 9inch cake) CHOCOLATE GANACHE GLAZE • • Half cup of cream• 200gms of dark chocolate melts. EQUIPMENT • Small crank handled spatula• Chocolate collar 4” wide for standard cakes• Masking Tape PREPARATION Centre the cake on a cake board and cover with a layer of ganache.At this stage it doesn’t matter if it is untidy as it will be covered with the decoration. (Photo 1) Tidy the bottom edge of the cake and wipe away any spilled ganache. TO MAKE THE COLLAR STEP 1 Measure the length of the collar needed by wrapping the collar around the…

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celebration lace cake

INGREDIENTS • SugarVeil®Icing 141g bag• Royal icing EQUIPMENT • SugarVeil®Lace Mat (model SV500)• SugarVeil®Scraper STEP 1 Mix the SugarVeil®Icing according to the instructions on the packet. Beat well. STEP 2 Lay out your Lace Mat. Carefully place a generous amount of icing over the mat. Using the spreader push the icing to fill all the gaps on the mat. Let Set (Time taken to set depends on air temp and humidity). The more humid the longer it will take. (See Photos 1, 2 and 3). STEP 3 Slowly peel back the Lace Mat. (See Photo 4 and 5).You may need to make numerous laces, which can then be joined up to make it around the diameter of the cake. STEP 4. Using Sharp scissors you can cut up your lace to use part of the detail on the top tiers as…

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quick sugar lace designs

INGREDIENTS • Cake Art petal paste (hard drying for stand up design)• Cake Art icing (for side design)• Cake Art Decorators sugar. EQUIPMENT • FMM lace design• Rolling Pin• Sugar Glue STEP 1 ROLLING OUT ON CAKE ART DECORATORS SUGAR Using the icing for side design or petal paste for a stand up design, roll out the paste to approx 4-5mm thickness. Cake Art Decorators Sugar is specially blended sugar that stops the icing sticking to the bench and absorbs into and brushes off coloured icings. It gives a silky finish. (Photo 1). STEP 2 BUFFING THE PASTE FOR A PERFECT FINISH Before using the lace patterns, buff the icing to give a smooth finish and absorb any sugar. At this stage you can add any glitter or sparkle to the paste. Brush it on with a soft…