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Creative Sugar Craft

Creative Sugar Craft Volume 4 Issue 1

Creative SugarCraft has everything you want to know about making beautiful creations in the kitchen from decorative cakes, pop cakes and beautiful sugar projects. Every issue is pack full of ideas with amazing articles, shopping guides and heaps of projects including some fantastic baking recipes.

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from the editor

This would have to be our best ever issue. The selection of quality cakes and decorating is so huge this issue, we are sure you will have a fantastic time reading and making your favourite selections. Our cover cake is truly one of the most amazing cakes our resident cake decorator,Tracy, has made and considering the small amount of time we give her to create these pieces, I’m sure you will agree it’s one of the best.We have so many cakes and designs this issue, I could talk about them all but I think you should get straight into the magazine! Please let us know what you think and if you get a chance, like us on ‘Facebook’ Our readers’ section has taken a break this issue due to the number of…

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the toy box part 1

TEDDY BEAR INGREDIENTS • 100gms Medium Brown Fondant• 20gms Light Brown Fondant• Tiny amount of Black Fondant EQUIPMENT • 2.5inch foam ball• Wooden skewer• Small non-stick rolling pin• Non-stick mat• Flexi scraper• Veg shortening• Half circle decorating tool (see note)• Sugar glue• Scissors• Small non-serrated knife• Foam block for holding bear head while drying TEDDY BEAR STEP 1 Push the foam ball onto the wooden skewer as straight as possible. STEP 2 Use your fingers to spread a layer of vegetable shortening over the entire surface of the ball. This will give the fondant something to stick to. STEP 3 Roll out the medium brown coloured fondant and drape over the ball. (Photo 1) STEP 4 Cut away the excess from around the skewer at the base with a small knife. (Photo 2) STEP 5 Pinch the icing close to the ball at the…

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how to apply hessian to a buttercream cake

INGREDIENTS • Iced buttercream cake EQUIPMENT • Baking paper• Hessian ribbon• Twine• Double sided tape• Scissors• Edible/food safe flowers When using hessian on a cake it is very easy for the small fibres of cut hessian to fall onto your icing.Therefore applying a hessian which has been manufactured without a raw edge and one you don’t have to do a lot of cutting to is the best way to lessen the likelihood of the fibres going onto your icing. Products such as hessian ribbon or lace can be ordered in different widths online or at craft stores and are bound at the edges, minimising the amount of loose hessian fibres. Here we are using a 5cm wide hessian ribbon. STEP 1 Wash your hessian ribbon and twine with warm water and dishwashing liquid and allow to…

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monster three tier cake

INGREDIENTS • Fondant in the following colours– Lime green (yellow and green colour)– Blue– Black– White– Pink – Purple• Buttercream (750g coloured royal blue colour)• 4, 6 and 8 inch cakes• ganache/butter cream EQUIPMENT • Round polystyrene ball• CMC/tylose hardener• Toothpicks• 2 candy sticks• Shortening• Smoother• Scissors• Knife• Circle cutters• Large grass nozzle• Piping bag TO DECORATE THE MIDDLE TIER STEP 1 Mix your ‘lime’ colour fondant and add a tiny pinch of the cmc/tylose hardener to get a firm but workable consistency. STEP 2 Roll out enough to cover a 6 inch tier and using your smoother, smooth over top and sides. (Photo 1).Trim off excess and save it. Put tier aside to harden. TO MAKE THE FIGURINE STEP 1 Roll out the remaining lime green fondant big enough to cover the polystyrene ball. STEP 2 Rub some of the shortening into…

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hot chocolate

INGREDIENTS • 100grams of white, chocolate or milk chocolate• 3 teaspoons malted milk powder• Horlicks malt drink powder• Camping size marshmallows• Hot milk to serve EQUIPMENT • Microwave• Small bowl• Silicone mini muffin cups• Long ice cream sticks STEP 1 Melt chocolate in microwave in 30 second bursts until chocolate is melted. STEP 2 Stir in malted powder. Stir well to combine. (Photo 2) STEP 3 Half fill a silicone muffin cup with chocolate. (Photo 3) STEP 4 Cut marshmallow in half and gently push onto stick. (Photo 4) STEP 5 Very gently place marshmallow on top of melted chocolate until some of the marshmallow is coated in chocolate, set aside to set. (Photo 5) STEP 6 Heat milk and place chocolate/ marshmallow stick in a mug, pour hot milk over chocolate stick. Stir to combine. Wendy Marshall nanawen64@gmail.com…

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kit kat cake

INGREDIENTS • Cake Mix of your choice• 11 x 45gm Kit Kats• 380gm pack of m&m’ EQUIPMENT • 9 inch cake tin• Large serrated knife• Small spatula• 12inch round cake board• Ribbon GANACHE INGREDIENTS • 1.2kg of dark chocolate• 600ml of cream PREPARE THE CAKE STEP 1 Bake the cake following your recipe. Alternatively you can use one of the Bakels Cake Mixes available from Complete Cake Decorating Supplies. The cake in this project was a 9inch round cake. While the cake is baking and cooling, make your ganache. STEP 2 Allow the cake to cool completely. Use the large knife to cut the top of the cake off so that it is level.Turn the cake upside down so that the bottom is now the top. STEP 3 Cut the cake in half ready to be filled. (Photo 1) MAKE THE GANACHE Ganache takes quite some…