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Creative Sugar Craft

Creative Sugar Craft Volume 4 Issue 4

Creative SugarCraft has everything you want to know about making beautiful creations in the kitchen from decorative cakes, pop cakes and beautiful sugar projects. Every issue is pack full of ideas with amazing articles, shopping guides and heaps of projects including some fantastic baking recipes.

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tempering chocolate

INGREDIENTS • 1kg of Couverture Chocolate EQUIPMENT • Bowl• Small Saucepan or Tempering Chocolate Pot• Good Quality Thermometer Ever wondered how those chocolate decorations on fancy cakes and desserts gets so shiny and have that perfect “crunch”? It’s all in the process of tempering. Learn the tricks of the trade by following these guidelines for perfect chocolate every time and then use it to make gorgeous Easter treats. Tempering chocolate is the process of heating, cooling and heating again, in order to make the chocolate set. This method is used when using couverture chocolate. Couverture chocolate is made with cocoa butter and is a far more superior tasting chocolate that melts in the mouth without leaving a fatty residue on the pallet. Compound chocolate is made with vegetable fat and does not need tempering in order for…

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rocky road cake

INGREDIENTS • 3 x 200g hazelnut chocolate blocks, broken up• 1 bag jelly baby lollies• 2 cups toasted marshmallows• Lollies of choice to decorate top STEP 1 Melt chocolate in microwave until fully melted. STEP 2 Fold through marshmallows and jelly babies, until both are fully coated. (Photos 1 and 2) STEP 3 Pour into a 7cm spring lined pan that has been lined with baking paper. (Photo 3) STEP 4 Sprinkle with lollies of choice. (Photo 4) STEP 5 Place in fridge overnight to set. Wendy Marshall nanawen64@gmail.com…

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flourless tangelo cake

CAKE INGREDIENTS • 120g Soft Butter• 3 cups Almond Meal• Juice of 2 Tangelos• Juice of 1 Lemon• 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract• 4 Eggs• 1 cup Caster Sugar• 1/3 cup Plain Yoghurt• 1 tspn Bicarbonate of Soda SYRUP INGREDIENTS • Juice 1 Tangelo• 1/4 cup Caster Sugar FROZEN YOGHURT (OPTIONAL) • 500g Greek Yoghurt• 1 cup Tangelo Butter TANGELO BUTTER INGREDIENTS • 90g Melted Butter• 1 1/4 cups Sugar• 2 Tangelos Juiced• 3 Eggs (beaten) TANGELO BUTTER STEP 1 Combine butter, sugar and tangelo juice in a microwave safe bowl. Add eggs and whisk until well combined. STEP 2 Microwave for one minute on high. Repeat 3 more times. Whisk again and allow to cool. TO MAKE THE CAKE STEP 1 Heat oven to 180c and grease and line a loaf tin with baking paper. STEP 2 Place butter and sugar in the bowl of a stand…