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Creative Sugar Craft

Creative Sugar Craft Volume 4 Issue 2

Creative SugarCraft has everything you want to know about making beautiful creations in the kitchen from decorative cakes, pop cakes and beautiful sugar projects. Every issue is pack full of ideas with amazing articles, shopping guides and heaps of projects including some fantastic baking recipes.

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from the editor

When we published our last issue, I truly felt we had achieved our best issue so far.The great thing about achievement is it strives and drives you to even better results. In this issue we have again, an amazing array of talent and some fantastic ideas for you to attempt. This issue’s cover cake has everything in it. A two-part series cake, it’s an adaptation from the Mad Hatter’s tea party and includes some amazing cake creations. Apart from the flowers, the butterflies and the picket fence, the beautifully crafted Mad Hatter even has an element of gravity defying.Apart from our cover cake there is a huge selection of ideas for you to create and with carefully created step-by-step instructions, we hope you attempt some of the ideas.We would love to…

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australian bakers and cakers are in for a treat!

A three-day show jam packed with celebrity demonstrations, interactive classes, competitions and more, the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre is set to light up for a deliciously fun day out. Positioned as you enter the show is The Marketplace, a collection of Melbourne’s finest patisseries, artisan bakers, gelato producers and chocolatiers all sampling and selling world class baked goods to take home – if they make it that far. The show is also filled with all the latest baking and cake decorating ingredients, tools and equipment you’ll need to make your home bakes and cakes easier. Celebrity cake artist Duff Goldman from the USA, known for his TV series Ace of Cakes will take to the stage accompanied by his Executive Chef Geof Manthorne. Duff and Geof will wow visitors with a fun…

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mad hatter’s tea party – part 1

TO MAKE THE MAD HATTER FIGURINE INGREDIENTS • Gumpaste in two shades of green, flesh colour, mustard, blue, black and white. (see note) EQUIPMENT • Wooden Shaslick Sticks• Piece of Polystyrene• Small Non-serrated Knife• Small Non-stick Rolling Pin• Non- Stick Mat• Small Cutting Wheel• Sugar Glue• 18 Gauge Florist Wire• Wire Cutters TO MAKE THE MAD HATTER Note: Flesh coloured gumpaste can be made by adding a small amount of Wilton Creamy Peach Gel Colour to white.You will only need a small amount of blue, black and white. STEP 1 Begin by finding a picture of the figurine you wish to create and enlarge it so that it is the actual size you would like to make it. This will be a good guide for sizing when making each piece. (Photo 1) STEP 2 Begin with the shoes. Roll…

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rustic swiss meringue buttercream cake

INGREDIENTS • 250g very soft butter• 2 tspn vanilla extract• 2 cups caster sugar• 6 eggs• 3 cups sifted, plain flour• 1 teaspoon sifted baking powder• /2 teaspoon sifted bicarbonate soda• 1/3 cups milk PREPARATION Pre heat oven to 150c Grease and fully line one round 8 inch tin and one round 6 inch tin. STEP 1 Place butter, vanilla, sugar, eggs, sifted flour, baking powder, bi-carb and milk into mixer bowl and beat on low speed until fully combined. (Photo 1) STEP 2 Increase speed to high until nice and smooth. STEP 3 Spoon cake batter into prepared cake tins and level out.Tins should be/4 full. (Photo 2) STEP 4 Bake for 1 hour or until skewer comes out clean. Cool in cake tins for 10 minutes (Photo 3), then turn out and cool fully on cake racks. (Photo 4). FLOWERS…

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good grief … it’s been over half a century …

In 1961 aged fifteen, I was offered an apprenticeship with a continental bakery in the village where I lived. It was a case of requesting permission to leave school early to take it up, or wait for another four years, and since school and I weren’t great friends to begin with, I jumped at the chance to take the apprenticeship. School closed for Easter on the Thursday, and my first full day at work began the next day; Good Friday. We made 16,000 Hot Cross Buns, all hand moulded on wooden benches and by the end of that day, I was in shock, leaning against the wall with tired tears running down my face. I had never, EVER, worked that hard, in my life. My boss gave me Saturday off, and…

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golden dragon

INGREDIENTS • Mud Cake 12”x9” rectangle or 4 x 7” round cakes• 1.5kg Ganache• 2kg Fondant• Sugar Glue• Brush EQUIPMENT • 45cm Round Board• Dowel 2cm diameter x 50 cm long screwed to center of base board• Black vinyl covering for board or fondant covered as desired• Non slip felt discs for stabilising under board• Plastic wrap to seal dowel when fitted• Sugar Glue• Dinky Doodle Airbrush• AmeriColour Blue Sheen/Pure White/ Pearl Sheen Colouring PREPARING THE BOARD STEP 1 Prepare the board by covering it with fondant or vinyl. STEP 2 Attach four felt pieces spaced out underneath the board to allow finger space when lifting the cake once decorated. (Photo 1) STEP 3 Measure centre of board and drill hole for screwing in dowel.You want this dowel to fit snugly in the hole without movement. Hold dowel in place…